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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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you were nasty I will be sick years from now.




Claims to be from St. Mary's Prayer Center Ministry. The message says, "Hello, this is St. Mary's Prayer Center Ministry calling today to see if you need urgent prayer. If you would like to have someone from our center pray for you, please press 1. If you would like to no longer hear from us, please press 3."


Boost energy is the company calling from this number 02039369727.


Dapat call haritu. Kata nya dari call centre mdicc. Mula2 ingt scam sbb mcm tak betul. Mmg marah maki semua lah kt dia and then terus matikan. But she's keep calling me dlm seminggu tu ade laa 3 4 kali. But then i malas layan. Untill one day i rasa tergerak hati angkat call dia, dgr betul betul ape yg dia beritahu. And i realise she's not scam pun. She's telling me the truth and i just follow the procedure. So after, terminal bank call me back after dorang potong 499rm from my maybank credit card. In 3 until 4 weeks they give me a letter. What she tells me, thats what i get. Thank you miss Nabila for your services and for your kindness. Im really glad you help solve my problem.


Calls almost daily and never leaves message.


Although they left no msg, the typical call from this area code and number is spam, which I get often. Caller Type: Spam Caller


hello this is.... from the technical department of windows are you the owner of the computer?


Please tell me who called me 01709357345


Called at 13:08, regarding 'the Dyson vacuum cleaner'...We don't have one. hum...


Enhanced Recovery Company (ERC). A debt collector


Trying to upgrade you r mobile phone account


Called to sell us electricity, we've already plenty in stock...


Caller said they were with citibank and I owed 900 dollars I don't have a citibank account


60340502311...number ni...missed call i 4 kali dari pagi...i call balik x angkat phone...number apa ni...


Keeps calling and leaves no message.


Junk call, just don't answer it


i got a miss call from this number


01476594296 wat this mumber


Let know who this number belongs to


Another unwanted call (in less than 3 weeks) from this Chicago VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law, Once again, when the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. This predator has been outed as a Medicare scammer, sadly just one of many. AVOID THIS SHYSTER!


I've been hacked and COMPROMISED very badly,someone involved with is a shared user in my gmail,android phone Facebook, etc. Etc. They put this number in my phone as my voicemail and call forwarding #....but that's not my real voicemail #,no wonder I haven't been getting my customers phone calls in a while,about a month to be specific, been fighting a losing battle it seems.they implanted fake Google password verifyer,changed my settings,permissions,put fake security certification for system and cleared out the user certifications and became the ADMINISTRATOR of my gmail account I've had for over a DECADE and has pretty much HIJACKED MY ACCOUNT. I'm totally insecure,trespassed,violated,identify theft,stole all my customer contacts and is trying to force me out of what rightfully belongs to ME! If anyone can help me. PLEASE call me 1.5.2 1 0.8


Called and hung up when I answered




Automated call, they want you to take a survey and agree to be called back. Junk, Junk, Junk.


Called at 16:54, no one there to speak to....


this no belong to Du telecom, postpaid package selling team


Por que recibí esta llamada al constestar se callo la llamada


What company # is this? Or is it a company #?


today 1330.


Received a call from this number, but I have call guardian with bt so they were unable to get past my identity system. A few moments later they tried again but when asked for a name as they are not on my acceptance list they gave up! Bt blocker is very efficient but as they would not identify themselves before being allowed to get through.Highly recommended.


This is a pre-recorded message. Supposed to be from BT. telling you that your internet is going down. Don't press button. And I believe to be false. As I am NOT with BT


Need name of who called me


Received call from this number via land line and handphone but silence when picked up. Try calling back but received a not in service instead.


qwndkqwhdkqhd; ur mom gay




I want to know this number


repeated calls, no voice


I dont know


Keep phoneing every day


Received a call from this number. Says it is from traffic summons and asks me to dial 9 to connect to their officer to clear up summons.


scam to ask for money. this person called James Walker with Indian accent said to me that I own money from ATO and I have to pay for it right now otherwise I will be arrested in 45 mins


Scammers - pretend to be BT or Virgin saying internet is going off/down and they can help. When I say I have no internet they immediately hang up. Asian voices - can at times be rude - try to get bank details and card numbers - when you say you have no bank account or cards - they nearly loose their minds! It's not on their script - they just hang up!! Play them at their own game.


who call?


It call today and yesterday


Recruitment agency, had our number on his calling list and called twice inside two minutes...


Nuisance phone calls debt collection one time, Broadband survey the next!.


Hung up when answered


Yes it is from prudential


Prudential Sale