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Keep getting calls from this number which I don't recognise. They don't leave any message.


i have been called stupid man by the person on the phone and treated to be kicked because i would not want a life insurance. abusive and racist languages. someone should shut them down.


rung by this number 20/12/17. Anybody know who it is?


Hallo..whose call me


I want to know where this number is from


Yesterday this number calls me


I wasn't able to answer the call yesterday Nov.17. I was at work.


constantly ringing my number never leaves a message I do not answer.


i want to know whose calling at me?


My partner is calling me and the number 09172222222 appears on the screen of my phone.. I asked him why he is having a different number and he told me he is using the same number.. how could this be possible?


yea I'm not sure who this person is but she knows my name


they say call from hong leong bank. but i think is not.


Missed the call. When call back receive following auto-response. "The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again. Good bye."


hi, pls let me know by details of this 83579061. and who call me name of this number and details. thanks


at 4:29 am this morning, I got a call from this number, woman with accent, told me if, there was a refund coming to me, and if I did not listen, I was going to lose the refund. I told her to call me in decent hour and hung up.


who is this???


Many times repeated call allways from different call number.This is one of them


qui êtes vous


I received a miss call from this number. May i knw where you are calling from?


who call me




Who call me with this number 183330009...?


Just call me and thats all... can't call back...


I want to know if its company that I applied for a position

66977638 This site state its from Prudential.


Arees water pte ltd


Not sure of the owner of this number, would like to know before I call it back. Thanks


Running an extortion and exaction scheme: They have now pushed the rock up hill, and it soon it rolls back upon them. Once again Microsoft starts a business that is breaching the laws of Washington state. Specifically the anti trust laws and unfair competition laws that exist within Washington State. As well as Federal laws prohibiting extortion. How they breach the law: By constraining trade or commerce, specifically by not allowing running businesses to compete directly in the market that they and is now provided by "", they have constrained trade and commerce. They extort money from small business owners, and or attempt to do so through phone calls. In these conversations they detail how much "work" is available, then attempt to charge a fee and or fees to access these "jobs" without any evidence of their existence and with the threat of not being allowed access or to compete for these jobs. Otherwise the business they are contacting is directly disallowed from conducting business or even knowing where this "work" and or "jobs" are coming from, or from whom, in "'s" specific market place, unless the business entity or individual contacted pays the extortion fee. How its an extortion scheme: By charging a fee and or fees to enter into or compete in an existing market place that meets the legal requirement for extortion. For they are directly and or indirectly extorting funds from an entity or individual with the threat of non access or the direct or indirect destruction of that entity or individuals business, and thereby their lively hood. The threat is implied that you will not be successful, or as successful unless you pay the extortion fee. Extortion Term Def: "Exaction refers not only to extortion or the demanding and obtaining of something through force,[1] but additionally, in its formal definition, means the infliction of something such as pain and suffering or making somebody endure something unpleasant." In my case, poverty, no work, and currently, homelessness. But if I pay them the exaction or extortion fee, that will alleviate, some or all of those unpleasant things through success, as provided by The fee is such that I cannot pay it, so I will have to continue to endure the unpleasant, which is inflicted on me, by for not allowing me to compete in their market place without paying the extortion fee. Number that called me 206 900 0780 Professed connection to: HOMEADVISOR.COM Address: Corporate Office: HomeAdvisor, Inc. 14023 Denver West Parkway Bldg 64, Suite 200 Golden, Co 80401 Local: (303) 963-7200 Toll Free: (877) 947-3639 FAX: (303) 980-3003


Don't know who this is.


i just want to know if this is my ex's new number


bookseller Bill Bentone selling books on wine making, sounded drunk.


Scammers pretending to be from Microsoft.


Rung today - hung up before I could answer. Looks like a spoofed number as too many digits. No idea who it is - I have no contact with people/companies in Stafford. TPS registered so should not receive unsolicited calls. Blocked!


This number tried to call me at 1:47 pm today but I would like to know where is the call coming from?


Who called me


Whos number


Got a call from 8313751331 and I think some kid was playing with phone??


Just wanna know why this number doesn’t stop calling me


Number constantly ringing but hangs up and can't be called back


i got cal from this number,asking have been involved car accident last 2 years.


Just received a call from this number 68789091. Saying that I have a DBS Credit card


Who called me please from that number? Amazon or Cellular carrier?


Hi just wanna who’s calling me...


The owner of this phone number texted me several times with the intention of stealing personal information. Thank you.




no answer


DO NOT HIRE this man! Asked me for pictures of my children for a Spiderman and Elsa "cuddling party" in his basement, whatever that is, while I hired him to fix my laptop. STAY AWAY! Unstable and is fascinated by children.


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