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800-355-2137 Rip off scam company Fire Mountain gems and beads-Unethical corporate giant,the Walmart of the beady world. Calling all beaders to boycott Fire Mountain Gems I have been a customer for years, not anymore. Pushing small bead stores out of business should be the motto of FMG instead of masquerading as one. We are firing fire mountain. Kinga johnson - Boycott Fire Mountain Gems


This number +97237554140, called me 8 times today. I dident hear it. What i read now about it, in the comments, i will not answear, thanks for the warning.


This Number belongs to whom and who calls me for what reason. ?


I need to know who's number is this?


one of our customer a drop voice message by giving this number to send them a quotation. he mentioned that he is calling from saudia but the number he provide is not reachable.


From CitiBank promoting loans


This is scam number?


Who called me




AIA tele marketer!


repeated hang up calls




Where’s this no’s from


Answered this random call to my mobile, automated message saying that a charge had been made against my name from the inland revenue. Ridiculous, I called back to challenge them. A foreign man answered saying HMRC can I help you? I asked why they called me, he asked if he could have my name. I said no. He said 'You had better get ready to be arrested, Ms ....... (using my name, which I hadn't given), then hung up. Vile scum.


This number 027581500 he/she call me 2 times today and my phone is inside my bag vibrating i missed to answer it.


you told me there is no campus in this school of public health, let me choice online program I don't mind.


Hello, This number called me on my phone (+237698982894) and i want to know the reason of your call. I'm from Camerron


Last year I was getting them all through the night and day, they come up as a blocked number, but it still rings. I thought they'd given up but no here we go again! Ringing 6:43am this is getting to be a joke. Nobody rings the house at that time in the morning unless it's an emergency, so my mind immdeately goes to the worst thought. These people have have no consideration for time zones


I received a call from this number and it s Unknown


Who number is this??


missed call


said they were BT technical 08/06/2018 9.13am


CAlled with recorded message I have serious federal charges against me. Demands I call back or ___ (what?) I did return call only to tell them I know there are no federal charges against me, and asked what they want from me. They promptly hung up. I know the real police don't call to warn you of any charges against you. They come see you.


he is teasing me.


help me to check


No message


Didn’t answer. Don’t know what this number is.


Hello, it's 3.30 am and I've been called several times on this number ... please this really is annoying


Getting missed calls from Abu Dhabi number Who is this?


Let us know about 8001012708


Left no message


We have been called by this number before but when one tries to call it back, a message that says number is not in use. Received today 11:45am, on 4-jun-2018, in the Netherlands


When I picked up, there was nobody on line; then after say ten seconds, just a piercing beep and recorded female voice: "Goodbye". Obviously not a legitimate call; and don't be fooled by "London" location- 0207-coded numbers are SOLD TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, IN ORDER TO DELIBERATELY DECEIVE UNSUSPECTING FOLK, because "some businesses like to give the impression they are based in London". This is presumably because the UK government thinks SCAMMERS DESERVE A LEG UP!


Rang few times left message. Didnt like tone of voice. No details left. Tried to call back. Number does not accept incoming calls




no info


This was calling or sending me message me that I need to settle some payment credit card .. They already deducted some amount from my account previously without notifying me so they bothering me again


Let me know.


Has a call from a male with an Indian accent claiming to be from BT technical support. He tried to convince me that I had a problem with my PC by asking me to view the Windows event log. (See for details). As I was using a junk PC which I boot whenever I get this type of call I went along with the scammers. When I told the guy's 'supervisor' that I was going to publish a recording of the conversation on Youtube he dropped the call.


Prisistate notaru


I want to know if am not being sca mmed


Who call me use this no0327867032


This number has called twice today and has not left a message.


Had a call from 0033485848792, a French number on 30 May 2018 at 11:53am. A message, in unacented English claimed to be from "the technical department" of the internet. I was told that my internet connection was faulty and was invited to press one to acknowledge the call, press two to speak to an engineer or press three. (I didn't hear where option three would take me). As I am in the UK and have a BT, a UK company as my ISP I didn't press any number and hung up. The strange thing is, my BT hub did show a fault condition the day before for a few minutes before it rectified itself, though that could be a coincidence. The +33-4 area code in France is for Southeast France and Corsica.


800-292-3473 is the number of a scammer company in Grants pass Fire mountain gems and greed. The owners are some slave labor scumbags named chris and stuart fraudman. They two old scumbags have been ripping people off for years. Fire mountain gems and greed is a great place to be ripped off with the fruits of child slave labor. Fire mountain gems used to be a great place to buy quality goods. Now it is a great place to buy defective, misrepresented products.800-432-2319 800-292-3473 child slave labor rip off fire mountain gems and greed grants pass Oregon. The owners are a couple of greedy old jewish parasites/$hitbags named chris and stuart fraudman.


Today receive a call +888888888888 where is this from???


dont know


Who calls me




Some older gentlemen of mexican authenticity is calling my mom from this number there is no reason y it should be . Odds are it was a misdial but i would like to know for sure so that there are no assumtions. Please and thank you, and have a blessed day. I will be waiting for ur reply.