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Advertised for outcall masssge, so I booked it one day after booking out from camp. When the masseur arrived, I got a shock. A trans named Pearlyn appears at my door and claims she is the one giving massage. I wanted to turn her down, but she insisted. Saying that I have to pay her double for no massage. I was scared that she will yell and scream to create drama at my block. So no choice! The so called massage was just a molest and she brought her lips to my tool without even asking for consent. Worst massage of my life for $100!

Peeping Thomas Toh

Pevertic shemale climbing to peep over toilet cubicles at CCK MRT! Pervert to the max! Still can give people her telephone number with offers for free massage after getting caught red handed! Disgusting ***scum!

Moaner Lisa

Bapok Thomas keeps calling others to moan! What’s with all the moaning sound?

Uncle Niang


This sissy Thomas Toh is more niang!

Gay Pride

For those who responded to this number 90992155 about a Polytechnic student selling her used bikini and undergarments.

You might want to read this about the Sissy Thomas Toh who admitted in public to cross dressing:


still think that it’s a polytechnic girl selling you her intimates? Good luck!

Gedong Warrior

Be careful of the cheap listings listed by this lusty bapok Thomas Toh who advertise extremely cheap stuff on Carousell to entice you to her flat in CCK! Once there, she will seduce you to have fun with her, or blackmail you for it!


She’s mentally unstable and deprived!

Prime Massage Bangkok

*** crazed Tranny that travels to Thailand regularly to indulge in sodomy with UNDERAGED boys!

Keep asking the boys at Prime Massage for extra services!

Thinks that she can have everything and anything with her filthy money!


Tranny Thomas Toh video called and showed her disgusting private parts! Scolded her and she moaned and fingered herself even more! Sicko!


This Thomas Toh uses the line chat app to befriend my cousin, pretending to be a JC girl! and requested my cousin to send all the ***y pics over!
Beware about this sissy Thomas Toh, 90992155, line id: didymuz!

Hunk of Blowing Wind

I gym regularly and saw the advertisement with this number for a Homebased Massage in CCK. Called the number 90992155 and booking. Turn up @ place, and this kuniang guy open the door, name was Tommy, and proceeded to undress me and shower me, despite me saying I can do it myself. Kuniang hands were all over me while wearing silky nightie, the Massage session was more like a molest session, and kuniang took my lil bro in her mouth without asking. Dresss up and want to leave. Kuniang gave me seductive looks and ask me to cum again next time. Have been receive calls from the bloody kuniang asking me to go back for more manhood Massage! Damn kuniang 破病殀寿!


Responded to the room for rental advertisement on blowing wind too! The old gay, Tommy stay in a 4-room flat and make one of her room into a workers squatters to fit into 4 people! Tommy say the room no air con and with only small fan, encourage tenant to sleep naked as it will be more comfortable and more healthy! I told Tommy let me think over, as I not comfortable with so many people in a small space. Tommy keep texting me, persuading me to stay in the clothing optional accommodation! It is extrmely disgusting to think that Singapore got such old ***got to resort to underhand means to get their desires!

Bapok Association of Singapore

I nid 2 share my exp with this aqua, she said her name is Hazel, n she really sashay when walking, got to noe her frm a fren at Taboo, she waz pubbin away and open ask gym fit bods if they want BJ. She got call me at least 5 times 1night, saying she like beng str8 guy with dye hair, n want 2 HJ me for $100. ignore her and she keep sms and call. Hazel real name is Thomas Toh and stays in Choa Chu Kang!


I should have google the number 90992155 to read about all these crap about the bapok! I responded to an advertisement seeking male nude art model needed, after communicating and agreeing on price for posing for 2 hours drawing session, we were suppose to meet at home art studio in CCK Blk 818B. When I got there, it was quite a simple place, and this effeminate guy who was Thomas greeted me and was very eager to disrobe me! Throughout the whole session, kept touching my whole body and adjusting my penis! I don’t even think that he was drawing! Towards the end, Thomas insisted to help me to cum, to help me relax and me able to pose better! It is so gross!


This Nancy is really scary... met up to check out a bike for sale... Nancy asked suggestively while opening legs if I wanted a ride and asked for permission to lick me! Just google for this telephone number and how will find requests for hook up with foreign men like Bangladesh workers and China construction site workers! Will you feel safe staying in the same flat? Not even behind locked doors will you escape those lusty

Gay Pride

Bapok Thomas Toh also infecting the community with her STDs!

Straight Times

It’s that Bapok Thomas Toh! Tranny that has been infecting the whole blowing wind forums!

CCK Ave 1

Saw an advertisement for affordable lodging in CCK, and responded to the advert to see the flat before committing. Went to the place and Felicia showed me the place and talked in a very suggestive manner while looking at me lewdly. Sensing that something is amiss, I left the premises and told her that I would reconsider. Felicia had then since been bothering me to rent her place thru this phone number 90992155 and even making more suggestive remarks. Advice others to block her before it’s too late... KNN... freaking trans!


This is a public service announcement! Beware of this pervert shemale on Carousell, who is out to trick and seduce straight guys! Many people have fell for this, read about it here: https://someonecall.com/sg/90992155


Thomas Toh Bapok Kuniang! Travel overseas to see shirtless construction workers and see them changing and bathing! Disgusting slut!


Be careful if you get video call from 90992155, I got the bapok niang niang video calling me, and showing herself playing with her nipples and fingering her ass! Disgusting! Scolded her while on the call, and she moaned even LOUDER! Wtf!


Carousell seller from hell! Pervertic tran ***ual arranges for buyers to view items at a CCK flat, whereby the trans ***ual will open the door dressed in nothing but G-string to deal the transaction!

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