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Phishing Spammer looking for someone to anwer the phone. ID is faked. Keeping talking and your voice can be recorded and you'll get "doctored" alright.


This number called me on 2 June @ 13 46 I am trying to get hold of him but not sure where his shop is


Called twice, no message


called, no message left.


I need to know about the number please


Caller ID = "SIGNATURE" which I did not recognize. After three rings I lifted phone off hook and said nothing. Caller remained silent. After 45 seconds of silence I placed phone in cradle.


Who call


who called from this number 04/28/2017


Scammer - phisher - general dung-eater. Don't answer this number. Liar & fraud.


I just want to know who called me


who called


Missed the call. When call back receive following auto-response. "The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again. Good bye."


Find owner


Just want to know!


Spammer leaves no message. Phisher expects someone to answer. This dirtbag just changes numbers. Owner's name hidden by Switchboard for privacy reasons Do Not Answer - Just Block It - Please register a comment & tell your friends.


got a call about a parking ticket at 10.30 at night threatening that if i didnt pay it it will go up to 400. the ticket was in 2011!


Keeps ringing


Who call me from this nr 00546420114319


Keep calling me


I would like to see who called me, there was no name with the number and when I called the number the woman did not know anything.


robo call to lower your interest rate


Getting calls and texts from this number


I'm only marking this number as unsafe because it's obviously been spoofed by another one of those scamming bottom-dwellers, who are trying to scam you out of your money. I don't know anyone with this number, and lately (since about the first of the year, actually) I have been getting several phone calls a day from numbers which are extremely close to my own smartphone number. I believe that they are trying to lull you into a false sense of security by spoofing numbers very close to your own number, in order for you to pick up your phone and answer it. I never do, because I only know ONE person who has a number close to my own, and that is my HUSBAND, and we planned it that way on purpose! Besides, when he calls me on my phone, his name with his number comes up on my caller ID! Nobody else's name comes up with any of these others because I don't KNOW them, so I don't answer their calls. Plus, they never leave a message. So, as far as I'm concerned, they are spoofing, and are criminals. If YOU don't know them, they are still criminals, and are spoofing that number. The REAL owner of the number will likely never see this message, but if it happens that you do, tell us about it! Then go report it to the State Attorney General's office, where they have a form to fill out online to report these scum-sucking bottom-dwellers.


called, left no message, am wondering if it is telemarketing?


Unknown Number


Caller called and refused to identify. Spam Call. Recommend you block this number.


I received a phone call from this number about my computer


Robo call selling extended car warranties.


this number keep calling me an I do not know who they are,


Rang me about 10 minutes ago, kept ringing as my phone was on charge, my husband answered the call and nobody there. Could have hung up then. Don't answer unknown numbers.


Almond called twice today, caliming to be a consultant selling electricity. Further claims that his call was not a marketing call, yeah right... Becoming a nucence.


Lousy low-life phisher looking to scam anyone who answers. Don't answer it or you can can a recording of your voice played in a real Court of Law. Spam/Fraud Potential: High Risk, Land Line, Texas City, TX exchange 908 is managed by SOUTHWESTERN BELL - TX. currently on switch number TXCYTXLMDS1


Phishing Spammer looking for someone to anwer the phone. ID is faked. Don't answer it or you can can a recording of your voice played in a real Court of Law. Exchange 223 is managed by CHOICE ONE COMMUNICATIONS, INC. The number is currently on switch number ALTWPACYDS


Phishing Spammer looking for someone to anwer the phone. The number reports as real, but caller uses robo-dialer - such charity! Don't answer it or you can can a recording of your voice played in a real Court of Law.


Who is this


I wanna know who is the one who called me.


Received a call just now. Would like to know what company it's from


who is this


Salam Baby


Who numr dis is ?


hangup probably telemarketer


I do not answer but they keep calling.


Robo voicemail offering 75% off stay at properties in Orlando and Ft Lauderdale, plus a free cruise. Robo woman gave the spiel to my voicemail, then said before she transferred me to a booking agent, she needed to ask me a few questions to see if I qualify. "OK? I'm sorry, I didn't get that. I just need to ask you a few qualifying questions. Will that be OK?" She asked one final time if that would be "OK?" These are scams where they record your voice saying "OK" and agreeing to something. Then they scam you by billing something to you or your phone. If you complain, they have a recording of you giving your "OK". A variation on this theme is a robo call asking "Can you hear me OK?" Then they record you saying "Yes" and use that recording the same as above.


Rang at 7.05pm Tues. 20.06.17. Cut off when answerphone started


This number called me 3 times today and 2 or 3 times on other days.


This fart-bag phisher wants you to answer and will have your number for future robocalls. Maybe he'll be nice enough to record your voice & sign you up for a scam contract that you'll have to fight in REAL court. Please tell your friends. Owner's name hidden by Switchboard for privacy reasons based in Houston, TX. Mobile - Verizon Wireless


Someone (namely nikhil patel) from this number continuously threatening via FB or other social media networks, to us all family since long... Can anybody or govt Organization trace him & capture the culprit plz...