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818B CCK Ave 1

Beware sissy old bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh is now in cahoots with housing agent Gloria Lim to trick more guys to rent the lousy bed space!

The sissy bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh has many hidden camera to spy on the tenant bathing and even enter tenant room at night!


Bapok Thomas Toh!

Heard you still been seducing married men!

Disgusting shit!

No wonder you have aids like my ex-husband!

You must have spread it to him!

Luckily I divorce him to save my own family from your disgusting aids disease!

You will have your retribution!
May you carry a baby for 9 years in that fake womb of yours!

M1 AIDS Alert

Sissy old bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh has changed her number again after being exposed to having AIDS due to MOH leaked data about AIDS patients!


She is still spreading her diseases from 818B CCK Ave 1!


Old sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh do so many bad thing! Better careful on the roads! Your retribution will come in the form of a car accident!

Thai Aids Foundation

Be careful of this Thomas Toh.... She is positively tested for HIV and is spreading her legs so wide in Bangkok. People visiting BKK especially those staying around her beloved Malaysia Hotel must beware...

Sissy Bapok

Truly disgusting to the max! It’s not surprising she got aids!

Old sissy bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh shares about her fun filled trip to Bangkok over the CNY period:

Last day of cny holidays in Thailand!
what an exciting time it has been!
Busy sucking on many hard Thai banana since CNY eve.

let me just do some sharing here with fellow sisters!
made my way to Bangkok on CNY eve Monday after doing my waxing in Pattaya.
cheaper doing waxing in Pattaya.
reached Bangkok in the evening, checked in at my favourite Malaysia Hotel.
good service! The reception and bell hop staff still recognise me from past visits.
felt treated like a queen.
Went to Jupiter 2018 at night.
it was very crowded, many Chinese people around.
the year of the pig must come early as many Asian chubby tubbies were around looking for their potential CNY radishes.
watched the show and there was this twinkish guy kept looking at me.
Asked him more about himself,
and he replied in some English that he was 24 year old this year (same age as me) and from Phuket.
he kept looking at me seductively and teasing my smooth legs. Ask him if he wanted a drink and he said no, he just wanted to go back with me, as he really likes me.
i was really flattered and told him that if he had no one to off him the day, he could go back with me after the bar closes.
true enough after the cny countdown in the bar, he left for the hotel with me.
Nan (the boy’s name) was hungry,
so we had a quick bite at the cafe at Malaysia Hotel.

back in the room, Nan was very eager to strip off all his clothes, he kept planting kisses on my skin while complimenting me that I was very fair and smooth!
we headed to shower together and found ourselves in bed!

He took the opportunity to immediately mount me in bed and pumped my hole rapidly in a steady pace. I could not take it, as his hands and tongue reached for my nipples. Felt so blissful to getting my
first CNY fuck, especially lucky to find someone that was born in the year of the pig too! I was literally sweating like a pig after getting fucked by big porky penis!
he blew his whole load of sticky rice cream on my face, nourishing my face!
What an exciting first ***of CNY!

the next morning,Tuesday, Nan woke up early and said he had to go, and would like to meet up again on Wednesday night as he has to meet his sister who arrived in Bangkok. No mention of money, as he bade me farewell with his traditional wai after exchanging Line contact. I did not want to break his heart by telling him that I would be leaving on Wednesday evening too. This is really the first time a bar boy had come to my place and not asked for money.
spent the Tuesday noon at Sauna Mania sucking on many big Thai cocks, many shot their loads on my face.
suddenly someone took me by force and started to penetrate my hole, he must have been very big as it felt very pain and he did not lube up. While he pumped into my hole, I couldn’t help it but moaned in pleasure and someone stuffed a hard cock into my mouth almost gagging me, more hands were over my body, teasing my sensitive nipples, occasionally pinching them. The combination of all the actions were really making me weak in the knees, and the guy in my hole took the oppportunity to pump so hard and released his warm liquid into my hole.
after that session, realised that my hole was bleeding, as the top was too rough. The pain made it quite uncomfortable to walk back to my hotel.
so I took a motorcycle back.
hopefully I don’t have to take such a long walk to my departure gate at the airport later.

Banned on Carousell

Great work everyone for constant flagging the Bapok carousell listing.

Her account Didymuz is no longer existing there.

But be aware that she can recreate any account easily to trick more straight guys!

Stay safe everyone!

Thai angel

Keep Thailand safe from Aids!

Boycott the bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh from Thailand!

Beware of aids bottom!

Pattaya Boyz Boyz Boyz

Sissy Thomas Toh arrived in Pattaya to spread her AIDS!


This is the report that the disgusting freak posted on blowingwind forum:

Went to Boyztown Pattaya last night.
quite crowded when I arrived at boyz boys boys and the show already started with some diva sing song.

got seated facing the stage and after the song, to my surprise was the big cock show!

about 30 guys or so in the naked form with just a transparent sash covering their big hard rolls. They had boys in all sizes in the show from small sized, thin to disgustingly fat and obese ones. Thank god the fat and obese ones had big cocks, I think if they had small ones, they cannot their own jewels when standing up, as it would have been blocked by their fat blobby belly.

anyway, the guys came down from stage to ask for tips from the audience and I had the opportunity to feel up one small framed guy who was skinny but got extremely big at least 8 inches. They were all wearing masks, so I dunno how he look. But I signal him to sitting next to me after this, and he agreed.

long story short, after show he wore back his pants and sit with he shirtless. Quite nice looking so I told him to go to my hotel after the bar closes, as I was very tempted with that big thick cock he had between his legs.

back in hotel room, he wasted no time to shower together. As I lay in bed, his hands were all over my body, keep complimenting that I was very smooth and fair.

while lying on my front in bed, his hands gradually found his way to my nipples, tweaking then left and right slowly and expertly. Then I felt something hard and wet at my bare behind. Within a minute, the whole hard cock was in me, pumping furiously into my hole.

it was huge, and I did not expect it to be that huge and painful. Wanted to struggle to change position but despite the guy having a small body frame, he was quite strong and kept tweaking my weak spot (my nipples) to keep me pinned down in that position.

Felt a bit of warm warm sensation in my hole, and he quickly withdrew to plunge his cock in my hard mouth, sending huge tsunami like waves of hot cum into my mouth! What an amazing night!

After that paid him 500 baht and gave him a bonus of 50 baht to take the public transport back.

Pattaya is so fun and price is more affordable compared to Bangkok!

Last night in Pattaya tonight, hope to get more large big cocks!

Ministry of Aids

As per info, Bapok Thomas Toh has tested positive for aids.

Good luck to all those who have met up with this disgusting freak for fun!

Those in Pattaya and Bangkok also better watch out: the bapok is there to continue spreading her diseases!


Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh trying to seduce men at CCK Lot 1, wearing cheapo cheongsam in high heel shoes! Gross like shit!


Sissy bapok Thomas didymuz toh seen at Lot1 in a cheongsam trying to hook up with some ITE students.

Really disgusting the way the shemale sashays down the corridor!

May ***warts break out over your face for CNY!

Shuga Mummy

Beware of this old sissy ***staying in 818B CCK Ave 1!

Disgusting freak!

There was an advertisement posted on Locanto that read:

Hi, my name is Honey, working office lady. Open minded and lonely at times.
Hope to get manly guys to talk to me and more.
Have place to meet up in CCK.
Chat with me 87882033.
Don’t mind sugar boy boy too!


Kaninamah, Sissy bapok opened the door in nothing but her fish net stockings and high heel shoes when ordering food delivery!

Fark sial!

87882033, bloody agua!

Lion Dance

Sissy Thomas Toh offering ang pao for Beng Beng lion dance boys to spend a night with the agua!

Disgusting freak!

Perverted Car Rental

Beware the Bapok Thomas Toh Didymuz, she has changed her numbers from 90992155 to 87882033, and now she is still out to trick straight guys!

My friend wanted to rent her car, and she demanded that she wanted to check my friend hygiene by taking off his clothes to see if clean, cos the bapok claimed that her car is new and very clean condition!

Be careful, the bapok stays at Blk 818B CCK Ave 1 and is driving a silver colour Toyota Viola!

Malaysia Hotel

Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh wrote about her fling in Malaysia Hotel located in Bangkok, Thailand:

i once called for room service late at night, and when the food arrived, I opened the door dressed in my lace g-string.
the manly hotel staff was definitely aroused, he placed my food on the table in the room and asked if i need anything else.
he suggested for me to try his Thai banana, and undid his uniform for me to see his magnificent 8 incher which was covered in neatly shaved hair.
i placed my lips on his suculent moist cock head and sucked hardly, alternating with sucking his egg sized balls.
he moaned loudly in my room, thankfully the door was closed and locked already.
after that, he started to play and suck with my nipples, and fingering my hole.
he must been very horny, as the fingering got faster and faster, and eventually, his hard rod was ploughing my hole with my legs in the air.
could not resist his manly groans and grunts.
finally he retracted from my hole and shot a whole load of banana cream on my face! The best facial I had, the whole room had the manly aroma of cum.
he then washed up a bit in my bathroom, after which I gave him a tip of 100 baht and he wai-ed thankfully to me with a wonderful smile! 
He came over to my room late at night on alternate days, as he had alternate rest days for working the night shift!
now I know why Thailand is the land of the smiles!

White Party 2018

Disgusting bapok thomas toh Didymuz spreading her stds around in Bangkok! Beware of you have met her for fun!

This is what the sissy wrote in Blowing Wind Forum about White Party:

Waited for MRT in Bangkok to resume operations while writing this post.
White Party 2018 had been a blast!
Was dancing my way at Central World level 8 in my white tank top and short shorts to usher in the new year.

Many party goers were there and some asked me if I was alone and wanted to join them. Join a group from Hong Kong and Taiwan, they were openly flirting me up and touching my thighs and nipples seductively throughout the night. One even yanked on my little nipple ring a few times, while nibbling my ears.

The party was hot and many guys started to strip off their tops nearer to midnight, felt many bulges gyrating and grinding my rear throughout the party.

When the countdown ended, the crowded started to leaving the place and it was a not as crowded. The group that I hang out with asked me if I wanted supper and some drinks at their hotel suite nearby.

Headed to have some food, and back to their hotel suite, there was beer and wine for a second round. They wanted to play some drinking games, and soon most of them was naked and I felt someone entering my hole, pumping away. Turned around and saw the Hong Kong guy in me while another guy took the opportunity to attack my other weak spot - my ringed nipples! It was too much for me as I started moaning! This turned the whole group on, and they started to take turns to enter me! Not sure if anyone wore protection as it felt really good!

They did all the pumping in my hole until I could no longer take it, and asked for a break. Thereafter, they pumped into my mouth, releasing all their cream into my mouth and face.

As there insufficient towels in the room, I could only wash up with water before going to the MRT station to head back to my hotel.

Could not really walk due to all the action to the MRT, I hope no one realises the smell of cum all over me.

White Party has been great! Happy New Year everyone! Will be back again for more white party and the guys!:yuk:

Captain Horny

Lao bapok Thomas toh look at your old fag face before seducing others!

It’s wrinkly and shit looking. Forgot botox is it?

Retard crap trying to get all the young meat to cum on her face like using some expensive cosmetic toner! You look like a old woman!

Sissy bapok thomas didymuz toh!

Fat Chub

Sissy Didymuz should be awarded Bapok of The Year 2018! She goes to Bangkok to suck so many cocks during white Party 2018 and spread her disease.

Silom soi 4

Saw the famous Singapore bapok in Bangkok at Silom Soi 4 area.

Wear sheer lace top blouse and sashay like the walkway is a fashion runway!

Looks really disgusting!

Rapee Massage

Sissy Thomas Toh wrote about her ***ual massage in Rapee Massage, Bangkok again! This slut is grossly infecting everyone with her STDs:

In Bangkok now, visited my fave massage place Rapee a few days back for a good massage after dinner and the therapist, Dee, from my last visit was still around. Dee remembered me and welcomed me warmly with his smile and traditional wai at the door.

Booking a 1.5 hour oil massage with Dee, he was very familiar with the process and worked on my back and aching shoulders, soothing my aches in his gentle way.

When it was timing to turn over, Dee was already full naked with his hard tool potruding out, no wonder I felt something hard poking at me earlier when he climbed over my back!

Dee gave me a very good body to body massage, had to keep quiet not to moan, so as not to let others know. But soon, the hard tool of his could not resist my constant sucking and he came all over my face.

We got dressed and he asked if I would like to meet up later after his work for supper, I was really surprised and agreed to meet him at midnight.

Walked to the lobby to be served with hot tea, tipped him the usual and left.

Went to SaunaMania and met several manly guys there who are in town for WhiteParty. Lost count of the numerous cocks I sucked on, and the number of hands caressing my body as well as the number of hard tools getting into me! It was really heaven sucking on the manly guys extracting their man cream loads!

Did not forget appointment with Dee from Rapee and headed to the place slightly after mid night.

Dee was very happy to see me and introduced me his 18 year old cousin, Ton, who had just arrived to working in Bangkok at Rapee massage. Dee asked if it was ok for Ton to come together. I was secretly happy. Hehe.

We went to eat at street side noodle shop in silom area, cheap and good. Headed back to my hotel room, and Dee asked for favour to help. I was worried as I was afraid they will ask for money.

End up Ton was new, and Dee wanted Ton to learn the massage skills, so they wanted me to act like customer and get the massage.

I pretend to be reluctant, but I was really abit sore in the hole from the session at Sauna Mania. They insisted to try, so I changed out of the clothes and lie in bed for them to massage me.

It was a 4-hands masssge and Dee was speaking to Ton in thai a lot. I drifted in an out to sleep, and soon I felt something hard in between my legs. It was Ton and he was already naked, pumping gently.

Dee started to move to my face and got me to suck him off while Ton pumped even more furiously. The cousins were continuing with all the motions and I got even more wet.

Dee told Ton to switch positions and Ton’s sweet cock was in my mouth. Tasted so sweet like nectar! Suddenly after a few thrusts, Ton came into my mouth with an explosive squirt, while Dee was still pumping into me! Caught my surprise, and I nearly choke on that massive load of boy cream from Ton!

Dee slapped my butt hard and it was his turn to shoot, which I requested for him to do in my mouth.

Trying cream from both the cousin, the younger Ton had sweeter cum compared to Dee! It was such an exciting experience, which I will never forget.

Next morning, tipped both of them 500 baht before they left for breakfast! Was still sore, so I rested in bed till late morning!

Anti-Thomas Toh Club


Blowing Wind

Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh been sucking cocks in Bangkok White Party 2018!

Be careful as she is spreading her cold sores and other STD!

Do a search here and you will know her and her STDs better!

Shameless Thomas Toh really spoil PLU reputation in Singapore!

White Party 2018

Thomas Toh the bapok spreading std in Bangkok White Party!
Beware of the bitch who goes to massage parlour asking the guys to mount her bareback!
Disgusting bitch Thomas Didymuz Toh!

Kum Lan Jiao

Ah Gua Didymuz Thomas Toh sucking big black cock in Kuala Lumpur and posting all the details on Blowing Wind ***Forum!
Disgusting shameless freak!

Family Wrecker

Sissy Thomas Toh really spoil the name of all PLU, still spread STD overseas!

Freak sial!

Slut of the year

And the award of the slut of the year goes to bapok thomas didymuz toh!

This transgendered freak slut from Singapore has been travelling to Malaysia and Thailand to spread the disgusting cold sores and other STDs to unsuspecting money boys and massage therapist, while paying them miserly amounts after she gets her ass plunged by their hard rods!

Beware of this walking STD carrier that stays in Blk 818B CCK Ave 1!


Sissy bapok thomas toh, hope ring worms will grow on your butt and face!

KL Sentral

Warning!!! Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh spreading STD in KL Sentral area now!

Disgusting freak want to take part in orgy and infect more people!

Do look out for this sick freak who has cold sores on lips and keep wanting to suck Big Black Cocks!


Sissy thomas toh didymuz offer $250 for sucking NSF!

Freak shit!

Nigerian Diamond

Beware ***slut on the prowl!
Spreading diseases with the BJ provided!

Malaysia Boleh

Beware of sissy thomas didymus toh, the Bapok is in malaysia and thailand for Christmas period to spread her std!

Porcelain Christmas

Sissy Thomas Toh keeps talking about her porcelain skin! She obviously does not have any mirror at home.

Go bend over, pee and take a look at your disgusting self in the reflection of your pool of pee!


Aqua thomas toh sending her nude pics to ask for ***. See the pics also want to vomit!

White party 2019

Becarful of the transgendered thomas toh didymuz! Got cold sores at lips, signs of STD!

And this sissy is still going to white party in Bangkok to spread her diseases!

Christian Fellowship

Freak thomas didymuz toh really spoil the reputation of Christianity!

Stop your disgusting behaviour or renounce your religion! Gross sodomy queer queen!

Hot pumper

gunniang thomas didymuz toh is sending her man-pussy pics in Grindr, offering manly guys $50 for kissing her virgin ass.... gross freak!

SMS Spam

Bapok Thomas Toh sent her pic of what she claimed “her itchy hole yearning for hot pumping”:


SMS Spam

Bapok Thomas Didymuz toh sharing her butt hole, sending it to everyone:


Can you see how disgusting her butt hole is? And she is still putting her number 87882033 to get everyone to call her?


Shemale didymuz thomas toh opened the door in her lace lingerie when ordering FoodPanda delivery.

She is out to seduce. Beware of the address 818B CcK Ave 1, number 87882033

Disgusted with Didymuz

I just received an ass picture of the AhGua Thomas Toh Didymuz.

The gunniang said her hole is very itchy and she is yearning for a good pumping!



Beware ah gua Thomas Didymuz Toh selling second hand thing on Carousell, number used is 87882033.

Selling her iPad, which she called pad pad. It was sold with special photos of her in lingerie playing with her hole.

Sicko freak Didymuz........

Lily Wong

Bapok thomas Didymuz Toh, 87882033 keeps harassing my son! This shemale is digusting and offering money to suck straight guys! Do a search and you will see all the posts about this freak!


This ***bitch, Thomas didymus toh has been seducing my best friend’s husband, wrecking up their family!

Shameless hussy!


Disgusting ah gua of Blowing Wind! Keep pestering people to meet up for fun at CCK Ave 1!

Beware of Thomas Didymus Toh!


Disgusting shemale Thomas Didymuz Toh offering tantric massage at her Home in 818b cck Ave 1

SAF50 Scam

Beware of this gross shemale, she posted advertisement on Locanto:

Hi, my name is Juliet, 24 yr old chn nurse. I would like to thank all the SAF guys who are helping out to keep our country safe. To honour you all, I will be offering free handjob service to you, as long as you are dressed in your uniform. Strictly handjob only!

Please text me at 87882033!

Do not respond! It’s a pervertic shemale dresses in nurse uniform when you meet up!

Auntie Lucy

Shameless wife snatcher and home wrecker!
Please take note of this Thomas Didymuz Toh!
Posting on forums to ask details about penile length of massage boys in Malaysia!
Disgusting Harem slut!



Let us know about 87882033

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