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难怪大家都在吗她 “老八婆”!


Buy Brand New

This sissy bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam is really something wrong!

Selling second hand HDMI cable on Carousell for $10 and need to meet up at Keat Hong Mirage to self collect!

Utterly madness when you can get the exact same thing for only $9 on Lazada with free shipping!!!!!!!

Stop your freaking nonsense of trying to seduce straight men to your Keat Hong Mirage 818B flat!

Stoooooppppidddddd siaaaaaa!

Uzmydid Alert on Carousell

Beware of this sissy bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam! The shemale has changed nickname on Carousell to seduce more straight guys!

She is known as UZMYDID now!

The shameless Lao Niang Niang is now selling her cables for $10:
ATZ 1m HDMI v2.1 Ultra High Speed Cable for S$10 https://sg.carousell.com/p/atz-1m-hdmi-v2-1-ultra-high-speed-cable-1017853062

This sissy bapok is luring the people to her Keat Hong Mirage den to perform all kinds of tantric massage moves on them!

Beware of cheebye bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam, now known as Uzmydid of 818B Keat Hong Mirage!

The part where her dick used to be is oozing all kinds of fluid due to STD!






Sissy Toh Tong Nam Thomas now offering free nightly tantric massage to all her tenants at 818B CCK Ave 1, Keat Hong Mirage!

Desperate until like that!

[email protected]

Quit giving transgendered in Singapore a bad name!

Operating home based massage at Keat Hong Mirage to seduce young malay boys to your home, so that you can suck them!!!!

Toh Tong Nam Thomas, all your dirty tricks just spoil our reputation!

Saint angel

Dear Sister Thomas Didymuz Toh,

Which part of the bible says you can go around seducing married men and sucking them??????

Why is your bible version so different????

Are you sure you are a Christian????

Or are you a fake Christian, just like you are a fake cheebye?

Ayumi Di Lanjiao

Ah gua Toh Tong Nam Didymuz asking for poking services on the phone!

Jim jim

Caller moaning in a seductive manner!

Catwalk model

Sissy Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam can change number to prevent detection.

Can you change you name, gender and your freaking ugly face too?

Cao ah gua!

Your mother really is a failure for giving birth to you!

Your father is a loser for bringing you up!

Your whole family deserved to be gone centuries ago!

Freak shemale!

Keat Hong RC

Sashaying sissy of Keat Hong Mirage terrorising the neighbourhood and soliciting for underaged teenage boys!

Stares at hot guys like a hungry wolf!

This is Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam!

The Real Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam

You all are just jealous of my fair porcelain skin!

I’m going to make a police report against you all for slandering my beauty!

Just you wait!

Thomas Toh
818B CCK Ave 1
Keat Hong Mirage


I love Bapok Toh!

Sister Eunuchy Neo

Please support our Sister Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1.

She is a very kind hearted tranny, looking for a nice tenant to live happily ever after!


$280 / 可以小煮泡面 / 吉丰 LRT / 2个站到蔡厝港MRT(红线)和3个站到武吉班让MRT(蓝线) / 交通便利 / 楼下麦当劳, 食阁, 面包店, 五金店, 超级市场, 取款机


请联系 +6587495094




Thomas Toh Tong Nam

Thomas Toh Tong Nam, graduate of SUSS is the infamous old bapok of CCK Ave 1!

Out to seduce straight men!

Even upfront saying that she has money for straight men!

Cheapo slut!





Slut alert

Be careful of this bapok Thomas didymuz Toh Tong Nam!!!

$280 / 可以小煮泡面 / 吉丰 LRT / 2个站到蔡厝港MRT(红线)和3个站到武吉班让MRT(蓝线) / 交通便利 / 楼下麦当劳, 食阁, 面包店, 五金店, 超级市场, 取款机


请联系 +658 74 95 09 4

She is trying to seduce China workers to milk them of their man cream!

Thomas Toh Tong Nam

Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1 should have the flat confiscated by HDB for renting to so many foreign workers!

How can rent a flat out to 8-10 foreign workers!

Hope she kena the Covid-19!

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