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Everyone looking

Bapok Toh Tongnam keeps saying everyone looking at her beautiful porcelain skin and jealous of her!

Look at the way this shemale struts like a peacock at 818B Keat Hong Mirage!

Rapee Spa

This bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh keep asking people to try Rapee spa at silom, Bangkok!

She says that there is special services available!

She wants to get the male therapist to shoot the cum on her face.

Say no to Bapok Toh

I would like everyone to say no to Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1!

This tranny is a home wrecker!
Seducing married men!

Expose her home spa which is a false front of providing men with ***services at her home!

Keat Hong Mirage Spa

Home based massage business at 818B CCK Ave 1, Keat Hong Mirage looking for manly brown skinned guys to try out new massage package!

The tranny female Pearlyn Toh will insist you strip naked and she will bring her lips to your private parts!

Toh Tong Nam Thomas

Niang Niang Thomas Toh sashay at the void deck like a super model in her white short shorts!

Disgusting shemale bapok!


Sissy Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam appeared at the door in her pink lace panties to pick up her food delivery!

Hello! Now Ramadan fasting month, stop trying to seduce us when we send the food to your home!

This shemale bapok is so gross!

Bandung Tudung

Sissy Bapok Ahgua Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1, Ramadan is supposed to be Holy Month!

Stop going around to seduce other married men!

Fake Porcelain

This kind of fake porcelain skin bapok that need extra care when handling as so it doesn't break, may cost 10k baht per day.

But never mind la.

Lao niang Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam got so many fake biz such as home fake cookie baking, anyhow garb car biz, go Jack- off biz, hdb foreign worker dormitory biz and most importantly huge sum to withdraw from cpf, sue can afford de la!

Sissy shameless bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam of Keat Hong Mirage!

Toh Tongnam Thomas

Sissy Toh Tong Nam Thomas offering free massage staycation at her home stay flat at 818B CCK Ave 1, Keat Hong Mirage!

Cao ah gua claims to offer Balinese and Thai massage technique!!!!

But need to strip completely to enjoy the free treatment!


Sissy Thomas Toh Tongnam of 818B Keat Hong Mirage keep asking for handsome kor kor to drill her itchy hole!

She is disgusting!

James Fox

Christine Kim is unprofessional joke,no social skills,no common sense absolute disaster as a financial investor Congrats to BMO for hiring just another idiot,I hope all the banks will be gone cause it.s very hard to deal with tellers and financial investors who do not have COMMON SENSE not to mention SOCIAL SKILLS, maybe the mask they are wearing is to tight and is killing their oxygen/ iq

Sissy Thomas Toh

Sissy Thomas Toh TongNam has no sense of shame!

Go around snatching married men, and break up families with young children!

Karma will look you up soon!

Careful of warts on your face!


Dear Bapok ThomasDidymuz Toh Tong Nam,

Quit lying about your age!
How can you be 24 Chn?
You look even older than 62!
Sashay bapok tranny queen, go get a mirror!


This sissy bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam is unstoppable like a cockroach!

No wonder she keeps asking people to call her “kakak”, but she is actually a “Kazuak”!

Just how accounts and phone numbers does this sissy shemale have?


Sissy Thomas was seen buying lace bra while cross dressing at CCK Lot 1 BHG!

She looks really hideous in heels and tube dress!

Keat Hong Mirage 818B

Shameless wife snatcher and home wrecker!
Please take note of this Thomas Didymuz Toh!
Posting on forums to ask details about penile length of massage boys in Malaysia!
Disgusting Harem slut!

Amuse Didymuz

Cao bapok thomas didymuz toh tongnam keep offering money to young malay boy to poke her hole.

She says she wants to fully surrender her bare behind to manly malay boy who can scold and humiliate her.


Transgendered shemale bapok Thomas toh tongnam wreaking havoc with her shemale cult, tricking young men to have fun with her!

Shameless bapoks of Singapore!

Pinoy j

Toh tong Nam Thomas of 818B Keat Hong Mirage offering sensual body to body massage at her Didymuz Day Spa!


Received text messages soliciting for home based massage service with sensual body to body tantric massage at a home based spa at 818B CCK Ave 1, Keat Hong Mirage!


Sissy bapok Thomas Didymuz toh tongnam of
818b Cck Ave 1 moaning like a pussy!

Calling HDB

Hello HDB, please confiscated this Lao Bapok hdb flat! It’s an illegal vice den!

HDB Report

Going to report this sissy bapok toh tong nam thomas didymuz for running a illegal home spa at 818b cck Ave 1.

Are you allowed to do this????

Where is your license and covid safety precautions?

Sissy shemale!

Action against covid

Reported this sissy for running illegal worker dormitory!

She really wants Keat Hong Mirage to be the next cluster!

Downright selfish!

Sissy Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tongnam deserves to have the flat confiscate!


Lao ah gua Toh Tongnam of 818B CCK Ave 1!





Cao ahgua toh tongnam didymuz keep change number and username!

Shameless shemale bapok of 818B CCK Ave 1!


Bapok Thomas Toh Tongnam keeps going to Sauna Mania in Bangkok Silom for hook ups and spreading the diseases at Rapee Massage Silom!

Beware when you go for Rapee Massage!

Many Therapsit got disease!

New Number Alert

Bapok thomas Toh tongnam didymuz new number is +6583655126!

Warning to all ITE West students!

Wechat user is didymuzz

Thomas Toh Tong Nam

I am just too good for you all whiners!

Get a life and bow down to me the queen!


Opposition party should use this shemale Bapok Didymuz Toh Tong Nam to make an example of how our rulers are not doing their job!

HDB flat can run tantric massage business that offer B2B massage?

How can we let such vice happen at Keat Hong Mirage?


Sissy Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam can change number to prevent detection.

Can you change you name, gender and your freaking ugly face too?

Cao ah gua!

Your mother really is a failure for giving birth to you!

Your father is a loser for fertilising your mum’s eggs!

It is so sad that their offspring, Toh Tong Nam Thomas would be the one sucking the father cum!

Your whole family deserved to be gone centuries ago!

Freak shemale!

Poke poke poke

Cao cheebye bapok thomas didymuz toh tongnam waiting to go Bangkok sauna to let people poke her hole and shoot on her face!

Disgrace to Singaporeans!


Cao cheebye Toh Tong Nam Thomas Didymuz of 818B Keat Hong Mirage!


Beware that the shemale Thomas Didymuz Toh has changed number to +6587495094 after she trick a Malay ITE student to go her house for massage, and molested the poor guy!

Bangkok Ladyboy

Why does sissy Didymuz Thomas Toh keep advertising for Rapee Massage Bangkok at Silom?

Promoting full special services instead of the
massage? Shooting of man cream on her face, excellent pumping of her hole by the therapist until the bed was squeaking, surrender her bare behind?

Is there some vested interest that the sissy has in the place???

Why keep promoting Rapee Massage?


Why am I not surprised about this Thomas Toh Didymuz?

This guy, or rather, this sissy whose name is Thomas Toh Tong Nam was my logistics SCM course mate at SUSS, previously SIM!

In class, it is very obvious that this sissy is ogling at all the hot hunky guys with big biceps and muscular bodies! You can see the eyes zooming into their bodies, like a hungry wolf aiming for a defenceless lamb!

It is also known that the sissy would peep at others while using the urinals at the toilets! Quite a few people have experienced it and shared their views about this gay!

It is therefore not surprising that all this that other internet users are complaining about this sissy Thomas Toh Tong Nam!


Bapok Thomas Toh at PinkDot, claiming freedom to love! Controversial Christian bitch! Seduce Muslim boys for fun during Ramadan! Christian can indulge in sodomy????


Bapok Thomas Didymuz CrayonTT Toh has changed number from 90992155 to 87882033!

Carousell Scammer

Beware the Bapok Thomas Toh Didymuz, she has changed her numbers from 90992155 to 87882033, and now she is still out to trick straight guys!

My friend wanted to rent her car, and she demanded that she wanted to check my friend hygiene by taking off his clothes to see if clean, cos the bapok claimed that her car is new and very clean condition!

Be careful, the bapok stays at Blk 818B CCK Ave 1 and is driving a silver colour Toyota Viola!

HIV checks

Advise all who had fun with bapok Thomas Toh aka didymuz to go for HIV checkup!

Heard she has claimed some victims already!


This bapok still hanging out to seduce the Muslim ITE College West students!

She flashed her disgusting nipple at McDonald’s while I buka puasa!

Gross faggy Thomas Toh!


Transvetite Thomas Toh has really such big nipples, she purposely let her big dried mushroom size nipples slip out of her lace top at the U Stars Mega Mart at Keat Hong Mirage!

It was very disgusting to see it!


Infamous bapok of CCK Ave 1 demanded a hygiene check when I wanted to find out more about the flat rental of her unit in 818B CCK Ave 1.

Disgusting to think of such ways to take advantage of the tenants!

Such ***landlords should be reported to the authorities! Beware! The bapok has many advertisements on the internet, look out for the number 90992155!


Bapok Toh flashed the nipples at 2 Malay Ite students at McDonald’s as they were breaking fast!

Pervert sial!


Bapok Toh flashed the nipples at 2 Malay Ite students at McDonald’s as they were breaking fast!

Pervert sial!


Crossdresser Thomas Toh has many tricks to rent out cheap bed:
Compulsory hygiene check before rental, whereby the tenant has to take off all clothes for Thomas Toh to touch and see

Free compulsory nightly massage for PRC tenant: Thomas Toh will oil the body and slide up and down while both naked.


Anak Haram Thomas Toh!

Stop going around KL sucking Malay cock!

Bloody bapok stop spreading your std sia!



Kuniang Thomas Toh in Kuala Lumpur now preying on Muslims that are fasting! Beware!

Orange Tee Real Estates

Beware of the hygiene check required for renting a bed space at 818B CCK Ave 1!

The deprived transgendered will want you to strip of all your clothes for a hygiene check prior to rental agreement and will take the opportunity to feel you up!

Royal family

Condemned soul of bapok Thomas Toh!

Keep trying to seduce Food Panda rider that send takeaways!

Appears in see thru bra and panties at the door!

Disgusting freak!

Let us know about 90992155

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