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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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spam wish suspicious scam


scam robocall message saying: "This is the last attempt on behalf of 'The Corporation' before disconnection. To avoid disconnecting from your service, Press 1 to contact a representative. Press 2 for more information." There was no description of what the name of "The Corporation" is, and what service is in danger of being disconnected.


+1(606)644-2626 UNAVAILABLE Harlan County Landline, Parthfork, KY New Robocaller to block ⚠ Don't Call Back ⚠ Caller ID: Unavailable Unregistered Business Reported to FCC


+1(917)574-7359 Amber Whitelaw Brien aka Amber Marie Zuke Gloversville, NY Caller ID Manipulation


Spam call with no voice on the other end.


scam robocall message saying: "Press 8 to extend coverage. Press 9 to decline." There was no description of what company the caller is from, and what warranty is in danger of expiring.


Хочу уточнить номер телефона


Call back and they said not in service


SCAM. Fraud. Familiar voice with Asian accent. It begins with “We Owe You A Refund On Your Washing Machine Insurance”. Don’t be fooled. ABOVE ALL Don’t give them ANY information. Report them.


From Citibank Loan


I keep getting this Number calling me it's a real person talking back to me but when that say if won that want my bank Info. That's when I say No sorry then I turn off. Plz help. Thanks


scam robocall message saying: "Press 8 to extend coverage. Press 9 to decline." There was no description of what company the caller is from, and what warranty is in danger of expiring.


Scam Targeting The Elderly. Familiar Indian accent. Today it is Medicare Scam. Do not give your name or any other information. Report Them.


scam call from imposter of Discover Card using a spoofed number with robotic voice claiming to be "Jake from Discover Card" calling to offer enrollment in a debt relief program to eliminate all my debts if I press 1.


I need to know the owner of this number




Kontol kambing


scam robocall message saying: "In order to prevent your extended warranty from expiring, I'm giving you a courtesy follow-up call before I close out your file. Please press 1 to speak to a specialist now, or press 2 to decline coverage opportunities." There was no description of what company the caller is from, and what extended warranty is in danger of expiring.


(606)975-0710 James Kipp Whitelaw Alternate No: (859)582-2437 "Robin E. Whitelaw" Fake Name Currently Under Investigation for Identity Theft - ALTERNATE NUMBER: (606)975-0710 James K. Whitelaw PO Box 33, Berea, Kentucky 40403 545 Nellie Baker Road, McKee, KY Real Estate Sale : Call or Text 24/7 Available for backseat services


Scammer with familiar Voice. Homecare Scam. Asking for personal details. Don’t give any details. Don’t even confirm your name. They must be reported.


Fraud. Medical Scam Targeting The Elderly. Lady with Indian accent seeking your personal information. Do not even confirm your name and Do Not Give Any Information.


Didn’t leave a message. Comes up South Pekin Il


Fake Name ♣ +1(662)645-1405 Caller ID Spoof - Cellphone - Active on the internet Stalker - uses the associate Fake Name: "Robin E. Whitelaw," pretending to be Fake Name Lourian C. Johnson - Not Recommended


keeps calling me


Called me but no idea what it is


want to know this number is who. cause have calling me


oooooooooo oooooooo oooooooo


(502)306-0238 HIPPA Violator BEWARE Sends ACTIVATION Link with bogus passcode for MYCHARTS use unsolicited text msg. No response, then Campaign Shortcode use: 81906 for Reply STOP. No provocation and random use of cellphone number to create harassment -Wellhealth, Inc. Louisville, KY On the internet * Medicare / Medicaid Phishing platforms


No one there. Number is not in service.


I've gotten over 6 calls from this number. No messages. Also 3 other 200 numbers calls after this.




why you call me


Someone called using 66902031




Need location and name


Who's this




This number belongs to whome


Called the number from a scrubbed line, auto directory lead to a directory tree for 5 other scam services: "The number you have reached may have recently changed. Press 1 to Save on Senior Life Insurance, Press 2 to save on Auto Insurance, Press 3 to extend your auto warranty, press 4 to save money on your credit interest rates, press 5 to connect with a tax relief discount specialist". Each line sounded like it was answered by the same room of guys yelling in with thick accents, and speaking Hindi in the background...


I want to know who call me.




I want to know


Why did number call me and I'm from California and I got a call by United kingdom


A quien pertenece ese numero?


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Who Called me


She is a thief. She will rob you with her pimp. Her pimp will come barging in and they will steal your money. Avoid.


Amazon Iphone purchase email scam. Beware!


scam call from imposter of AT&T DirectTV using a spoofed number with robotic voice claiming to be "from AT&T DirectTV" and my existing account is qualified for a 50% off, despite the fact I do not have an account. In order to use the discount, need to call 844-702-1960 from 8am to 9pm Pacific Standard Time, so scammer company may be on the US West coast or somewhere in Asia using a VPN that pops up at a location on the US West coast. Even the number to call them back on is different than the number that called my phone.