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Today even I got a call from a girl name Forum Chotaliya She explained me about the trade in brief and I was suppose to sign up with USD 200 however my Near and dear ones did not allow me to do so. Because all of them felt that this was a fake one Anyway finally I did not sign Abdul How much amount did you sign up with didn't they give you bonus of your sign up amount ie if you sign up with USD the company rep said she will deposit additional of USD 200 and my balance will be USD 400. and after 2 days or so I can with draw my initial amount of USD 200 Guys let me know if any one has any good experience on this one


Who is this 0037066320334


Claimed they were from BT, asked for someone's name, I said they had the wrong number, they tried to ask about 'my husband called David' - I re-iterated they had the wrong number and I didn't have a husband. They hung up. Didn't speak clearly and came across very rude.


Offers "credit relief" but began message by saying they had monitored my credit for 6 months. Scary! Name of company was garbled. When I stayed online past the recorded message to find out the full company name, they hung up on me.


This number has been calling me twice. Please tell me why. Thanks


this number keeps calling me


I'm receiving calls from this number


i got freequently call from this no? who called me?


Tried to call back, kept telling me all circuits were busy.   Really wanted to give them a going over. Lol


Me too, exactly the same.


It's "Citizens United"


Have called me everyday this week.


This number keep on calling not sure what it's for says British Colombia when I call back it's ers Canada


There were typos and grammatical errors in message too...scammers don't know how to spell


A complaint has been filed against me. Next step my local courthouse will be informed.


call and do not leave a message so I called back from a different number and it is a chopped up voicemail about a survey


Got several calls from this number that I didn't answer.


Called cell phone 6/24/16  11:30.  No message.  Now Blocked!


Calls but no one there whwen answered.Obviously one of the "we're not selling anything calls" or whatever.If they can't speak then they've got nothing to say!!


they left 2 messages saying I was going to go to jail if I didn't call back within 2 hrs. of hearing "this message".


Have been called 3 times a day by this number getting fed up with them


Telephone number used as a contact for a scam by call to Senegal


Matthew from National Applications phoned twice now and said


Automated PPI claim message yet again, all seem to be coming from the same call center in Garstang, Preston.


got a call from this no. no voice msg left.




Received call from this number at 7:36 AM!! Recorded message gives phone number then says he is James Anderson from the IRS. We have no issues with the IRS, so I know this is a scam. I am pretty sure the IRS uses the USPS to relay information, not a poorly recorded message before 8:00 AM.


My mother almost fell for this scam. Thank god I searched the number and saw all these complaints. The guy had a Indian accent and was saying he was going to send the rcmp to arrest my mother with no information sent out to her previously! All about tax information. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED!!! So easily people fall for this everyday and their lives are ruined.


I noticed this morning that on my list of wireless networks available this exact phone number was listed... 4815162342I am very confused by it as i have never seen it before


Typo on phone, meant PREAPPROVED Payday loan scammer ^^^^^


He said his name was Robert Norton a law firm.


Me too! Did you figure out who it was?


Received a call from this number.


Can I know who called me with this number ?


They called at 7:30AM. I answered screaming and cussing.


They keep calling me saying the police is going to br at my house in 30 mins to aresst me


Has called my mobile. No message.


Asking about ED and medication.


I don't answer calls I don't recognize the number, but they constantly call and never leaves msg.


People claimed that I was looking for an "auto" loan or I was looking for a "rent to own" home. I've never inquired about either one.


Just received a call from that number 1-888-817-6857.  Called the number back and spoke to someone did not get her name.  I asked what's the name of the company and she said FFA.  I asked what does those initials stand for and she refused to say and said they are a silent company.  I advised this is a scam and I have reported them to the FBI and she became very irate.   This is 100% a scam.


This number called me and there was no voice just a clicking noise it was weird.


Said I'd reported an accident which I hadn't. Got very rude. Hate these type of calls must be something we can do about them surely.


Called while I was on the phone. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize. Sent it to voicemail but no message left.


This number calls regularly and says it is uk consumer research


I do not know who is calling you Christina, but I can recommend peppermint tea for your stress - it has some wonderfully calming properties!


I got message with my name to my number to call in this number 00881942011105




Calls before 9am, no message left


I missed all the calls from this number. please call me again, or confirm whose call me.