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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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registered with TPS and ex directory yet recieving several calls from 08446480190 bank holiday monday 8pm!!!!! Nusance!!!
Message from jans, Today / 2015-08-31
whose numbr is this?call came at 0:45am
Message from siju, Today / 2015-08-31
left no message.
Message from Critts, Today / 2015-08-31
I missed a call from this number , I called back and tried to so nice and ask to know my nationality . It was then I realized they might be in for scam . I dropped the line then This person sucks !!!
Message from Eli, Today / 2015-08-31
i wanna know this phone no
Message from venk, Today / 2015-08-31
same here,.. must be some kind of a scam as i dont know anyone that goes by that name
Message from -, Today / 2015-08-31
asdawd asdawd
Message from jhune, Today / 2015-08-31
Message from ddfd, Today / 2015-08-31
may i know who are you
Message from viji, Today / 2015-08-31
I'm going to go with Penn Foster on this one too, although I have not answered. This is one of several unknown numbers that started calling after I filled out an interest form for classes @ Penn Foster
Message from Mel, Today / 2015-08-31
Hoax call!
Message from Mo Liu Yan, Today / 2015-08-31
who call
Message from gaurav, Today / 2015-08-31
SCAM. 844-539-9196 Call said I won $25,000 in a contest I entered over the past 18 months and to call back to claim my prize. Called and was told it was an automatic entry that was attached to my bank card from shopping at either Walmart, Home Depot, CVS... or .... the list went on. This info is not on file with my cell. total scam.
Message from LG, Today / 2015-08-31
3 more times
Message from ravi, Today / 2015-08-31
Need to know
Message from AAA, Today / 2015-08-31
Who's ringing me on this number
Message from Mary, Today / 2015-08-31
Message from nini, Today / 2015-08-31
Company trying to sell something
Message from Al, Today / 2015-08-31
Message from praveenlakra, Today / 2015-08-31
Calll me
Message from prav, Today / 2015-08-31
Message from Klaus, Today / 2015-08-31
how are you ???
Message from anass , Today / 2015-08-31
Let us know why and when ;). is a free reverse phone number lookup directory.
Message from vish, Today / 2015-08-31
got a call from that number today.How can they know my name,my phonenumber is not registratet anywhere.I am in Denmark
Message from olsen Denmark, Today / 2015-08-31
name of this number
Message from Z, Today / 2015-08-31
Message from xyz, Today / 2015-08-31
just need to know. nothing serious
Message from lenin, Today / 2015-08-31
this guy Harvey, called me and he knows alot aout my career (thats acceptable since i've shared my profile on many job sites) , but he knows alot about my colleagues and my boss and there names and where they work and how they left the company and many info, seems he have someone inside giving him all of that info. ?!!!! its weird, dont talk to him.
Message from Engineer, Today / 2015-08-31
called to me and asked if I was interested in a car. 31.08.2015
Message from Art, Today / 2015-08-31
Yea got that same message a few weeks ago... Should I react? No idea what it is. Haven't signed up for anything that I know of...
Message from Indu, Today / 2015-08-31
give me info
Message from bla bla bla, Today / 2015-08-31
who are u?
Message from raaj, Today / 2015-08-31
whoes no is this
Message from gulabo, Today / 2015-08-31
Message from 112, Today / 2015-08-31
Don't know who the number belong to but keeps ringing landline
Message from Susan, Today / 2015-08-31
How is this
Message from Mau, Today / 2015-08-31
This number called me at 3.20pm saying that there is a problem with my windows computer. For starters how do they know there is as problem and secondly I have a MAC laptop.Sounds like a scam to me. There should be a way to shut these idiots down. People who deal with virus systems get into them and hack the hell out of em...
Message from jane clarke, Today / 2015-08-31
Who are you ? what do you want ?
Message from Norway, Today / 2015-08-31
need to find out who this is that keeps calling my number
Message from Mary Joyce , Today / 2015-08-31
got a call from an 319 area code to call 240-324-6939 with threats about IRS
Message from icf, Today / 2015-08-31
This person is calling me constantly on my another number.
Message from shweta, Today / 2015-08-31
Keeps calling leaves no message. .don't know who it is.
Message from Wanda Wiggins, Today / 2015-08-31
I received an SMS with German text and a picture attached saying : Hello, haven't heard from you in a while. How are you? Beneath the picture it said: D
Message from Gabriele, Today / 2015-08-31
Received call Aug 29 at 1:32 PM went to voicemail - no message. Received second call Aug 30 1:17 PM, answered but did not say anything - they hung up.
Message from Ivan, Today / 2015-08-31
Called asking about the Windows computer at my premises. CBA to talk to them so I hung up.
Message from , Today / 2015-08-31
OK...just got a call from this number and laughed out loud when the girl told me it was something to do with a donation to "nuclear free URANIUM" or some kind of Uranium.It came up on my caller ID with the # and unavailable.  So glad I picked this one up.  Nice laugh to start my Monday!
Message from cc, Today / 2015-08-31
Someone is calling constantly
Message from Alex, Today / 2015-08-31
6 calls this morning. Just got home. Called back, doesnt ring. Who is this?
Message from Christine, Today / 2015-08-31
Called my cell phone. Mumbled a message and hung up.
Message from TylerPhone, Today / 2015-08-31
I am getting a missed call from this number. I tried to call back but the call is not getting through.
Message from Dubai Resident, Today / 2015-08-31
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