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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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whos this
Message from ro, Today / 2015-07-02
This number not only called. But texted me. They texted me "f--king c--sucker and stomp all over you b---h. I don't appreciate it.
Message from Sarah , Today / 2015-07-02
i have been added to one group by this no - +1225836849 and got the contact no +67570891401 and it was written CALL ME and this no was indicating tha name NEHA .
Message from q, Today / 2015-07-02
hottie and single ;)
Message from gg, Today / 2015-07-02
Message from DC, Today / 2015-07-02
Don't knw
Message from sam, Today / 2015-07-02
Message from vb, Today / 2015-07-02
i were added in a whatsapp group ang got this number with a massege call me
Message from zaid, Today / 2015-07-02
who is it?
Message from AdrMen, Today / 2015-07-02
Message from gans, Today / 2015-07-02
Two messages on whatsapp..and no reply
Message from dhanush, Today / 2015-07-02
Said they are some sort of complimentary education matching service I had signed up for.I have 2 master's & a Doctorate from legitimate accredited universities. I don't need" Life Experience"  diploma mill degrees.They did not day the company name or anything other than it was a recorded line, I'm in SC I record all my calls also.
Message from Christopher , Today / 2015-07-02
show who call me
Message from Lokanath Behera, Today / 2015-07-02
My ex
Message from god , Today / 2015-07-02
Missed calls
Message from Mina, Today / 2015-07-02
I have gotten the same. When I challenge them they hang up.
Message from Nancy, Today / 2015-07-02
Marketing company purporting to promote Govt Green energy dealI hung up to save the energy in my battery
Message from scotjan, Today / 2015-07-02
We need she's full details
Message from A Gopinaathan, Today / 2015-07-02
This company has been calling daily--sometimes 2-3 times a day!! Never answered, never leave a a voicemail.. Thanks to everyone for the info.
Message from Jc, Today / 2015-07-02
got call from 911409765215. just interested in knowing who?
Message from sambu, Today / 2015-07-02
This is VERY annoying. Got a call on my mobile from a local code but it is a spam accident claims chaser regarding an accident that I apparently had in the last 5 years. I didn't!Sounds of a call centre in the background and I thought it was a wind up by some work colleagues. I hung up and dialled the number back. An automated message stated it was AMS Nationwide Ltd and that they couldn't accept incoming calls
Message from Rob H , Today / 2015-07-02
said was estate agent number didnt check nout
Message from lightning, Today / 2015-07-02
hiiiiiiiii bhai
Message from rishabh, Today / 2015-07-02
Some company call me i m able to know the name of campany .
Message from shona, Today / 2015-07-02
who is this
Message from prasanth, Today / 2015-07-02
Who is calling from this number
Message from kgjk, Today / 2015-07-02
Got a missed call early in the morning from this number today
Message from Dan, Today / 2015-07-02
+46141250512 who called?
Message from Sam, Today / 2015-07-02
Tried to scam saying my computer was not protected and when questioned about there claim they hung up.
Message from Tricky, Today / 2015-07-02
Keeps calling no dial tone when i call back strange
Message from Bev, Today / 2015-07-02
This idiot called me few times, but when I called back it was cut off.
Message from Lim, Today / 2015-07-02
Cold call, rang off as I tried to answer.  Have blocked the number
Message from Colin, Today / 2015-07-02
If you have a look further down these comments to the one from T&m on the 22 May 2015 you will see the address details etc.Having had a look on Google Maps not sure if its correct but could be worth a try or even a visit if you're around there :-)They are a pain in the **** we have had calls every couple of hours for the last couple of days - I don't bother answering the land-line in the day any more i let them go to the answerphone!!or, if i do answer I usually ask if they could hold on a few minutes, and go and make a coffee, unfortunately, they've usually gone by the time i get back - ah, shame!!!
Message from Dave, Today / 2015-07-02
IVR message
Message from congo, Today / 2015-07-02
I get a call from this number most days.  Never answer it.
Message from Sarah, Today / 2015-07-02
Message from abc, Today / 2015-07-02
i just received a mis call today July 2, 2015 4:10pm also from this no. 49692601220, i just wonder where did she/he get my number?
Message from let , Today / 2015-07-02
Scam but how they get land line numbers i am ex directory, guy indian so i looked more into this BEWARE IT SEEMS THAT PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR TALK TALK HAVE BEEN STEELING CUSTOMERS DETAILS AND SELLING THEM TO THEIR INDIAN FRIENDS TO DO THESE SCAMS YOU BEEN WARNED...............
Message from m lewis, Today / 2015-07-02
Called twice today and cut off  - tried to ring back but after a few rings went to unattainable
Message from 116CLAY, Today / 2015-07-02
Selling ad space for school service directory.   Waste of time,  your number is now blacklisted.
Message from Ahdoncare, Today / 2015-07-02
Please could you find out who number this is,thanks
Message from Sharon hill, Today / 2015-07-02
We are having a farm which consists of 450 hectares, named as Labohem farm, it resided firmly between Trichardtsdal and Lekgalameetse nature reserves, in Limpopo province outside Tzaneen.
Message from velly Mahlo, Today / 2015-07-02
Called me just now 2nd July 2015 at 11.55 am I answered it , Hello.... nothing there then phone went dead.
Message from Annette, Today / 2015-07-02
she is a [***] and calling everyone asking for money
Message from jagat singh, Today / 2015-07-02
Answered phone to be told by a foreign lady 'goodbye' what was their point in calling? Fed up of these stupid pointless calls from this number.
Message from lynw, Today / 2015-07-02
If your a BT customer use this number to block unwanted calls 14258
Message from bd, Today / 2015-07-02
Message from Poopthiraja, Today / 2015-07-02
This week these losers are called money active. Spam and scam so do not answer and block if possible as total waste of time
Message from Paul, Today / 2015-07-02
Its Friends Life (Pension Provider) they left me a voice message to return their call, you need to clear security
Message from Matt Dawes, Today / 2015-07-02
Don't answer Or call this number. Its a trap to get your money. Just Block it.
Message from Angry, Today / 2015-07-02
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