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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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Who are you why you called me


I want to know who was trying to reach me..i applied for a job in hong kong...may be one Of them..


your computer protect is expired. We will resort to taking it out of your checking account. You owe $299. Or call this number 3335024321


Auto warranty extension. They call with different numbers with my area code. SCAM!




Call from this number (spoofed to be from Smithers, BC --> 250-917-1003) a few minutes ago. When asked, caller said that he was calling from "Orlando, Florida". Huh? I heard lots of background chatter -- typical of a large call-centre in India. Typical "lower your credit-card rate" scammer, first asking for my credit card's expiry date. When I said "10/19" (which is not correct), he could not understand that my credit-card is valid through the rest of the 10th month, and asked for a different credit-card. I told him that my card was still valid. He accepted that, and then he asked "which bank issued the card", and for all the digits of my credit-card number. At that point, I said "listen to me closely, you are a DUCK KING ASP HOLE", and I ended the call.


Someone call me when I call back it is just answering machine


+608096354722, who's number is this??? Call from where???


I found this number dialed from my wife phone on her bill,it was dialed many times over 6 months period and I got very suspicious when she told me she never dialed this number and never seen it but I thought she was having an affair, how could you not know a number when its dialed from your phone countless times? I found out that its lycamobile number after searching it on the net and it has also appeared on other peoples Bill's even when their phones were off for months, lycamobile needs to sort itself out , I was on a brink of a divorce after 22 years of marriage.


who is calling?


Foreign female...caller ID said "Insurance". Asked for my husband, but mispronounced his name. I asked to take a message and she started stumbling over words.


Called me this morning. When picked up, answering machine was talking pretented to be from court.


This no 0170139247 calling me today 13/10/2019 10:03..Asking for ic no.i just want to know who owner this number.?


SG phone


I received a call saying that it is from court. Need to find out.


Only i want to know to whom this number is


fhdhjghj fjdj fjdfj


Beware that the shemale Thomas Didymuz Toh has changed number to +6587495094 after she trick a Malay ITE student to go her house for massage, and molested the poor guy!


Beware that the shemale Thomas Didymuz Toh has changed number to +6587495094 after she trick a Malay ITE student to go her house for massage, and molested the poor guy!


Sissy bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam has changed the telephone number to +6587495094. Disgrace to SUSS graduates!


my phone numbor alred loose i dont have email how to logeinmy facebook


please advise who is calling from this number 97147039999


received calls from this number on 8th oct. 2019 not answered received calls (2) 9th oct. 2019 answered the 2nd call from a very friendly guy offering me the chance to make money very persuasive person but I said no thanks and ended the call


I got this call on October 9. The caller I.D. said Julie Janssen. It claimed they can lower your credit card rates.


Someone trying to sell their services. Foreign accent, horrible phone system. Background noise sounds like a telemarketing setup. The call was unsolicited. Block the number.


what do they want


Received a hang up phone and when I returned the call, it was a nob-working number Call dated 10/7/2019 at 10:15 EST


Not sure who




scam call from makahmah


The operator said about a lawsuit & mentioned about summon


Hangs up. No voice message.


threat if call is not returned, I don't owe anybody. this is a scam!


Recorded female voice stated that she was calling about my car warranty. I hung up. (1 pm 10/3/19)


Hi, sorry but I am not interested in buying a course. Only interested in learning Hebrew to better understand the bible, which has become a propaganda tool from around 70 AD and the second fall of Jerusalem, much of it written by the Arrius Calpernia Piso family of Roman aristocrats to control Jews and Christians both.


On October 2, I got a phone call. It claimed it was the Department of Social Security Administration. I think it is a scam to try to trick you into giving out personal information.


Calls and no answer. Strange call. Doesn't seem automated.


00127394744 SPAM! from India saying that they are going to disconnect your broadband


Bogus Automated call from SSA.


Este número es las islas malvinas. Yo soy de Costa Rica y no es la primera ves q me entra a mi celular una llamada perdida de ese lugar este es en Argentina.


Este número es las islas maldivas. Yo soy de Costa Rica y no es la primera ves q me entra a mi celular una llamada perdida de ese lugar de Asia


Se trata de un número altamente sospechoso, incluso ya tememos, pues al parecer saben que somos un mismo núcleo familiar y nos han llamado a mi esposo y a mí los mismos días y prácticamente a la misma hora, llaman a uno y al minuto llaman al otro, sólo que no les hemos contestado nada. Además nos han llamado del mismo número con diferentes prefijos y muy raros! Los números son los siguientes: 0317447474, +17447474, 5717447474 y 905717447474. He visto también las quejas de este número y en común quienes denuncian mencionan que se hacen pasar por Codensa, en sitios en que incluso dicha empresa no presta el servicio. Yo creo que son ladrones!


Se han redirigido mis mensajes y llamadas a este numero y yo desconosco a quien pertenezca por lo que necesito saber a quien es a quien se redirigen mis asuntos.




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