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Rapee Massage Bangkok

Sissy Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh 87882033 wrote about her kinky massage in Rapee Massage, Bangkok again! This slut is grossly infecting everyone with her STDs:

In Bangkok now, visited my fave massage place Rapee a few days back for a good massage after dinner and the therapist, Dee, from my last visit was still around. Dee remembered me and welcomed me warmly with his smile and traditional wai at the door.

Booking a 1.5 hour oil massage with Dee, he was very familiar with the process and worked on my back and aching shoulders, soothing my aches in his gentle way.

When it was timing to turn over, Dee was already full naked with his hard tool potruding out, no wonder I felt something hard poking at me earlier when he climbed over my back!

Dee gave me a very good body to body massage, had to keep quiet not to moan, so as not to let others know. But soon, the hard tool of his could not resist my constant sucking and he came all over my face.

We got dressed and he asked if I would like to meet up later after his work for supper, I was really surprised and agreed to meet him at midnight.

Walked to the lobby to be served with hot tea, tipped him the usual and left.

818B CCK Ave 1

This disgusting shemale aka Bapok Thomas Toh aka Didymuz aka DidymuzTT aka DidymuzTT 87882033 aka crayon aka crayonTT is always calling people up offering her personalised pubic area grooming services! Beware of the numbers 90992155 and 87882033!

You have been warned!

She stays at 818B CCK Ave1!

Unglamorous Freako

Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh wrote about her fling in Malaysia Hotel located in Bangkok, Thailand:

i once called for room service late at night, and when the food arrived, I opened the door dressed in my lace g-string.
the manly hotel staff was definitely aroused, he placed my food on the table in the room and asked if i need anything else.
he suggested for me to try his Thai banana, and undid his uniform for me to see his magnificent 8 incher which was covered in neatly shaved hair.
i placed my lips on his suculent moist cock head and sucked hardly, alternating with sucking his egg sized balls.
he moaned loudly in my room, thankfully the door was closed and locked already.
after that, he started to play and suck with my nipples, and fingering my hole.
he must been very horny, as the fingering got faster and faster, and eventually, his hard rod was ploughing my hole with my legs in the air.
could not resist his manly groans and grunts.
finally he retracted from my hole and shot a whole load of banana cream on my face! The best facial I had, the whole room had the manly aroma of cum.
he then washed up a bit in my bathroom, after which I gave him a tip of 100 baht and he wai-ed thankfully to me with a wonderful smile! 
He came over to my room late at night on alternate days, as he had alternate rest days for working the night shift!
now I know why Thailand is the land of the smiles!


Bapok Thomas Toh at PinkDot, claiming freedom to love! Controversial Christian bitch! Seduce Muslim boys for fun during Ramadan! Christian can indulge in sodomy????


Bapok Thomas Didymuz CrayonTT Toh has changed number from 90992155 to 87882033!

Ben Ben Ben

Bapok Thomas Toh Didymuz changes her number from 90992155 to 87882033 to avoid detection by authorities! She is still seducing brown skinned guys to ask them to shoot their cum on her face and in her throat as per what she writes on BlowingWind forum! Just search for this number in BlowingWind and you will know all the disgusting crap about Bapok Thomas Toh didymuz!

Carousell Scammer

Beware the Bapok Thomas Toh Didymuz, she has changed her numbers from 90992155 to 87882033, and now she is still out to trick straight guys!

My friend wanted to rent her car, and she demanded that she wanted to check my friend hygiene by taking off his clothes to see if clean, cos the bapok claimed that her car is new and very clean condition!

Be careful, the bapok stays at Blk 818B CCK Ave 1 and is driving a silver colour Toyota Viola!


Bapok Thomas Toh Didymuz has changed number to 87882033, all modes of cheating straight guys remain the same!!

Sicko shemale has been seen buying bra and panties many times at CcK Lot 1! Beware!

Laksa Boy

Pervertic shemale also hangs out on Grindr and Hornet to target good looking Malay guys! She would also pretend to have just learnt massage, and looking for someone to try her massage skills on! Do not respond! She will end up massaging you with her mouth!

HIV checks

Advise all who had fun with bapok Thomas Toh aka didymuz to go for HIV checkup!

Heard she has claimed some victims already!


This bapok still hanging out to seduce the Muslim ITE College West students!

She flashed her disgusting nipple at McDonald’s while I buka puasa!

Gross faggy Thomas Toh!

Thomas Toh 818B CCK Ave 1

Singapore public service announcement! Beware of this pervert shemale on Carousell, who is out to trick and seduce straight guys! Many people have fell for this, read about it here: https://someonecall.com/sg/90992155

The number has changed, but the method of cheating guys still the same, and the bapok stays at 818B CCK Ave 1, still trying to rent rooms out to straight and unsuspecting China/Malaysian workers to see them in various stages of undress and in showers!


Transvetite Thomas Toh has really such big nipples, she purposely let her big dried mushroom size nipples slip out of her lace top at the U Stars Mega Mart at Keat Hong Mirage!

It was very disgusting to see it!


Infamous bapok of CCK Ave 1 demanded a hygiene check when I wanted to find out more about the flat rental of her unit in 818B CCK Ave 1.

Disgusting to think of such ways to take advantage of the tenants!

Such ***landlords should be reported to the authorities! Beware! The bapok has many advertisements on the internet, look out for the number 90992155!


Bapok Toh flashed the nipples at 2 Malay Ite students at McDonald’s as they were breaking fast!

Pervert sial!


Bapok Toh flashed the nipples at 2 Malay Ite students at McDonald’s as they were breaking fast!

Pervert sial!

Halimah yakult

Cross dresser bapok Thomas Toh offers sensual massage and cum denial services from her home at 818b CCK Ave 1!

Careful she will do kinky stuff to you during the sessions and record the whole session to blackmail you for more!


Crossdresser Thomas Toh has many tricks to rent out cheap bed:
Compulsory hygiene check before rental, whereby the tenant has to take off all clothes for Thomas Toh to touch and see

Free compulsory nightly massage for PRC tenant: Thomas Toh will oil the body and slide up and down while both naked.


Anak Haram Thomas Toh!

Stop going around KL sucking Malay cock!

Bloody bapok stop spreading your std sia!



Kuniang Thomas Toh in Kuala Lumpur now preying on Muslims that are fasting! Beware!

Orange Tee Real Estates

Beware of the hygiene check required for renting a bed space at 818B CCK Ave 1!

The deprived transgendered will want you to strip of all your clothes for a hygiene check prior to rental agreement and will take the opportunity to feel you up!

Royal family

Condemned soul of bapok Thomas Toh!

Keep trying to seduce Food Panda rider that send takeaways!

Appears in see thru bra and panties at the door!

Disgusting freak!


Obscene caller called herself the Kum Lan Jiao Specialist and started to moan after calling!


Obscene caller called herself the Kum Lan Jiao Specialist and started to moan after calling!


This pathetic shemale stole and seduced my husband, and still dare to taunt me to get plastic surgery to win my husband back!

Bloody shemale! You can keep the lousy ex-husband!

Rot to death in hell!

All your misdeeds all exposed over multiple platforms!

Ben Ben Ben

This disgusting creature has no sense of shame and is still looking for fun via BlowingWind forum.

Pathetic shemale posted: “Any str8/bicurious lol”

For your God’s sake, take a $2 note and go daiso to get a mirror and look inside to see how hideous you look!

Old cow with flabby teats trying to eat young tender grass!


I definitely recognise this number!

This person used to trick straight men to strip on webcam and perform for her various things on webcam like ***ation and nude excercises!

Finally got exposed!

Kudos to karma!

Gross Massage!

Disgusting shemale posted advertisement pretending to be real girl to trick horny men! Beware of her cheap tactics!

Seen on Locanto:

Hi there! It's me kittyYour Sweet Satisfaction, hot as hell but taste like heaven.I offer sensual yet passsionate body to body.Punctual, no rushing experience.My time with you is really focused on one thing.To fulfill your needs, wishes and desires and fantasy in the rest of the world as you are the center of my attention. Xoxo, kitty Whatsapp - call/sms+6590992155 BOOKING!


Scum of the Earth, Thomas Toh, only know how to keep looking for cock to suck!

Expose Crayon aka Didymuz

This is what the bapok Thomas Toh aka Crayon aka Didymuz wrote in BlowingWind:

any str8/bi curious teens? bengs wit tattoo? Malay SCDF? horny need a good suck?

Everyone, please be aware!
This pathetic lowest life form on Earth goes by the name Thomas Toh, stays in CCK1 Ave 1 Keat Hong Mirage and goes by many female names!

Reported to AWARE for snatching other people husband too!

Expose Thomas Toh

Beware of this transgendered Thomas Toh who stays at CCK Ave 1!

This is the advertisement the shemale posted:

Hello everyone, I am a 35 local Milf. My name is Charlene and I have a voluptuous body that a real woman should have. Selling ***y scenty panties for horny guys out there. Get a sniff of what is going on down there. I will leave my natural scent for you by wearing my ***y panty for you to work. I can mail or do popstation for you. Meet ups are available once you become my regular. Prices start from $50, payment via bank transfer. Drop me a message for details. Muacks!

I am selling ***y lacy panties like the one in the pictures. Will wear it from morning till evening for you. I can leave a little bit of extra speciality on the panties at your request. After transfer of cash, I will start wearing the sweet panty for you. Panty will be secured in Ziplock and mailed to your house immediately for freshness. Popstation can be arranged too.

Call me / WhatsApp now at 90992155 or Line: didymuz

See how disgusting this shemale is to claim she is a real woman??

Alex Batam Massage

Kum Lan Jiao slut of CCK: Kunniang Thomas Toh, biggest sissy of Singapore, and even Jb and Batam! Travels to Batam to suck construction worker cock which has been verified by an Indonesian guide! Fucking s|ut Thomas Toh!


Tranny Thomas Toh should be exposed as a good example to why PinkDot should be banned and frowned upon.


This trans ordered KFC and opened the door in her pink bra and panties! Really disgusting!

Ben Ben Ben

Thomas Toh the slut keep asking about seducing hotel staff on BlowingWind!

Whichever hotel that the slut books, sure suay!

Better offer s3x to the slut, if not she will complain to management and on TripAdvisor!

Anti Pink Dot

Say NO to PinkDot!

A good example is the terror of this tran553Xual Thomas Toh, who is out taking advantage of the straight boys!

Protect your children around you!
Say NO to [email protected]!
Say NO to Thomas Toh the faggy!

ITE College West

Please beware of this Bapok Thomas Toh! Saw her seducing more ITE students at McDonald’s at CCK Mirage!

She has loud pink shoulder length hair, and was dressed in ladies sports attire!

Please take note that this disgusting G-A-Y is out to suck straight young guys cock!

Report to the Anti-Pink Dot Singapore Group!

Down with gays like this Thomas Toh of CCK Ave 1!


This sissy keep trying to seduce ITE boys to go to her flat to get sensual massages!



Saw a gumtree advertisement for Private hire car relief driver.

The ad read:
Looking for a relief driver.

Duration: Weekday
$1k deposit
I stay in the west CCK

Pls contact 90992155

When I contact the person, it turned out to be a trans-woman! And this effeminate Thomas guy kept trying to touch my cock, saying that he can suck very well!

Beware if you want to be a relief driver for Grab or Uber!


This is the famous ***that stays near my school, ITE College West at Choa Chu Kang!

Pathetic shemale that hangs out at the McDonald’s nearby and solicits for *** with payment, especially to Muslim students in ITE uniform!

After exchange of phone number, this shemale will bring you to a flat nearby to have sensual massage, which compromises of her molesting and sucking you!

Disgusting freak! I have warned everyone about you!

Damn freak was last seen in with pink hair extensions and a flowery frill dress!


Kunniang Bapok keeps harassing me, offering me blow jobs!

Who wants a free blowjob just call Bapok Thomas Toh at 90992155 or email [email protected]

Beware of AIDS and other STD!


This reminds me of incident about 3 years back, saw on SammyBoyForum got local Polytechnic girl offer freelance massage, it was this number. So text to make arrangement for the girl to come over. Turned out to be this ah gua, Georgina, at my door. Insist that she is Polytechnic girl, when she already look 40s with the hideous make up, and the deep v shaped top. I told her I don’t want the service already. She was screaming and wailing that I cheated her of her feelings, time and money! Put money in her hands and ask her to F off! She still can act pitiful and after that have the damn cheek to message me why I cheat her of feelings! Limpeh obviously can tell a 18 year old real girl from a 40 year old wrinkly ah gua!

Sailor moon

DidymuzTT aka Thomas Toh aka Didymuz aka Crayon! This Bapok goes by many nick names in the various online forums and messaging platforms!

Got the contact from online platform Locanto advertisement for Tantric massage service provided by 25 year old local office lady known as LingLing that is freelancing as part time masseur. Went to the place at CCK, and was greeted by this cao ah gua, look 40s and dressing in sailor moon-like outfit. See already want to vomit kind. I thought she was the mummy, so went inside the flat to wait. Sailor moon said she preparing the place so I sit sofa to wait for Ling Ling to arrive. End up Ling Ling did not arrive, and the disgusting sailor moon said she was the one giving Tantric massage as Ling Ling not available! I felt scammed by all this shit and wanted to leave. Sailor Moon then started shouting and scolding me, saying I not man enough to try her! I ran as fast as I could from sailor moon. Sailor moon kept calling me on phone to come back, say she will get Ling Ling. But who dare to go back?

Gum Tree

Sick Bapok posts on many platforms like GumTree and Locanto offering her sensual massage as a young Polytechnic girl. When reach CCK flat, I realised it’s a shemale, she insist for me to try her sensual massage! KNN!


Saw number advertised on blowing winds forum for affordable housing in CCK. Arranged meet up and was greeted by an androgynous freak, Thomas Toh, at Blk 818, CCK Ave 1. The flat is a corner unit! This freak kept wanting to put the hands in my pants to take off my clothes, saying she want to check if I am clean as she prefer hygienic and cleanliness good habits individuals as tenant! You have been warned! She even kept asking if I was circumcised!


Advertised for outcall masssge, so I booked it one day after booking out from camp. When the masseur arrived, I got a shock. A trans named Pearlyn appears at my door and claims she is the one giving massage. I wanted to turn her down, but she insisted. Saying that I have to pay her double for no massage. I was scared that she will yell and scream to create drama at my block. So no choice! The so called massage was just a molest and she brought her lips to my tool without even asking for consent. Worst massage of my life for $100!

Peeping Thomas Toh

Pevertic shemale climbing to peep over toilet cubicles at CCK MRT! Pervert to the max! Still can give people her telephone number with offers for free massage after getting caught red handed! Disgusting ***scum!

Moaner Lisa

Bapok Thomas keeps calling others to moan! What’s with all the moaning sound?

Uncle Niang


This sissy Thomas Toh is more niang!

Gay Pride

For those who responded to this number 90992155 about a Polytechnic student selling her used bikini and undergarments.

You might want to read this about the Sissy Thomas Toh who admitted in public to cross dressing:


still think that it’s a polytechnic girl selling you her intimates? Good luck!

Let us know about 90992155

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