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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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suspicious scam robocall claiming to offer car warranty extension


robocall with suspicious scam offer to extend car warranty


Call me a few times..don't know what matter


Recording - "Hello, this is an apology from your electric utility..." That's when I hung up. Spam!!!


Keeps ringing and leaving voice message. Got new phone, it's Dad ring me. Told it is a wrong number but still persists in ringing. Have had at least 12 voice messages left after trying to block the number.


robocall with suspicious scam offer to extend car warranty


Shemale Toh Tong Nam Thomas is spreading her HIV everywhere! Becoming an international disgrace!


It’s the damn shemale Thomas Toh Tong Nam calling from Keat Hong Mirage to ask to suck you off!


Wants to add to WhatsApp


Recorded message US voice inviting call back on 001315 717931 concerning lottery winnings! Last number called gives 01623 84150 but number not recognised when dialed.


This is the main number for the Chinese Communist party here in the US. The entire call is in Chinese and I can roughly translate it as: Beware all of you in America! Do not vote for the extreme Socialist policies that are represented by the party that begins with "D". We are all suffering under communism here in China and it's only the select few that are part of the ruling class that make it but they really make it big and everyone else suffers for the handouts that trickle out. Do not vote for that idiot "Buyden" he will only be trouble and bring extreme chaos to your country like we have here in China - you have been warned!


need to check for abuse


I don't about him. Today he called and prank me


I needed details of this number


suspicious spam robocall with offer for second chance to renew car warranty


Man called offering to suck my sons .....! Said that people don’t understand how they could have a special connection due to him being 60 and son 10! I don’t have a son...then said ok ok ok bub bye Three calls 3,4,5 am this morning!


hi Nany am glad ur back i love u From: Zena


Who called me




I have this phone mumber on my records. I did not call it but have been charged for it


no dude stop calling me already


Unknown caller - recorded message


I would like to know who is calling me they call and hang up


Didymuz Day Spa at Keat Hong Mirage offering Tantric massage service and body to body packages! Really sissy bapok!


Hijara Thomas Toh Tong Nam calling to moan!


She call me as SPRM and said Akaun saya telah menyalahi undang undang


Called me at 11pm


Lao Niang Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam recommend tourist to HCM to stay at Liberty Hotel Saigon Parkview. In a forum posting on BlowingWind, the sissy of Keat Hong Mirage, Didymuz Toh Tong Nam wrote that: not only is the hotel with a good location at D1, the staff are friendly and helpful. But it can be noisy at night due to close nearby pubs. The GM Anthony was also very helpful and provided very good service for me. I lost USD500 during my trip and I suspected it was stolen in the hotel massage shop. Made a complaint to the shop but the massage shop manager was very unethical and did not bother my request to review the camera. made a complaint to the hotel staff, and Anthony the general manager made a personal trip down to the hotel and attended to me with a smiling and charming face. Asked about my situation and I told him my scenario. Was told that the camera was down for maintenance, but the charming manager commented that the security system should always be working, as it was the only way to get evidence for such scenario. Like a knight in shining armour to save a princess like me, he offered to repay me USD200 out of his own pocket money in order to make the trip a good memory for me. i declines politely and told him that there was other way to make it a good memory. He understood what I was referring to, and walked me to my room. There in within the confines of the room, I managed to free his massive manhood from his work pants and sucked on it! he also proceeded to pump my tight hole while teasing my ringed nipples aggressively. He gave my ringed nipples a few love bites with his aggressive actions.


suspicious scam robocall offering car warranty extension but would not give out company name


Another BT scam, English chap this time, usual format, press 1 etc. Number Not recognised when dialled.


need to find out


Kas to per padla?


Unsolicited unidentified call so I didn't answer


This is a scam caller purporting to be from Sky, they tell you your router is feeding back danger signs to the Sky hub and ask you to confirm your details. They did not even know my name just kept calling me "madam". I hung up and then I rang Sky and my account/router was fine and this is something that does not happen with Sky.


Siapa ni


This number called saying they were from BT with an automated message saying that I had a problem with my internet connection and to press "1" and they would sort it out.




Sissy Bapok Toh Tong Nam Thomas Didymuz on the lookout for manly Malay boys to offer them tantric massage at Didymuz Day Spa!


who is there


I got a call from this number today at 3:54 pm. i don't know who's this!


suspicious robocall offering to lower credit card interest rate


they call everyday at least two times but hang up and don't leave a message but its bothering me because they call in mid morning or early morning and i am a sleep and i have health issues that keep me up at night and i try and sleep in early or mid morning


Robocall claiming to be from the "Warranty Department" with suspicious scam offer to extend vehicle warranty.


who called me from this number


Name and address of the owner of 09067179819


Part left a mesg stated that I owed SSA will be sued for Fraud ... I filed a report with FTC and SSi


Scam for BTC


Called me but I don't recognize the number.