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Saw an advertisement for office chair on Carousell for sale. Contacted this seller at the number 87882033, and we arranged to meet up for viewing and collection at the flat located at 818B CCK Ave 1.

Upon ringing the door bell of the flat, a transvestite dressed in sports bra and lace panties opened the door!

It was so gross! The shemale then made many suggestive remarks that the chair was very comfortable and can sit down on top of her to try!

Now I know that this shemale is the famous sissy bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh of CCK Ave 1!

Beware when you see the items for sale from CCK Ave 1!








$250 / 可以小煮泡面 / 吉丰 LRT / 2个站到蔡厝港MRT(红线)和3个站到武吉班让MRT(蓝线) / 交通便利 / 楼下麦当劳, 食阁, 面包店, 五金店, 超级市场, 取款机。


请联系 +6587882033


NUS Student

Sickening pervert advertised sale of bicycle on Carousell using this number 87882033! When I responded and make an arrangement to meet up for viewing at the flat at 818B CCK Ave 1, I realised that it was a transgendered woman.

“She” looked at me lewdly and made many suggestive remarks about my tan and the bulge in my pants! The final straw was when she asked if I wanted to try riding her before buying!

I excused myself from the flat and told her that I got something on, and this transgendered woman has been calling me non-stop and sending multiple messages! It’s very shocking to see such creatures respond to desperate measures of selling cheap items on Carousell to lure prospective buyers into their den!


DidymuzTT aka Thomas Toh aka Didymuz aka Crayon! This shameless sissy bapok goes by many nick names in the various online forums and messaging platforms to seduce the unknowing men! She openly gives her number to many men to call her for kinky services rendered!


This half man half woman creature seriously needs the attention of local authority. Keep pestering me after my call to enquire about her flat, requiring checks for personal hygiene by the means of full strip search. Gotta block her number to prevent her from calling in the middle of night and all she do is just ***ual moans during her midnight calls! Disgusting!

City Link

Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh always hangs out at CityLink and Raffles City to cruise and have understall fun!

She was openly soliciting fun while distributing this telephone number with promises of free massage at her flat!

Webcam model

I definitely recognise this number!

This person always trick straight men to strip on webcam and perform for her various things on webcam like [email protected]@tion and nude excercises!

Finally got exposed!

Kudos to karma!

Jurassic World

Bapok Thomas Toh called and moaned saying she was yearning for brown skinned Malay circumcised cocks!

When We Were Young

Bapok Thomas Toh gross AF sial!

Bluff people about her real age, seduce straight men, Muslim students and construction workers!

Cross dressing in hijab during Ramadan to open the door for FoodPanda delivery, exposing her papayas and mushrooms!

Is this the kind of bapok we need at CCK Ave 1, 818B?

Should be cited as an example against Pink Dot 2018!


I have been getting calls from this “Crayon” person after we exchanged numbers of Grindr!

The profile showed someone that was 22 years of age, but after a video call session, it turned out that this “Crayon” persona is a middle-aged transgendered woman!

And now I keep getting calls and texts asking to meet up for fun!

818B CCK Ave 1

Residents of Keat Hong Mirage all know about this infamous bapok Thomas Toh, who has been seen cross dressing in outlandish, seductive clothes!

This cross dresser has been seen buying lingerie on many occasions at CCK Lot 1!

DidymuzTT 90992155

This is what the Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh posted on blowing wind:

I think to be honest, bare feels much better! But you don’t know what to expect from strangers.
reminds me of this incident in Bkk:
it was a straight massage place with both male and female massage workers.
i did oil massage, and while lying face down on the massage bed, I could feel my male massage therapist body rubbing on me, during the initial warm up rub-down.
midway through the massage, his erect member was slid out of his shorts and I could feel it sliding up and down my lower back.
the therapist added more oil to my back and slide up and down, when his very erected cock reach my hole area, I heard him mumble something in broken English “you want?” Or something like that.
Before i can reply, he already started entering me without a condom.
I resisted, but he pinned me down with
his strong grip.
and the pleasures took over my complaints, I gave up as he thrusted rapidly into my hole.
Thankfully he did not cum into my hole.
the finale was done over my face, when he suddenly withdrew and moved to the front area, sending his warm juice all over my face! 

Vietnam’s Scam

This is what the Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh posted on blowing wind:

My experience last year Dec in HCMC was that have massage boy offered massage for usd10.
halfway in room, I was nude and after a while I felt his hard cock brushing my bare thighs.
Controlled urge, but he gradually moved upwards and starting to insert his cock into my hole, rocking and spooning me gently and then, violently!
i moaned a little, but after his repeated thrusts into my hole, he told me that this special will cost 3M Viet Dong!
i was of course shocked
he intimidated me by saying he will use knife to slash my face and body if I did not pay.
fearing to 毁容, I had no choice but to give in.
thankfully, I only had 2 over Million of dong.
after handing him the money, he dressed up and ran away quickly.
i wanted to make police report and told the staff of my hotel to assist in providing camera footage.
but the hotel claimed that the cameras were not working!
wonder if it’s a scam with hotel involved! 

Really deserved it to the max!
By the way, what looks do you have? Need a mirror badly!


Transvetite Thomas Didymuz Toh has really such big nipples, she purposely let her big dried mushroom size nipples slip out of her lace top at the U Stars Mega Mart at Keat Hong Mirage!

It was very disgusting to see it!


This is the famous bapok Thomas Toh that stays near my school, ITE College West at Choa Chu Kang!

Pathetic shemale that hangs out at the McDonald’s nearby and solicits for kinky fun with payment, especially to Muslim students in ITE uniform!

After exchange of phone number, this shemale will bring you to a flat nearby to have sensual massage, which compromises of her molesting and sucking you!

Disgusting freak! I have warned everyone about you!

Damn freak was last seen in with pink wig, and in a green dress!

Ben Ben Ben

This disgusting creature has no sense of shame and is still looking for fun via BlowingWind forum.

Pathetic shemale posted: “Any str8/bicurious lol”

For your God’s sake, take a $2 note and go daiso to get a mirror and look inside to see how hideous you look!

Old cow with flabby teats trying to eat young tender grass!

You think you can evade the radar by changing number?





Bapok Association of Singapore

Beware of the tranny that goes around exposing their body parts to unsuspecting victims, especially to brown skinned ones - she likes brown skinned boys!

Outcall Massage

Advertised for outcall masssge on Locanto, so I booked it one day after booking out from camp. When the masseur arrived, I got a shock.

A trans named Lisa appears at my door and claims she is the one giving massage. I wanted to turn her down, but she insisted.

Saying that I have to pay her double for no massage. She threaten to yell and scream to create drama at my block, if I did not pay her the money!

So no choice! The so called massage was just a molest and she brought her lips to my tool without even asking for consent. Worst massage of my life for $100!

Kelantan Lane HIV

Got a phone call from this number 87882033 and the “lady” on the line accused me of spreading her number to many people!

I think she is mad!


Bapok Thomas Toh is selling used lingerie worn by ITE school girl on Locanto! She is now pretending to be a ITE student!

Flag this bloody bapok postings on Locanto for removal. Everyone please do the same!

Postings on erotic massage, sale of female lingerie by poly gal, as long as you see this bapok number 90992155 or this number 87882033 , just flag for removal.

Tolong, tolong! Let’s make Singapore great without this bapok!

Food Panda

This disgusting shemale answered the door wearing nothing except a tudung and lace type panties when I making food delivery.

I am very shocked!

Is this shemale Muslim?

Art Friends

Beware, this effeminate guy is using new number 87882033 to source for male models to draw.

Previously I responded to an advertisement seeking male nude art model needed when she used her old number 90992155, after communicating and agreeing on price for posing for 2 hours drawing session, we were suppose to meet at home art studio in CCK Blk 818B.

When I got there, it was quite a simple place, and this effeminate guy who was Thomas greeted me and was very eager to disrobe me!

Throughout the whole session, kept touching my whole body and adjusting my penis! I don’t even think that he was drawing!

Towards the end, Thomas insisted to help me to cum, to help me relax and me able to pose better! It is so gross!

Better beware of this shemale!

Name is Thomas Toh, posts in many forums as didymuz, crayon, didymuzTT, crayonTT!






Home Massage

Bapok Thomas Toh new setup, Rilek1Corner Home Massage and Spa is located at 818B CCK Ave 1!

The bapok offers sensual massage options like B2B Massage, urut batin, body sliding and licking services!

She even offered her latest special for the Ramadan month, whereby she can wear her hijab for you while massage if you tell her the promo code “Kakak Bapok”!

SG Butterfly

Got a call from this number asking for donations for transgendered in Singapore under organisation called SG Butterfly!

Was told if I am interested, a bank account or email address for PayPal transfers would be given!

Is this legal? Or new scam in Singapore?


This is really a pervert landlord!

I called to ask if pets allowed for tenants in the CCK flat for rental.

The landlord replied no need pets, every night can have free petting together before sleeping!

Gross AF!


Kuniang Thomas Toh goes to Bangkok often to get her hormones and goes to sleazy massage parlours!

You can read her reviews of these places on ***forum Blowing Wind where she gives her detailed descriptions on how she suck and end up the massage therapist shoot on her face. And even how massage therapist penetrate her raw!

It’s not surprisingly what kind of disease that comes with all this unsafe fun!

Miss Lau

This Thomas Toh is mad!

Keep shouting at me, saying I am unable to rent the house out!

Should search on why so! Many many complaints, who dare staying at your house and renting?

HDB Flat Rental

Bapok Thomas Toh Didymuz is out targeting unsuspecting victims to rent the CCK flat cheaply.

The package is cheap and come with free nightly massage, assisted showers and her new cum denial massage.

Offer is only open to young Malaysian or China Chinese hunks.

She has changed her number, old number was 90992155 to this number 87882033.

Ugly, fat and old need not apply as the bapok didymuz will tell you that there is no vaccany left!


Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh preciously used 90992155, she has changed to this number 87882033.

She sell second hand bra and panties to straight men and can offer customisation to suit their needs!

Sicko! All those living in CCK beware!


Saw an advertisement for affordable lodging in CCK, and responded to the advert to see the flat before committing. Went to the place and bapok didymuz Thomas Toh showed me the place and talked in a very suggestive manner while looking at me lewdly.

Sensing that something is amiss, I left the premises and told her that I would reconsider. Bapok didymuz Thomas Toh had then since been bothering me to rent her place thru this phone number 87882033 and even making more suggestive remarks, like free nightly sensual B2B massage.

Advice others to block her before it’s too late... KNN... freak bapok!


Yes, this number is really Thomas Didymuz Toh the transgendered woman of CCK Ave 1. Previous old number she used is 90992155, she has changed to this number 87882033.

She keep calling asking me to go back for more sensual massage treatments at her spa in her home!

Freak! Let me tell you about her sensual massage treatments, she will just oil your naked body and slide up and down your body, ending with either your little bro in her mouth or up her back door!

Utterly Disgusted

Bapok Didymuz Thomas Toh changed her number but still going around offering sensual massage at her CCK flat, look at her disgusting advertisements, still pretending to be MILF, when it’s obvious she’s a bapok with a different name now called Mona:

Mona, a local SG, is a slim and pretty looking, well trained, experienced masseur having been working in the spa industry for many years. Now offering her deep tissue sensual massage services in the comfort of her private CCK apartment at a charge of $100/hr, all inclusive. Call Mona at 87882033 for your desires today!


Perverted Thomas Toh snatch people husband and still going around seducing the Muslim ITE students!

She is now calling from this number 87882033 instead of her old number 90992155!

If not guilty, need to change number meh?

Agent Imran

Disgusting freak texted me to say that she wants to rent her [email protected] room out! Pervertic shemale!

This person is Thomas Toh, the well known bapok of CCK Ave 1! Well known for her disgusting nature - pink wigs, push up bras and all!

All real estate agent please take note! Previous old number she used is 90992155, she has changed to this number 87882033. Her name could be Georgina Toh, but her real name is Thomas Toh or Didymuz! Unit is at 818B CCK Ave 1!


This Kunniang Thomas Toh is really perverted!

In order to rent the bed space in the flat at 818B CCK Ave 1, the Kunniang will put you through a hygiene test and make you strip off all the clothes and she will roll your fore skin up to checking!

Damn pervert! The house is set up to look like worker dormitory, and she prefer to rent to Malaysian and China Chinese workers!

Beware! Her old number used on many advertisements is 90992155!

Agent Osman

Disgusting freak texted me to say that she wants to rent her ***ate room out! Pervertic shemale!

This person is Thomas Toh, the well known bapok of CCK Ave 1! Well known for her disgusting nature - pink wigs, push up bras and all!

All real estate agent please take note!


This transgendered woman calls herself Ah Jiao, she said she likes the name as she likes to Kum Lan Jiao a lot! What a gross shit, bapok Thomas Toh!


this dodgy sounding woman emanuela selling worn underwear from choa chu kang or somewhere -yeah right and good luck ripping someone else off!

Fake lady!




this dodgy sounding woman emanuela selling worn underwear from choa chu kang or somewhere -yeah right and good luck ripping someone else off!

Fake lady!




Singapore public service announcement! Beware of this pervert shemale on Carousell, who is out to trick and seduce straight guys! Many people have fell for this, read about it here: https://someonecall.com/sg/90992155

The number has changed to this number 87882033, but the method of cheating guys still the same, and the bapok Thomas Toh aka didymuz stays at 818B CCK Ave 1, still trying to rent rooms out to straight and unsuspecting China/Malaysian workers to see them in various stages of undress and in showers!


Bapok Thomas sial!


Go look at yourself in the mirror!


A continuation from famous Singapore bapok Thomas Toh of 818B Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 who has changed her number from 90992155 to 87882033! She is still seducing Muslims during Ramadan! Shameless bapok!

Let us know about 87882033

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