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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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I need to know the name of this number
Message from Mahe, Today / 2015-07-07
Message from Pinky, Today / 2015-07-07
This is just a test.
Message from Sor, Today / 2015-07-07
just now i got a message from the same number
Message from nimo, Today / 2015-07-07
this number phone me 3 times already .wants us to answer questions ,I said who do you sell my details to he puts phone down nice people Nooottt. Just scammer looking for personal info on you
Message from Debs, Today / 2015-07-07
They call and you cannot understand the name and want to say its a personal matter they are calling about. It is annoying me.
Message from annoyed, Today / 2015-07-07
Doesnt know to who dia no belongs and can dey directly add the name and send the added hi msg on whatsapp ????
Message from raks, Today / 2015-07-07
call about tax fraud
Message from joe, Today / 2015-07-07
i want to know who's this number
Message from ken, Today / 2015-07-07
who is
Message from anil, Today / 2015-07-07
+67570891406 I also got msg in wats app today with this number is any 1 knw this it shows name as neha.
Message from satish, Today / 2015-07-07
Message from jf, Today / 2015-07-07
I got a call from this today and they asked my email id and all.. but i just gave them my email id. then i came to knw that its a spam call from hacker. so i need to knw who is that plz help me :(
Message from Param, Today / 2015-07-07
Message from yyy, Today / 2015-07-07
how are you?
Message from wao, Today / 2015-07-07
Hello, you sent me sms in +255762746864, how are you please?
Message from Deo, Today / 2015-07-07
when contacted no one answers
Message from rsr, Today / 2015-07-07
Anyone know this number , and why call me ?
Message from Aj, Today / 2015-07-07
I also got blink message from this number 52422999 every day
Message from Tamali Saha, Today / 2015-07-07
Message from JP, Today / 2015-07-07
I got call from this number also.. but there is no any response from other side
Message from mrutyunjay, Today / 2015-07-07
who is dis no
Message from krish, Today / 2015-07-07
I dont know never anybody picks up
Message from Satyanarayan Sridharan, Today / 2015-07-07
i want to know this number
Message from hatham, Today / 2015-07-07
This sucks
Message from Be.ny, Today / 2015-07-07
yet again on my mobile phone Scotcall Debt Collectors using a different number 0141 212 0520I wish they would stop ringing me.
Message from angieo, Today / 2015-07-07
I don't know who is that they sind me a video on what's up but I did not open it,it seems weird to me after they open a group no one just me and them
Message from tamim, Today / 2015-07-07
sick of this company calling leaves nothing and by mistake I pressed this number! it had just called
Message from Pat Watson, Today / 2015-07-07
even if they are genuine any company that is this "aggressive"  in trying to get your business doesn't deserve your money.
Message from tim, Today / 2015-07-07
Just had a mobile call from this number. Ignored also.
Message from MobytheVillan, Today / 2015-07-07
just trying to find out whos numbet this is
Message from amy, Today / 2015-07-07
Message from archana, Today / 2015-07-07
Called me yesterday asking if I offer "Freelance Videography" ... the conversation was a bit weird and could notice something strange going on. I said that I do not offer those services and then hung up.
Message from anonymous, Today / 2015-07-07
Guys,Hate to break it to you all but this number is 100% from NHS payments department.I have no idea where everyone else has got their weird explanations from but I actually answered the call and spoke to them.It's NHS. Not recruitment.What a mistaka to maka!! Mamma mia!
Message from Lorenzo, Today / 2015-07-07
Missed a call from this number, no voicemail left. Called back and got a busy signal.
Message from Ken Santarelli, Today / 2015-07-07
Constantly ring but when the phone is answered no one speaks .
Message from Wendy Newill, Today / 2015-07-07
dont know who this is can anyone tell me?
Message from Dan, Today / 2015-07-07
I've had several calls from this number, and the most recent ones have been a bit more than just touting for business.   Their opening gambit was to tell me they represented my existing electricity supplier (which they named correctly) and that I was due a refund.   They told me my meter reference number (as if to prove they were who they said they were), and part of my account number, which they asked me to confirm by reference to my bill.  I told them I didn't have a bill to hand but confirmed the information by reference to my contract letter.   They then asked me my contract end date, which I foolishly disclosed, and went on to start asking some other questions (eg amount of monthly spend) which I figured they should know, and also said something else which gave the game away, and I realised they were not who they claimed to be, so I hung up.   They were very persistent and kept phoning back until I made it very clear that they had been rumbled, but did not disclose what they had said to make me realise it was a scam.Anyway, this all seems a bit more sinister than some of the other calls people have had from this number.   I don't know what other information they were planning to harvest (bank details perhaps)  but I recommend anyone receiving a call from this number to hang up right away!
Message from Bob, Today / 2015-07-07
Called whilst I was out but left no messagenon answer machine.
Message from fedup, Today / 2015-07-07
Just had a call from this number - fax machine tones... So much for BT doing something about it 5 years ago...
Message from Richy B, Today / 2015-07-07
cold call today from person/s claiming to be from microsoft windows,indian accent wanting to take control of my computer ,do not give any information to these people its a scam big time
Message from mr jigsaw, Today / 2015-07-07
This Number is Rakesh Singh+919716534909
Message from Rakesh Singh, Today / 2015-07-07
Keep getting calls from this number, all the time, always hang up straight away and never leave a message. tried to call back and never get through.
Message from Horns , Today / 2015-07-07
027959000 may whos nos is this
Message from shy, Today / 2015-07-07
2 unwanted calls in an hour. Neither of which would leave a number or response on the ansafone. About time the Government got a grip & control of these cold callers
Message from Chrisrob, Today / 2015-07-07
Sounds like someone works for these so and so's, don't listen they can't just cut you off for not answering a phone call in fact they will find it very hard to cut you off at all!
Message from Dave, Today / 2015-07-07
I got a text message today from HMTC to do the payment which i wasnt   aware of it shall i contact and pay any suggestion
Message from Khalid, Today / 2015-07-07
i know the current location of dis number
Message from frend, Today / 2015-07-07
Phone call asking for Pamela Tompkins. I asked which department, scouse girl asked if I was Pamela Tompkins... I'm a man, with a baratone voice. I aksed which department she required again, I got cut off.
Message from Museum, Today / 2015-07-07
They claim to be the number of a Solicitors in High Street Bromley Kent too!
Message from Irene, Today / 2015-07-07
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