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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Faked ID. Scumbags use real numbers like terrorists use innocents as human shields. Jail is too good for them. Don't answer it. Block the number. Report it, too!


Dirtbag spamming phisher. Has the morals of terrorist. When the Scumbag is not molesting children, he's recording your answers to create bogus contracts for you to fight in court. Never, never answer. Don't ever say Yes.


Who called me


242705721 Please let me know who is calling me from


gdgb bc dfg ads daa fdg


Thought so. Spam it is.


Faked ID - doesn't matter who's listed - these phone terrorists use phones like human shields


Calling about computer problems, really? Just give the passwords and you'll be set up for ransomware. Just don't answer. Report the numbers. The ID's are faked & phone companies don't care.


Spam/Fraud Potential: High Risk. Owner's name hidden by Switchboard for privacy reasons. Phishing for someone to anwer the phone, record your voice & sue you in court. Just for anwering a faked phone ID.


FCC caught Adrian Abramovich & they will catch this slob spammer too! Using Fake ID's against the law! I got your medical device right here. Notice how they never call on weekends or holidays? No OT or extra pay! HAHAHAHA! They'll get a lot of attention in prison.




Сообщение от МегаГуру от Пост_Товар с просьбой позвонить на этот номер телефона и назвать личный код


I got a call from this number about 5pm central time. The male told me his name and asked how are you. I said I don't know you. He said he was with the National Patrolman's Association. I told him I had read about his organization on the internet and that I was hanging up to not waste his time or mine. He replied, Okay.


you are being traced


Don't answer this number, but don't be mean to the spammers. After all, they don't have a good job with benefits. Personal hygiene & dental care is non-existent. The foot fungus and festering pus wounds keep socializing to a minimum. Can you imagine how you would feel if your family would not invite you to Thanksgiving or any holidays- even though you have them off!


He called me at 1 PM and he was asking me weird question... Like Who many People is on your house..


telemarketing from Cambodia very rude caller


Scammer. This jerk leads a sad life in his mother's dark basement. Even sadder is when he's not stealing & cheating, he's sitting on a park bench eyeing little children with bad intent.


They text and act like its me talkin to my girlfriend


Scammer will relieve you of ALL your finances. Soon FCC will catch him & he'll be Adrian Abramovich's jail wife. Call him Ben Dover anytime - he'll just smile!


Fake ID. Phishing spammer. Child ***ographer that likes to smell dirty under clothes.


ss what - FCC caught Adrian Abramovich & they will catch this slob spammer too! Fake ID's against the law! Answer & your voice can be recorded for scam medical services.


Indian/sub-continent scammer calling from a spoofed Los Angeles number claiming he was from the "Windows Security Desk." Seems like my computer was leaking information onto the internet and their web server alerted them so they could "help me secure my computer." Wanted me to open my "main page" and tell him what shortcuts I had. Then he would tell me where I could download a patch to save my valuable information. They get so angry when you screw with them waste their time and then call them out.


who's dis?


want to know who this is


Guess what - FCC caught Adrian Abramovich & they will catch this slob spammer too! Fake ID's against the law!


medical equipment or services scam - faked phone number - answer & you'll be in court denying your recorded voice didn't place an order


ID is faked. Phisher wants someone to anwer the phone.


Find this number


I got a call from this number n apparently the call was disconnected.I just want to know who's this..


Please who is billing my mobile from 700146514


calls and leaves no message


Called my private, no-call number. Won't answer - don't answer.


Phisher calls looking for someone to answer. Then your number is added to a robo-calling list. Or your voice is recorded tp use against you in court for scam contracts. Scumbags.


Scammer - phisher - general dung-eater. Don't answer this number. Liar & fraud. ID is Faked.


Phishing Spammer looking for someone to anwer the phone. ID is faked. Keeping talking and your voice can be recorded and you'll get "doctored" alright.


This number called me on 2 June @ 13 46 I am trying to get hold of him but not sure where his shop is


Called twice, no message


called, no message left.


I need to know about the number please


Caller ID = "SIGNATURE" which I did not recognize. After three rings I lifted phone off hook and said nothing. Caller remained silent. After 45 seconds of silence I placed phone in cradle.


Who call


who called from this number 04/28/2017


Scammer - phisher - general dung-eater. Don't answer this number. Liar & fraud.


I just want to know who called me


who called


Missed the call. When call back receive following auto-response. "The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again. Good bye."


Whose no. Is this (02)3049750