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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

Keep this page updated, guys! ;-)

All I see is just that we are all sharing our experiences and the situational contexts. Does anyone actually know what to do to stop this? Otherwise we'll be venting our anger all day.
Message from walter, Today / 2014-09-18
Number keeps ringing me and doesn't answer when I call back
Message from Flo, Today / 2014-09-18
called left no message
Message from paz, Today / 2014-09-18
Call from Scranton, Pa........Credit card. Hung up.........
Message from Darlene, Today / 2014-09-18
Car crash chasers ..."Hello Mr ....(They know my full name!) we would like to talk to you about a recent car accident you had...." I put the phone down... I haven't had a car crash
Message from Humph, Today / 2014-09-18
Bryan McKay calling to speak to the owner of my contracting company to discuss our OSHA compliance.
Message from DR, Today / 2014-09-18
Same Message saying  are you NRI  we are calling from Treasury department of US , you did't pay one type of tax in 2008, you will be arrested in 24 hrs ,.
Message from Prabha, Today / 2014-09-18
A debt collector for doctor bills
Message from Lawrence, Today / 2014-09-18
Thanks for sharing the info. I got the call as well ) Took me 3 times to understand the message)
Message from Alex, Today / 2014-09-18
Who is this?!
Message from Predrag, Today / 2014-09-18
I've just had a call at 8.30 pm in the evening, on 18th September. It's a marketing call, and yet I am registered with TPS. I shouldn't be getting any call like this.
Message from Nigel cornwell, Today / 2014-09-18
calls never a mesaage
Message from fred upp, Today / 2014-09-18
I received a message for this number your mobile number was granted $450,000,00 USD in ongoing UK telecom 2014 promo. To receive send your name, age and mobile number dear friend plz guide me what does this message mean? it is a true or fake message?
Message from asif, Today / 2014-09-18
This number called yesterday without leaving a message. Apparently it was from Louisiana USA.
Message from JK, Today / 2014-09-18
Recorded message of woman speaking very quickly in Slavic type language, NOT Spanish. Reported to Do Not Call center. *Warning! Don't call back this sort of thing, or they put you on a Hot List, share it, and repeatedly call you!
Message from SpamBusters, Today / 2014-09-18
I have been getting calls to my workplace from this telephone number constantly for the past two weeks, someone calls and then they rudely hang up, it appears that this number is linked to Netherlands and it wouldn't surprise me if it was amateur sales, it is however very irritating when you're trying to work, since they just hang up like neanderthals perhaps the idea is that we call back in curiosity and are charged a ridiculous rate? Just a thought.
Message from StarE1, Today / 2014-09-18
Every day get miss call from thisnumber
Message from cn, Today / 2014-09-18
Same here received call 2 days ago. Says: they are Georgia's Fraternal Police Order; "Can we count on you to donated $45 or $50". After there long and fast speech. Though, I did find it strange they keep repeating the "can we count on..." part...
Message from John, Today / 2014-09-18
Dangerous, gives you a signal and waits to call back, at high cost...
Message from buuu, Today / 2014-09-18
this number keeps calling us, and then hang up as soon as we answer it. had someone trying the microsoft scan here too a couple weeks ago, not sure if it was the same number its just getting annoying getting called 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks in a row allready!
Message from nl, Today / 2014-09-18
Message from thru, Today / 2014-09-18
Answered, said I could give any info, the director isn't hear. Told the fellow that I couldn't give a name as I didn't know who he (the caller) was. Caller answered with "oh shut up" and put the phone down. Made me chuckle at least.
Message from Rams, Today / 2014-09-18
Dont know who they are didn't leave a message
Message from shae, Today / 2014-09-18
Message from cyberking, Today / 2014-09-18
I got a missed call and want to find out who make the call. thanks
Message from Jin, Today / 2014-09-18
Had a call - very obviously from India, caller spoke with a heavy Indian accent - claiming to be from Microsoft. I simply hung up.
Message from Peter, Today / 2014-09-18
i love me
Message from john, Today / 2014-09-18
No one at other end then hung up
Message from Sheila, Today / 2014-09-18
fuck off to all of you
Message from chris bailey , Today / 2014-09-18
Let us know the num details
Message from shij, Today / 2014-09-18
Playing games on the phone
Message from jen, Today / 2014-09-18
Message from ffg, Today / 2014-09-18
let me know
Message from michael, Today / 2014-09-18
I don't know who is this
Message from Ana, Today / 2014-09-18
who does it belong too
Message from michael, Today / 2014-09-18
Message from huzaifa, Today / 2014-09-18
just received another call from this number claiming to be from windows regarding my computer - scammers at it again I have told them to remove my number from there calling data base on numerous occations but they either call back on this number or on a withheld number. sick to death of them now
Message from jac, Today / 2014-09-18
Message from kashish, Today / 2014-09-18
Please check this number as the same number calling and said they are from Etisalat, when I call back suppose to answer Etisalat..Maybe this is a scam number...Please find the address of this telephone 043119444
Message from Mara, Today / 2014-09-18
No calls so far. Grievance cell must have done things right.
Message from Isaac Barnes, Today / 2014-09-18
let me know about this number. is it belongs to raeford university?
Message from jhila , Today / 2014-09-18
Who has this number
Message from dave, Today / 2014-09-18
even I got call from this number yesterday. Didn't say anything and disconnected.
Message from g , Today / 2014-09-18
Message from harsh, Today / 2014-09-18
I think Simply Outbound finally took me off their calling list.
Message from Eloise Hayes, Today / 2014-09-18
Message from ukn, Today / 2014-09-18
Is this a company? or what!?
Message from Grr, Yesterday / 2014-09-18
Missed call fromt this number. i believe its fake call
Message from wal, Yesterday / 2014-09-18
Message from moon, Yesterday / 2014-09-18
wanted to know if the person called me for my services or for something else
Message from Ameet, Yesterday / 2014-09-18
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