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Vote wisely

Obviously some ministers do not know what is happening at Keat Hong Mirage!

Make your vote count!

Vote wisely!

A Better Singapore

We need a better Singapore!

Make singapore a better place, evict this sissy bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam from Keat Hong Mirage!

Banish such predators from Singapore!



I got multiple messages advertising this number for an erotic massage trial at Keat Hong Mirage!

It’s a transgendered shemale doing this???

Keat Hong Mirage Committee

Keat Hong Mirage is now unsafe for male minors as there is a shemale bapok thomas didymuz toh tong nam terrorising our area!

I propose that we talk to the MP during the walkabout and get them to take action against this shemale thomas toh tong nam that runs sleazy spa business and seduces the under aged boys and operates illegal worker dormitory, contravening multiple HDB regulations!


Bapok Didymuz Alert

I have been getting messages about Didymuz Day Spa, like:

Experience Man2Man action at Didymuz Day Spa with special B2B Tantric massage! Text 88550014 to make reservation now!


I got a text message from this number to try Tantric Massage at Didymuz Day Spa!

After ignoring the message, I have been getting MANY missed calls from this number!

Is this type of marketing ethical?


Cheebye Didymuz Toh Tong Nam, why rent your bed space at Keat Hong Mirage must strip to let you do hygiene check?

Are you a qualified checker?

Graduate from SUSS logistics and supply chain means you can do such checking is it?


Lao Niang Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam!

Says that she is 24 chn, yet owns a hdb flat at Keat Hong Mirage!

Converts the flat to an illegal worker dormitory, housing more than allowed HDB numbers at 818B Choa Chu Kang Ave 1!

Deserved to have the flat confiscated!!

Black Lives Matter

Sissy Bapok Thomas didymuz Toh tongnam looks so hideous!!!!

What porcelain skin???!?!???!?!!?

Thick skin cao cheebye more like it!!!

Really deserves multiple slapping for seducing married men with her fake cheebye!


This shemale didymuz is now using VPN to avoid her presence being detected while she exchanges all her hidden camera clips!

Number 1 bapok in Singapore... pui!

Circuit Breaker

Caller kept calling promoting tantric massage at the comfort of a home at Keat Hong Mirage!

Even offered to give free sucking and blowing services!

Really overboard to ignore safe distancing measures!

Obvious was a guy pretending to be a girl!




Zumydid Fan Club

Shemale of Keat Hong Mirage terrorising the neighbourhood and soliciting for underaged teenage boys!

This is Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam!

Toh Tong Zhi

Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh aka DidymuzTT 88550014 of 818B Keat Hong Mirage wrote about her fling in Malaysia Hotel located in Bangkok, Thailand:

i once called for room service late at night, and when the food arrived, I opened the door dressed in my lace g-string.

the manly hotel staff was definitely aroused, he placed my food on the table in the room and asked if i need anything else.
he suggested for me to try his Thai banana, and undid his uniform for me to see his magnificent 8 incher which was covered in neatly shaved hair.

i placed my lips on his suculent moist cock head and sucked hardly, alternating with sucking his egg sized balls.
he moaned loudly in my room, thankfully the door was closed and locked already.
after that, he started to play and suck with my nipples, and fingering my hole.
he must been very horny, as the fingering got faster and faster, and eventually, his hhhhaaaarrrdddd solid rod was ploughing my hole with my legs in the air.
could not resist his manly groans and grunts.
finally he retracted from my hole and shot a whole load of banana cream on my face! The best facial I had, the whole room had the manly aroma of cum.
he then washed up a bit in my bathroom, after which I gave him a tip of 100 baht and he wai-ed thankfully to me with a wonderful smile! ?
He came over to my room late at night on alternate days, as he had alternate rest days for working the night shifts
now I know why Thailand is the land of the smile

The Real Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam

You all are just jealous of my fair porcelain skin!

I’m going to make a police report against you all for slandering my beauty!

Just you wait!

Thomas Toh
818B CCK Ave 1
Keat Hong Mirage


Wah, hate him or love him, you guys seem like an ardent fan of this Bapok Toh!


Bapoks rulez the world!

Bapok Association of Singapore

Let us all unite to support Bapok Thomas Toh of Keat Hong Mirage!

Rainbow tranny 4eva!


Ya exactly na buay! Who is this idiot hiding behind the keyboard arh! Think you keyboard warrior arh. How dare you insult my Bapok sister dearly. Cb u no balls siboh! Think your mother father give birth to you is a 100% failure siah. Later I call all my sisters and girlies hoot you arh pundeh!


Hey Poster, how dare you insult sissy and ahgua? You got problem with him go talk to him la! Your balls will shrink ah?!
Screenshot this and will make a police report to do ISP/IP address tracing.


Sissy Thomas Toh Tong Nam is at it again!

Offering money to Muslim boys for fun during the Ramadan period!

This disgusting shemale of 818B Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 should be stopped and charged in court!

Toh Tong Nam

Fake massages are being offered at the Didymuz Day Spa at 818B Choa Chu Kang Ave 1!

Beware you will be molested by the old horny shemale Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam!


Sissy Tranny that calls herself Mother Tara, claiming to give men holistic Tantric massage, body to body massage to awaken their lingams!

Beware of this Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam at 818B CCK Ave 1!

She’s a scam, going to such extent to molest guys!

Her only intention is to persistently give you a handjob and bring her lips to lick off your cum!

Beware of her other numbers:

Hornet Scam

Shemale of 818B Choa Chu Kang Ave 1! She is active on Apps like Hornet and Blued, claims to be a 24 chn power bottom!

When you meet up with her, you realise that this shemale looks like in her 50s!

Do not get scammed in the vicinity of 818B Choa Chu Kang Ave 1!


Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam open the door in her shemale lingeries to get the items for food delivery!

She reveal her disgusting nipples with her nipple rings!


Disgusting shemale!




Shameless shemale, home wrecker!

Hope the piles are growing on your face and may the cold sores blossoms like blooming flowers all over your mouth!




她会色眯眯的叫我们走 “后门”!





Colombo Noob

This number was advertised on Locanto as Happy Massage Session with hot local 20 year old undergraduate from NUS, was listed as HDB unit near Keat Hong LRT, room with attached shower faciities.

Quiet and cosy ambience with lots of privacy! The therapist at the door was this shemale who called herself Melissa Neo Meiling!

She was disgusting with wig and almost see thru top that revealed nothing underneath.

A pre op shemale that showed off her hairless pathetic small cock and insisted that she got a tight pussy.

This shemale massage was nothing more than a front to provide ***ual service from HDB unit.

Beware of Melissa Neo Meiling otherwise known as Thomas Toh Tong Nam!


Responded to the room for rental advertisement on blowing wind too! The old gay, Tommy stay in a 4-room flat and make one of her room into a workers squatters to fit into 4 people!

Tommy say the room no air con and with only small fan, encourage tenant to sleep naked as it will be more comfortable and more healthy! I told Tommy let me think over, as I not comfortable with so many people in a small space.

Tommy keep texting me, persuading me to stay in the clothing optional accommodation!

It is extrmely disgusting to think that Singapore got such old ***got to resort to underhand means to get their desires!

I have googled this number and found that this “Tommy” real name is Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam, goes by nickname of “Crayon” in BlowingWind Forum!

Don’t go around spoiling PLU reputation!


Sissy Shemale offering urut batin service from her 818B CCK flat!

Can still offer such services during the Covid19 Circuit Breaker?

Don’t be a selfish CCB!


This Sissy shemale called Rebecca is really scary... met up to check out a bike for sale... Rebecc asked suggestively while opening legs if I wanted to test ride her and asked for permission to lick me!

Just google for this telephone number and how will find requests for hook up with foreign men like Bangladesh workers and China construction site workers!

Will you feel safe staying in the same CCK flat?

It’s so scary that there are such perverted people like Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh who pretends to be a devout Christian but is actually a slut in sheep clothing!


Cao ah gua Didymuz Thomas Toh Tong Nam keep calling to ask if I need a suck!


Sissy Slut Thomas Didymuz Toh spoil PLU reputation in Singapore!


In times of Covid19, she still goes around soliciting for fun!

Someone please do something about this sissy!

Singapore Massage Handbook

Sissy Tranny that calls herself Mother Tara, claiming to give men holistic Tantric massage, body to body massage to awaken their lingams!

Beware of this god damn sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam at 818B CCK Ave 1! She’s a faker, going to such extent to molest guys!

Her only intention is to persistently give you a handjob and bring her lips to lick off your cum!

Beware of her other numbers:

Malaysia MCO




Hungry Bapok

Got a call from this number claiming to be from a Ms Thomaslina offering free massage!

Went to the flat at 818B Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 and saw that this Thomaslina is a disgusting topless shemale wearing nothing but a tudung!

Beware of this sicko Thomaslina!



Gay of singapore

This Thomas didymuz Toh really spoilt reputations in Singapore!

So many lobang to prey on straight meat!




Please beware of this tranny sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1!

Fake cheap rental to seduce manly straight guys! This tranny land lord will try all ways to seduce you!

$280 / 可以小煮泡面 / 吉丰 LRT / 2个站到蔡厝港MRT(红线)和3个站到武吉班让MRT(蓝线) / 交通便利 / 楼下麦当劳, 食阁, 面包店, 五金店, 超级市场, 取款机


请联系 +658 74 95 09 4


Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam should have the flat confiscated by HDB for renting to so many foreign workers!





Lion dancer

Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh keep calling. Offering to give big red packets full of money to have fun with beng lion dance team troupe!

She should just suck her father’s! Save time and money!

Lion dancer

Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh keep calling. Offering to give big red packets full of money to have fun with beng lion dance team troupe!

She should just suck her father’s! Save time and money!


Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam wants to be known as Coco Toh when in drag!

Disgusting shemale dresses up in lace and falls you from this number to moan while fingering herself!

Utterly no sense of shame!

Rapee Massage Bangkok

his hard cock plunged into my hole, poking away, I was almost moaning in ectasy, but could not, as there were other people having massage nearby, adding to the thrill of it!

After fucking me for about 15 mins, could feel some jerking in him, so before he could shoot in my hole, I told him to shoot it all on my face!

With a strong splurt, the hot man cream was all over my face, like the icing on the log cake I had. Tasted so yummy, with his manly aroma. It was a wonderful cum tasting experience on Christmas!

he allowed me some time to dress up, while he went down to get hot tea for me.

back down at the receptionist, I enjoyed my tea and handed over a tip of 150 baht, which he graciously accepted and Wai back at me, wishing me a merry Christmas!

walked out with some soreness between my legs, glad that the beast did not rip my lace panties!

Rapee Massage Bangkok

he began his massage on my back, focusing on my inner thighs and butt. He said that the lace panties would get damaged by the oil and recommended to remove them. Before I could say anything, my panties were already removed by him.

Could feel the occasional slip of hands, and felt the tips of his fingers entering my hole, as well as the sensual moments whereby his moustache seem to be brushing against my bare behind.

when it was time to turn over, I realised that Coke was already nude with a big hard on! When I reached out to grab it, it was already mildly wet!

He asked me if I wanted it, pointing to his cock and then to my hole.

pretending to be shy, I nodded quietly.

the beast in him took over, and he started to pump me furiously on the massage bed!

Rapee Massage Bangkok

coke then entered the room and asked me if I liked hard or soft. For a moment, I thought he was referring to his cock, which my preference was hard. Then he explained again in broken English, that he was referring to massage strength.

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