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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

Keep this page updated, guys! ;-)

If you callback it will play an adult/vulgar hindi story
Message from Beware, Today / 2015-01-31
Who are you
Message from gaurav, Today / 2015-01-31
1 "is you car still available". See also 447937985879
Message from David M, Today / 2015-01-31
Same email address,, different phone number +46731763695. "is you car still available?"
Message from David, Today / 2015-01-31
har lige fået et opkald fra det nr. men tog den ikke.
Message from stop med at ring, Today / 2015-01-31
Message from silly, Today / 2015-01-31
This number calls in the early hours then hangs up
Message from Kaz, Today / 2015-01-31
Message from BD, Today / 2015-01-31
how to read vesitors messages?
Message from nope, Today / 2015-01-31
sum irda company from delhi
Message from jecc, Today / 2015-01-31
Message from bilal, Today / 2015-01-31
who called me
Message from insh, Today / 2015-01-31
This no. Is from Estonia and the call is to check whether your. Cell is ok
Message from babulal bhoir dilhara jashne huzoor, Today / 2015-01-31
I have recived the same messege from and I answer!! I wish i had seen here before to do it!! What should I have to do now?? I can't use my email addrees any more?? thanks
Message from Lara, Today / 2015-01-31
want to know the number
Message from madhu, Today / 2015-01-31
let me know about the above no. please
Message from saad, Today / 2015-01-31
kya kar rahe ho
Message from raj, Today / 2015-01-31
Message from JOHN, Today / 2015-01-31
delhi ke chor log hai yeh, never pick up the call
Message from ha, Today / 2015-01-31
Message from sds, Today / 2015-01-31
whose number is this?
Message from qwerty, Today / 2015-01-30
get user name
Message from nick, Today / 2015-01-30
I received call from this no on 31.1.2015 at 09:40 AM, Strange that it is a missed call................. It seems that Someone is trying to hack the phone so i close my Data Connection
Message from Ravi, Today / 2015-01-30
hola me has llamado de este numero
Message from luz, Today / 2015-01-30
rcvd unsolicited call from this number
Message from tariq, Today / 2015-01-30
Message from itubebuddy, Today / 2015-01-30
Looks like a bot calling to test water. Those who responded and return call may receive spam and scams in due course. I wonder if we can lodge a complaint with telco. Looks like an office number at raffles place. What do you think?
Message from james, Today / 2015-01-30
Whos is this
Message from AJM, Today / 2015-01-30
An "Oliver Smith" with a thick Indian accent said I was selected for a $9k grant from the government, Health and Human Services Dept. I was instructed to call this number(202.657.5198) back and speak to their "Sr. Accountant". was such an obvious and lame scam!
Message from Integrity, Today / 2015-01-30
I want to know which country this call originated.
Message from jed, Today / 2015-01-30
I keep receiving calls from an organization that claims to be Microsoft Windows. They have very heavy accents and say that your computer has been hacked and if you don't perform certain updates to your computer (which they want to walk your through), your computer will stop working in 20-30 days. I asked them for a callback number and was given (206) 456-1147. When I told them that I work in IT and that what they were telling me didn't make sense, they hung up on me. Unfortunately I'm getting a least one call per day from them (so far 8 calls over the last week). If you have caller ID, the number will show as all 0000's or sometimes it will even show as your own number (don't know how they did that). The main thing is that caller ID never displays a valid number for them when they call. Does anyone know how to put a stop to these calls?
Message from Mark, Today / 2015-01-30
Someone called and left this number and they stated they were with the IRS and that if we did not return the call, we would be arrested for tax evasion. They also stated that this was not their first attempt to locate us. When we called the number back (the one that they told us to call) It turned out to be Magic Jack!!!! Their number did not appear on the caller ID and we were not home when the call came in so they left this message on the answering service. I knew it was probably hoax but some unsuspecting old lady might not and it could scare her into a heart attack if she didn't know what was going on!! They need to get a handle on caller ID and find these @#$#$# and there should be no such thing as a untraceable phone!!
Message from NanaMar, Today / 2015-01-30
Got a call today (1/30/2015) at 4:13pm EST. Not familiar with this number. Didn't pickup.
Message from AP, Today / 2015-01-30
Message from asdfsd, Today / 2015-01-30
Kept calling, no messages, called back and its a preferred promotional #. Says to press 1 to be removed from list. DID THAT!!! says it takes 72 hours... we will see.
Message from Tiff, Today / 2015-01-30
i got a sms 2015 01 31 about 2100h written from an american soldier. "i've a parcel for you. please email me" ????
Message from koebi, Today / 2015-01-30
who is the owner of this phoneline?
Message from jaltasa, Today / 2015-01-30
who called me from 403-992-2380
Message from de, Today / 2015-01-30
Fri p.m
Message from b, Today / 2015-01-30
answered but a strange call. Not a number known to us
Message from who called, Today / 2015-01-30
got rung today from an indian with 005744 in fron of this number. he said he was from talk talk wanting access to my computer as ive been hacked and he needs to fix it. i told him ive heard of a talk talk scam and didnt believe him so he laughed and said hes an indian scammer. he started to threaten me to do things to my computer and stuff if i didnt let him have access. i laughed, told him where to go in so many words and put the phone down
Message from haha1975, Today / 2015-01-30
I got a call from +22521791245 at 23:13 but there are no voice want to know who is calling??
Message from saurav, Today / 2015-01-30
Message from amy, Today / 2015-01-30
They called to send me some "free" products, they are a product testing group here in the US. However, the time delay is a full second or so If you ask a question. Then the switch you to a 888 number when googled is a Chinese dialing company. Ask them what country they are in and they will say thank you and hang up. EASIER TO NOT TAKE THE CALL.
Message from John, Today / 2015-01-30
Who is this from? Can't call it back it goes dead. Driving me mad now
Message from Am, Today / 2015-01-30
Message from ashi, Today / 2015-01-30
Have received several call from 212-265-3408 this morning, but no messages left.
Message from PB, Today / 2015-01-30
As soon as I picked up the phone, before I had a chance to say hello, the person said "Sorry, I will call you right back" - This is a scam to find out if she had a working number so that now my number can be "telemarketed" again. Unfortunately, Now I am on their list for many future calls.....sigh! I looked them up and the number 602-466-1132 belongs to Superior Air. I tried calling back and recording said that "This is a non working number. This might have been a Telemarketer using a spoofed legitimate businesses number but it might not actually be from Superior Air??
Message from Mel, Today / 2015-01-30
Message from 1122, Today / 2015-01-30
tai tep atsidekoji?
Message from kiestis , Today / 2015-01-30
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