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Sissy Thomas Toh

Gloria Lim - best LGBT friendly estate agent in Singapore, BJ and Batam!

Report to HDB

Ah gua Thomas Tongnam Toh should be reported to HDB for illegal rental of worker squatters!

Don’t turn Keat Hong Mirage into a covid hotspot!

Thomas Toh Tong Nam

I declare Gloria Lim my beautiful sister!

Gloria Lim

Gloria looks so damn old like the shemale toh tong Nam Thomas of 818b Cck Ave 1!

Ugly sisters flock together!

Lim Laobu

818b 蔡厝港 的老变态她姆丝老娘实在恶心!



Action needed

Agree that this Gloria Lim license should be revoked and that bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam flat be also confiscated by authorities!

Investigation needed

This Gloria Lim should be investigated and have her housing agent license revoked!!!

How can she know the law and break the law?

Miss Gloria Lim, you as a housing agent don’t know the maximum capacity of a HDB flat? Fail your test or blinded by greed?

Can you please clarify how come the unit at 818B CCK Ave 1 by Thomas Toh Tong Nam can be converted into a worker dormitory with so many people staying?

Lao Niang Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam

Lao Niang Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam recommend tourist to HCM to stay at Liberty Hotel Saigon Parkview.

In a forum posting on BlowingWind, the sissy of Keat Hong Mirage, Didymuz Toh Tong Nam wrote that:

not only is the hotel with a good location at D1, the staff are friendly and helpful. But it can be noisy at night due to close nearby pubs.

The GM Anthony was also very helpful and provided very good service for me.

I lost USD500 during my trip and I suspected it was stolen in the hotel massage shop. Made a complaint to the shop but the massage shop manager was very unethical and did not bother my request to review the camera.

made a complaint to the hotel staff, and Anthony the general manager made a personal trip down to the hotel and attended to me with a smiling and charming face.

Asked about my situation and I told him my scenario. Was told that the camera was down for maintenance, but the charming manager commented that the security system should always be working, as it was the only way to get evidence for such scenario.

Like a knight in shining armour to save a princess like me, he offered to repay me USD200 out of his own pocket money in order to make the trip a good memory for me.

i declines politely and told him that there was other way to make it a good memory. He understood what I was referring to, and walked me to my room.

There in within the confines of the room, I managed to free his massive manhood from his work pants and sucked on it!

he also proceeded to pump my tight hole while teasing my ringed nipples aggressively. He gave my ringed nipples a few love bites with his aggressive actions.


Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1 / 88550014 should have the flat confiscated by HDB for renting to so many foreign workers!

How can rent a flat out to 8-10 foreign workers!

Hope she kena the Covid-19!

This Gloria Lim no better, still keep finding people above the limit for bapok Thomas Toh!

Thomas Didymuz Toh

Gloria Lim is one lousy useless old housing agent!





Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1 / 88550014 should have the flat confiscated by HDB for renting to so many foreign workers!

How can rent a flat out to 8-10 foreign workers!

Hope she kena the Covid-19!

This Gloria Lim no better, still keep finding people above the limit for bapok Thomas Toh!

Tommy Toh

Do not trust this agent!

In cahoots with bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam!


变态的老色娘Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam又做了见不得人的丑事!

Kebaya YaYa

Crossdresser Thomas Didymuz Toh has many tricks to rent out cheap bed:
Compulsory hygiene check before rental, whereby the tenant has to take off all clothes for Thomas Toh to touch and see

Free compulsory nightly massage for PRC tenant: Thomas Toh will oil the body and slide up and down while both naked.


要找818B 蔡楚港的老色鬼,她的电话是87610983


Mary neo

Sissy Thomas Toh Tong Nam back in action to look for male tenant for 818B cCK flat.

Is Gloria getting high commission?

Bangkok Angel

Why does sissy Didymuz Thomas Toh keep advertising for Rapee Massage Bangkok at Silom?

Promoting full special services instead of the
massage? Shooting of man cream on her face, excellent pumping of her hole by the therapist until the bed was squeaking, surrender her bare behind?

Is there some vested interest that the sissy has in the place???

Why keep promoting Rapee Massage?


Why am I not surprised about this Thomas Toh Didymuz?

This guy, or rather, this sissy whose name is Thomas Toh Tong Nam was my logistics SCM course mate at SUSS, previously SIM!

In class, it is very obvious that this sissy is ogling at all the hot hunky guys with big biceps and muscular bodies! You can see the eyes zooming into their bodies, like a hungry wolf aiming for a defenceless lamb!

It is also known that the sissy would peep at others while using the urinals at the toilets! Quite a few people have experienced it and shared their views about this gay!

It is therefore not surprising that all this that other internet users are complaining about this sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam!



Aunty Soh

No one should ever listen to this Thomas Didymus Toh aka Sissymuz Toh. All her recommendation has kena flamed by various people. The lao niang aka Sissmuz Toh aka Crayon has been claiming that she's 24 years old for dunno how many years already and Aunty Soh thinks that this Sissymuz Toh has been recommending things like Malaysia Hotel and are all biased coz Sissymuz has been uncle hunting (maybe for her is boy hunting but let's face it, her age could be like 60+). Also, Aunty Soh suspect that Sissymuz do have some kind of eye sight problem because Sissymuz has been BBC hunting but is getting Uncle Wongnai kind. Perhaps some build up of cataracts due to Sissymuz's age? So beware people.

Blowing Wind

Look at what this Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh wrote on blowingwind forun to ask for foreign workers for ***ual fun! This is the evidence why sissy is working with Gloria Lim:

Encounters with China & Indian Foreign Workers & Workers Dorms Discussion (Compiled)
crayon replied to a topic in Blowing Wind Main Forum
anyone wanna recommend me where to cruise or get lol
December 27, 2017


818B蔡厝港的娘娘腔Thomas Didymuz Toh 真变态,穿女性内衣!


林女士说818B CCK Ave 1 的屋主喜欢干净。




变态818B CCK 的房东有病!穿奶罩来勾引我们!


变态818B CCK 人妖,经常在屋里只穿女内衣来勾引房客!
老变态Thomas Didymuz


没想到住818B cck 每晚都包免费抓根服务!


Thomas Didymuz Toh of 818B CCK Ave 1 is selling hidden can clips of her china tenant bathing and more in the showers. To see samples and contact her, check out Didymuz on Instagram!







变态人妖Thomas Didymuz Toh 818B CCK Ave 1 太贰心了!


不要相信这个住房代理商!变态姥姥Thomas Didymuz Toh 818B CCK Ave 1 !

Ah Ling

小心变态老人妖,Thomas Toh, 818B 蔡楚港,老变态屋住,钻勾引直男上床,打飞机,口交!

Ah Ling

Beware of this housing agent, Gloria Lim!!

Ah Gua Thomas Toh is now working with housing agent, Gloria Lim to get new tenants to rent the 818B cck Ave 1 flat!

Beware, the cao ahgua will spy on you showering and ***ating!

Sicko landlord!

818B CCK Ave 1

Gloria Lim
CEA: L3008022J / R010722D

Housing agent in cahoots with Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh - Well known gunniang of CCK Ave 1! Go google numbers 90992155 and 87882033!

After Bapok got exposed for all the misdeeds, the rental of the flat goes thru this Gloria Lim!

Beware of 818B CCK Ave 1 - Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh!

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