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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Who called
Message from mike, Today / 2015-07-28
somebody removed a video about you
Message from nick, Today / 2015-07-28
ive had a shit load of calls about my account with them its a scam if you get a call from them get hold of the MET FRAUD TEAM
Message from im mike, Today / 2015-07-28
Just call it back and ask to be removed from their list
Message from Doug, Today / 2015-07-28
Message from b, Today / 2015-07-28
Unsolicited call. Appears to threaten recipients with legal charges. Similar specific complaints for this number have been located on other reporting sites, through general Internet search. Aggressive network search brings up the following data, thus far (all searches have produced the following 411 Canada WhitePages entry): 613-907-6937 Alef Rev 604 Fraser Ave Ottawa, ON, K2A 2R5 Land line: service provider -- Allstream Inc. Landline in Ottawa, ON
Message from Annoyed and Aware, Today / 2015-07-28
Seems to be soctia bank, even though I called them and declined the offer I am still missing calls from them.
Message from AyYoh, Today / 2015-07-28
Message from Rimusia, Today / 2015-07-28
It was a recording saying, THIS IS YOUR LAST CALL - WE HAVE TRIED TO REACH YOU - THIS IS THE IRS.......... at which point I slammed down the phone. Scam= we have NO problems with the IRS! the caller ID said from CLARKSTON WA the phone was 5098-295-6809. the voice was of a very stern sounding woman
Message from pat, Today / 2015-07-28
Got a call sent it to my Voicemail. Message was from what sounded like a call center but no actual message.
Message from Sarah, Today / 2015-07-28
Who is called me ? I want to know this .......... This is quite serious
Message from Ashu, Today / 2015-07-28
I would like to know who called me from this number +67570890343 to my number +27784422956 pls
Message from Alexander, Today / 2015-07-28
Never leaves a message.
Message from dabirds, Today / 2015-07-28
I have no idea why this person called. I got the call 7-27-15 around 11 a.m.
Message from Yvette, Today / 2015-07-28
Who call my cosin
Message from skilly, Today / 2015-07-28
Who are you?
Message from bud, Today / 2015-07-28
Who's this
Message from Nick, Today / 2015-07-28
3 times in the last 10 mins
Message from Rach, Today / 2015-07-28
Message from Rico, Today / 2015-07-28
who is this
Message from dsaefv , Today / 2015-07-28
Getting missed callss
Message from Suresh, Today / 2015-07-28
This number, 916-662-1726, called my cell phone and didn't leave a message.
Message from KingLearJet, Today / 2015-07-28
This phone number may be part of a scam operation. Please be careful.
Message from Investigator Schofield, Denton County SO, Today / 2015-07-28
Take me off your call list
Message from 7203862820, Today / 2015-07-28
Spam/Prank call. Randomly calls and lets phone ring once then hangs up.
Message from Cindy, Today / 2015-07-28
Left on my answering machine from this number: Claims they're IRS. Claims they're filing lawsuit. Says to call back if I want more info. I don't want any more.
Message from Linny, Today / 2015-07-28
Hi gud eve called me yesterday ..may I know who your are ..just send your message to my email ..tnx .."
Message from ana, Today / 2015-07-28
Who is this.
Message from Bruh. , Today / 2015-07-28
Is it pepsodent ?
Message from ps, Today / 2015-07-28
They call my number several times a day. They never leave a message. Even called on Sunday.
Message from Tony, Today / 2015-07-28
who are you
Message from ram, Today / 2015-07-28
Phishing call trying to get access to my computer.Strung her along for a bit. Hadn't even got the computer turned on.When I asked for the company contact details she wasn't forthcoming.Told her I was a computer systems engineer so she hung up.
Message from kevin, Today / 2015-07-28
Just received the same number +60367302138 and same response. It call ended.
Message from Lisa, Today / 2015-07-28
Message from kris, Today / 2015-07-28
keep calling without speaking
Message from YY, Today / 2015-07-28
Who called me with this number?
Message from wtk, Today / 2015-07-28
Called twice in a week for a survey and cruise trip
Message from Don't Call Me Again, Today / 2015-07-28
Message from Fi, Today / 2015-07-28
Keeps ringing and does not leave message
Message from , Today / 2015-07-28
I received a call yesterday and they left a message saying it is IRS and someone had filed s legal case against me. The man actually said "me" not "you" improper English. He has a Jamaican accent. He said I urge you to call me back we will need to forcefully bring this to courthouse so before we do that call us back. a SCAM!!
Message from Ann, Today / 2015-07-28
Maybe my last answer was a bit harsh on reflection.  If a genuine charity  we should give to it hurts.You never know what happens in the future, and one day we all might need a little charity.?
Message from Jeeves, Today / 2015-07-28
Just received a call from this number. Ignored it and no message left. So suspect it a cold caller again. Someone must have sold my details to someone fed up with these kind of calls
Message from Stelly, Today / 2015-07-28
Just received 2 calls from this number. The guy says his name is Steve Martin and he is on a speaker phone. Offers some kind of help with the Treasury Department being after me. I don't have any debt problems so I'm sure it's a scam.
Message from lydster, Today / 2015-07-28
Same thing just like that
Message from Maddie, Today / 2015-07-28
Next level funding. Trying to get me to sign up for a loan.
Message from Tim the grumpy one., Today / 2015-07-28
They said there's a warrant out for my arrest due to fraud and he said in a thick accent he is from special investigations with CRA can anyone tell me if this is legit
Message from Fine gent, Today / 2015-07-28
Sent text " can I call you later"
Message from Dave, Today / 2015-07-28
they call me tell me they want to speak to me about a personal account then put me on hold GO TO HELL YOU BUNCH OF LOSERS
Message from robin , Today / 2015-07-28
Ppi call
Message from tom, Today / 2015-07-28
Find out this number
Message from Ramesh, Today / 2015-07-28
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