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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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dont answer line sounds dead...spam ignore


Kindly let me know who is this Thank you for the help


someone phone me at 6 AM they called my landline phone number 778-475-2232 and left no message. The call tricked my answering message to say call no message. a feew years ago I did have a wake up caller service that called me on Saturdays only for to wake me up to go to work but that was only for Saturday but that wake up call service was suppose to be cancelled.


This sissy Toh Tongnam Thomas only xia suay our neighbourhood at Keat Hong Mirage! Still dare to ask others to call her “kakak”! You are more like a kazuak (cockroach), everyone will stomp on you!


Sissy sista Thomaslina Didymuz Toh strutting her stuff, like a hungry shemale on the hunt for hunky guys in Choa Chu Kang!


Received an sms from this number that read: Hi, are you handsome kor kor that like to exercise? Can let me lick your sweat after excercise? 23 chn SUSS student here! Hehe..


Utterly shameless! Doesn’t understand the religious significance of Haj! This shemale Thomas Didymuz Toh was seen in our Keat Hong Mirage neighbourhood with a White hijab on Hari Raya Haji! You are not worthy of the hijab, and you insulted the religion by wearing in during the holy haj period! To make things worse, this shemale even went around greeting the Muslim kids and even asked them to address her as “kakak” or sister! Extremely vile and disgusting!


suspicious scam robocall with offer to extend car warranty


Probable scam. Call started with "Amazon Prime auto-renews".


suspicious scam robocall with offer to extend car warranty


AIDS infested massage place widely promoted by Thomas Didymuz Toh from Singapore!


Called but didn't leave a message. I called the number back but didn't get a ring.


This is a scam to cheat Medicare. This call comes from either Urbana IL or Catlin, IL. It is from Becky, "your patient advocate working closely with Medicare" re cancer tests. There are no such tests and Medicare will not deny you coverage for legitimate illness.


Received a call 1h ago


+603-58868400 who calling ???


This is an adult texting from this number. Pretending to be a teen. Telling my child they love them. Seriously? They have never met. At one point wanting my child to send money. Some of the texts border on dangerous. Parents beware.


suspicious scam call claiming to be the police asking for donations


Another illegal Robo call from a Scam for “senior death benefits”. Same call as yesterday, but this is from a new number. I’m on the official Do Not Call list! Reported and Blocked.


Who is this


Where did this call come from unable to call it back


Horrible housing agent that not able to find tenant! Very money faced and greedy also! Beware of empty promises and under performance!


04886330518 "Internet service provider is going to shutdown broadband due to some illegal activity, press 1 to talk to technical department". ----LOAD OF BS. Didn't press 1. English woman's recorded voice starts when you say "Hello". Received at 1pm approx. I get them from time to time. I usually leave receiver off the hook next to the radio so they can pay for Radio 4.


Suspicious scam robocall with offer to extend car warranty


+1400330111 whose number is this?


let me know as soon as possible


This number is being used by a con-artist. Do not answer the number or call them back.


Tony Romeo, return me the USD200 you collected for Halong Bay tour!!! We paid you for the tour, but you never appeared at all!


I received a text from this number


wonder who called


12:36 call time 21 secs. It was an automated message saying like nunbers and activation code and im scared its a scam. Cam ypu help?


called me at my home no voice mail either


suspicious scam robocall claiming to offer car warranty extension


robocall with suspicious scam offer to extend car warranty


Call me a few times..don't know what matter


Recording - "Hello, this is an apology from your electric utility..." That's when I hung up. Spam!!!


Keeps ringing and leaving voice message. Got new phone, it's Dad ring me. Told it is a wrong number but still persists in ringing. Have had at least 12 voice messages left after trying to block the number.


robocall with suspicious scam offer to extend car warranty


Shemale Toh Tong Nam Thomas is spreading her HIV everywhere! Becoming an international disgrace!


I am just too good for you all whiners! Get a life and bow down to me the queen!


It’s the damn shemale Thomas Toh Tong Nam calling from Keat Hong Mirage to ask to suck you off!


Wants to add to WhatsApp


Recorded message US voice inviting call back on 001315 717931 concerning lottery winnings! Last number called gives 01623 84150 but number not recognised when dialed.


This is the main number for the Chinese Communist party here in the US. The entire call is in Chinese and I can roughly translate it as: Beware all of you in America! Do not vote for the extreme Socialist policies that are represented by the party that begins with "D". We are all suffering under communism here in China and it's only the select few that are part of the ruling class that make it but they really make it big and everyone else suffers for the handouts that trickle out. Do not vote for that idiot "Buyden" he will only be trouble and bring extreme chaos to your country like we have here in China - you have been warned!


need to check for abuse


I don't about him. Today he called and prank me


I needed details of this number


suspicious spam robocall with offer for second chance to renew car warranty


Man called offering to suck my sons .....! Said that people don’t understand how they could have a special connection due to him being 60 and son 10! I don’t have a son...then said ok ok ok bub bye Three calls 3,4,5 am this morning!