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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Unsolicited Washing Machine Scam. Familiar voice from previous Scam calls. Don’t Respond.


BT Scam Caller about "suspicious activity on your internet". Inviting you to part with your money in order to fix it. Fraud! - Do Not Respond. Call Rating: Dangerous.


What does this no. Needs from me


Repeat Nuisance Caller Who Enjoys Harassing You And Menacingly Laughing Whilst Doing It.


scam robocall claiming to be "urgent message about your vehicle" with an offer to extend car warranty; same robocall recording but coming from different area code with different number each day


Suspicious Character With Thick Asian Accent Calling Himself Dan. Seeking Personal Information. Claims First To Be From Manchester Then From Pakistan Even Though It's A London Number. Dangerous. Do Not Respond.


Silent call from 822858927371


壹品轩珠宝翡翠卖的翡翠都是假货。 在Facebook 平台假拍卖,搞到自己一般人在演戏。 烂货,把价钱标高,让受害者吞! 好货是自己人“廉价买”! 这种戏来骗钱!


scam robocall claiming to be from "Department of Social Security Administration" saying there is fraud activity at the border in south Texas related to social security number, so need you to press 1 to speak to an officer.


caller ID says "Wells Fargo Bank" but there is no one there when i answer. I have blocked this number as SPAM


Tranny Toh Tong Nam keeps sending me text messages claiming that she sucks very well!


Going to report this sissy bapok toh tong nam thomas didymuz for running a illegal home spa at 818b cck Ave 1. Are you allowed to do this???? Where is your license and covid safety precautions? Sissy shemale!


Lao Niang toh tongnam is really disgusting. Look at the way she bloody sashays!


Offered a free massage by a 24chn guy alone at home at CCK Ave 1! Turned up at the place at the guy was at least 59 years old! DISGUSTED by how some people give huge discounts to their actual ages!!!!!


Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam Didymuz is out looking for malay students to try her b2b massage! She will ask the student to remove every clothing to trying the massage! She is really disgusting and old!


Bapok Thomas Toh Tongnam providing spa service and B2B massage from her flat at 818B CCK Ave 1! Can someone raid this illegal vice den????????????


Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tongnam can afford to get HDB flat at Keat Hong Mirage, but doesn’t own a mirror at home!! How can this shemale possible even be 24 years old????? Get a life and quit cheating the ITE students, bapok!


Sissy Toh Tongnam Thomas making moaning sounds like calling!!!!!!!! Even claimed to be fingeringggggggggg! WTF!


Some scammers cald me from to make some fake bookings, noticed them right away. Beware




Scam - This company calls numerous times a day and has been calling for over a week.


A buyer from OLX wanted my IBAN, full name and email.


A buyer from OLX wanted my IBAN, email and full name.


So called freephone for XLN Business Telecommunications. See 02036 570794 for further details.


When called there is a message, claims to be XLN Business Telecom concerning account. Advises caller to telephone 0808 1683092. Often calls at least four times a week, sometimes twice daily. Ignore as frequently called numbers are domestic not business, or businesses where the company does not have an account with XLN.




This phone number is used by black-mailers. Thought it was from Quebec, Canada.


818b 蔡厝港 的老变态她姆丝老娘实在恶心! 不男不女的还大庭广众的穿奶罩! 变态


Was a Robocaller about someone needing a car warranty. I don't owe a car.


I need to find out who's using this and what does it do


suspicious scam robocall claiming to be from Chinese Embassy


scam robocall claiming to be "urgent message about your vehicle" with an offer to extend car warranty; same robocall recording but coming from different area code with different number each day


Scammer. Blocked.


I am on the Do Not Call list.


John Johnson Maybe Also Kirty Johnson. No Message But Recognise This Number Under Different Pretense.




asking about bank details


Numero desconocido que llama insistentemente


suspicious scam text message saying "FedEx: package update - sent! Click here." But link is not associated with FedEx, and neither my family nor I had made any online orders using FedEx for shipping.


suspicious scam text message saying "FedEx: package update - sent! Click here." But link is not associated with FedEx, and neither my family nor I had made any online orders using FedEx for shipping.


TSR VIOLATION! They called around SIX o’ CLOCK in the morning!! I’m a disabled Senior and just had surgery yesterday, and was trying to get a decent night’s sleep! 6:12 AM these fools illegally call to spam me!! That is 4 HOURS before they are allowed to phone!! AND I am registered on the official Do Not Call list! Reporting to FCC, FTC, NC DOJ, and my Lawyer!!


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can you find who called me form number +41329256202


Rings as odd times and does not leave a message.


Renting house fraud


Non stop calling everyday from this number.


Hi, help to find more info! about this number thanks for helps :)


I have received 6 calls (in last 3 days) from this number. Automated voice telling me that my internet provider has been trying to contact me and that my broadband will be disconnected in 24 hours. It recommends I should contact their representative - I hang up at that point.


Claims to be a social security office saying I'm in noncompliance and a warrant will be issued....