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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

Keep this page updated, guys! ;-)

Tried to scam saying my computer was not protected and when questioned about there claim they hung up.
Message from Tricky, Today / 2015-07-02
Keeps calling no dial tone when i call back strange
Message from Bev, Today / 2015-07-02
This idiot called me few times, but when I called back it was cut off.
Message from Lim, Today / 2015-07-02
IVR message
Message from congo, Today / 2015-07-02
Message from abc, Today / 2015-07-02
i just received a mis call today July 2, 2015 4:10pm also from this no. 49692601220, i just wonder where did she/he get my number?
Message from let , Today / 2015-07-02
Message from surya, Today / 2015-07-02
Don't know
Message from daz, Today / 2015-07-02
Price Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCB Singapore.
Message from KungFuPanda, Today / 2015-07-02
kindly let me know the details
Message from uni, Today / 2015-07-02
Just want to know who is calling
Message from Nen, Today / 2015-07-02
who's is this number
Message from joe, Today / 2015-07-02
getting missed calls from this number
Message from avis, Today / 2015-07-02
I received this message also. Here is a video about you. It is so akward! Watch I clicked the link and it just takes you to a sign up of a website for people looking for casual ***. Clearly Spam so don't worry about it!
Message from Hadmegoing, Today / 2015-07-02
+21676489082 I got Miss call, Kindly check
Message from Gafoor, Today / 2015-07-02
What up
Message from Chao , Today / 2015-07-02
I am receiving miss call know and then regularly
Message from praveen, Today / 2015-07-02
been paying while abroad
Message from peter fox, Today / 2015-07-01
Several calls a day! becoming a nuisance. we are so used to the call now we ignore it and don't pick up.Never speaks, wonder if 'they' have rigged the call to charge our phone bill the moment we pick up.HATE Scammers.
Message from Tony, Today / 2015-07-01
2 more calls today while we were away :-(
Message from bd, Today / 2015-07-01
I know thats a girl
Message from Darren, Today / 2015-07-01
So fed up with these people calling.. If we all keep complaining..Block these nimbers....Please.
Message from VERY ANNOYED, Today / 2015-07-01
On 1 July 2015 I received a call from +85229809925. An Indian guy claiming to be from HSBC Hong Kong wanted to confirm my personal details. He knew my year of birth but wanted to verify my day and month of birth.  Hmm, an immediate red flag!  Didn't give him any info and suggested the bank can send me an email. Reading the posts on this forum it seems this has been going on for years, yet the police have not yet caught this Indian guy? Same number, same guy, same MO, same scam for years and no action from police?  How odd!
Message from Bob, Today / 2015-07-01
who called from this number --> 62288379
Message from Hey hey, Today / 2015-07-01
Received this call today morning. When answered there was no reply. Not sure who is calling...
Message from Elle, Today / 2015-07-01
check this No
Message from vinova, Today / 2015-07-01
i just want to check only
Message from ali, Today / 2015-07-01
Getting 2 to 3 calls a night from this number, shows as Marie Brighton. Have NO relationship with any survey company and they have no permission to call.
Message from annoyed , Today / 2015-07-01
It's a LEGIT number from the Maxis Technical Support Team.
Message from Mayanne, Today / 2015-07-01
Received a text from this number as follows:"Great news, 90% of Homeowners are eligible for fully funded solar through. Government Incentives. Reply YES for info or STOP to OptOut"
Message from Lisa, Today / 2015-07-01
Who called me
Message from Isaac, Today / 2015-07-01
I am continuously receiving calls from this number. intimate place and company from where this number belowng to
Message from sub salim khan, Today / 2015-07-01
Informed me that I will have a case for Fraud. Talked to Tiffany after calling and wanting a return address for information to be sent to them. She refused to give me information. Don't return call it is a scam call. called me from another number on Monday 440-658-3240.
Message from Don, Today / 2015-07-01
Message from me, Today / 2015-07-01
need the address associated with this phone no from uk
Message from Atul Kulkarni, Today / 2015-07-01
Called me from this number
Message from Rath, Today / 2015-07-01
Message from 1564, Today / 2015-07-01
I get about 4 - 5 phone calls a week from 02 8608 2280. They say they are from Australian Referral Service. I looked them up on the internet do not have a website so I became suspicious. They either have an Indian or American accent. When I tell them I am not interested in life or funeral insurance, they keep talking to me. How do I block their number? I have a Samsung Galaxy if that helps.
Message from Kristy, Today / 2015-07-01
wht u r number kiss ka hai ye numr
Message from sonu, Today / 2015-07-01
If u can block other numbers, yes then you can block this one.  I blocked it on my phone.
Message from Darlene, Today / 2015-07-01
He/she called me at 10:52 a.m. Just curious since the number is weird.
Message from Ja, Today / 2015-07-01
I have received two of the same phone calls today informing me to call for information on a case the IRS is filing against me.
Message from C H, Today / 2015-07-01
Prank texts
Message from Angela cooper, Today / 2015-07-01
spam calling
Message from jason, Today / 2015-07-01
Who rings at 6.40 am who do they think they are
Message from Russell, Today / 2015-07-01
They can call us from this number but after that they are not attending!!??
Message from Arshad, Today / 2015-07-01
I have no idea above mention number, but i got twic in a day get miss call,if you can help it find out this number ,much appreciate thanks.
Message from SABEEL, Today / 2015-07-01
4 rings, no msg. scum!
Message from bobbil, Today / 2015-07-01
Got a missed phone call with no voicemail, but I'm sure it's spam
Message from nick, Today / 2015-07-01
Called me early morning in France, twice. Silence at the end.
Message from KeithO, Today / 2015-07-01
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