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Leicester Arse Bandit Kamran Qayyum Spinney Hills Fraudster. Said he and his gang would Butt Fuck me!! Total WankFace Kamran Qayyum Pathetic Fool. FAKE CHARITY.


I don't know who called


Called in the middle of the day saying if we didn't give them 600 for the electric bill ASAP the power would be disconnected in an hour. Needless to say it was baloney because the number was for a completely different state than the one the store is in.


I got call from this number?


This Colorado number calls me twice a day, several times a week.


This number calls me about 4 times a day. I'm not in when they ring & they don't leave a message on the answer machine.Anybody have any idea who they are? The area code seems to be Hull (UK).


to threaten me


I wanna know who me from this number. Thanks


Called me several times at awkward times . No messages ever left. Before I BLOCK them, does anyone know who calls?


This number is being used as a spoof number. The actual owner of the number had no clue how their number was showing up on my phone. I googled phone spoofing and apparently peoples numbers can be typed in before calling random people to run scams. This person is being harassed by angry people calling them back and scammers are using their number to harass people.


Call from Linda Jones. Says she is a debt collector and a judgement will be filed against me unless I settle debt today. Would not give me the contact information for whom they are collecting the debt for. Also would not provide me with any documents proving this is my debt. Says it would have to go to court for documents to be shown to me. Threatened that my taxes could be held. Just expected me to hand over my credit card information and pay.


Received a call from this number but could not call back .


I had a message from this number a week ago and just about 5 minutes ago I had a call but I could not hear what was this lady saying


I have received a phone call fro this number, but I was at work busy, and now when I call the number it sais..the number does not exist. This is wired and I wanted at least to know the country where the call comes from... Any info is helpful ! Thank you


Leaves this phone number to call via email. Claims to be Microsoft to troubleshoot a problem with computer. Asks for "credentials" to trick you into giving away account#s. clearly a PHISHING SCAM. DO NOT REPLY. To get rid of it, use Alt-Ctrl-Del to bring up Task Manager, and stop the process. Shut down.


The caller left a message at work and had my first name. They stated they were calling from the sheriff's office and I needed to call them asap. Thinking a family member had an accident I called. They stated I had not appeared for a Federal Grand Jury Trial and was going to be arrested unless I pay a fine. They told me they needed the money in two hours or I would be put in jail. I knew it was a scam so I played along. I told them I would come to the courthouse tonight to pay the fine and they said they would be there but I needed to pay over the phone. They then tried desparately to get my cell number. I told them I was going to call the local sheriff's office and they became very upset--HA!!. I called the sheriffs office on my other phone and they could hear the conversation. They immediately hung up. If you get a call from this line just hang up...Whatever you do do not call them back...It is based in Lynchburg VA but the Sheriff said the actual caller could be anywhere.


I called this number to get an estimate for a wood shake restoration. Some guy called me back yelling that I was sitting in his money being petty over a deflector, and yelling was putting a lien on my house


this number send me message but i hate that




hey bae


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We advertised with "Welcome to the Best" last year and it brought us ZERO business. They keep calling us and we've tried being polite and saying we're not interested. They keep calling insisting on talking to the owner and said things like "we don't take no for an answer". Now they called back and the manager said firmly "NO, we are not interested, stop calling here" and the sales guy who gave his name as Pete and he started calling our manager lots of swear words and got really angry because we don't want to advertise with them.


No massage


He's been threatening me and my wife even my mothers as well telling us that he will kills us and he's watching every movement we make


Over 40 calls a week from same woman from a different number trying to sell me a new boiler if I am on benefit which I am not !




Dont know who


I have been getting calls and texts from this number. I need to know where this is coming from?


16468786753 what number is this who call me


haven't stopped ringing my PREGNANT friend for about 2 days from early hours in the morning to late at night.. absolute JOKE!


this sick ***sent my son a text message


Jackie Harris 07712 854 425 Works at London bridge station. in charge of the office




who is this??


this stupid keep calling when i over sea




Please find this who called me


This unknown caller said that a family was kidnapped and to send them money.


who is this


No message left


Who is the caller of this nimber?


Whos this?


prudential recruitment


Who is this no calling me 027959000


no message left


Short of funds with Bank of America.


no caller ID, who calls me?