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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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no message - called on a Sunday


numerous calls from this number. no answer when i pick up. very angry about this!!!


called 3 different times 3 different days. didn't leave a message


called for survey 3 different times in the last hour starting at 7 am. on a sunday wanting to know who we voted for.


It is a report of a misdirected SMS text showing the message content.


Some just call the same thing they said the same thing. This is a prank call..


Someone keeps calling my cell number. They have called numerous times day after day and without leaving any voicemails!


This number call everyday , might need to find a way to stop it. Aliens will punish them in the near future , even you drive into their Parking , then out soon , and you still in the car ( not going out from the car )  , they still took a picture and give you a mailed ticket. These guys are bandit . God and aliens ( that to come in this Fall as Bashar said )  will punish them soon . Don't be scared . The life is hard , house and rent are expensive . ICBC sold our privacy to them ( I remember every privacy valued only $5 bucks ) , so these bandit know your tel # and address , we are sold and betrayed .


Called 2-3 times a day. No message.Blocked this number


i received sms from which location and sender details


We got the same message saying IRS is filing a lawsuit.  Thanks to others who posted so we can ignore the crackpot!  :)  Have a good day!


Simcard anda berjaya menangi hadiah cabutan Bertrand


dtermine this number


The number is one digit too long to be genuine.


Very helpful; thank you.


whose phone call was ot


Numero desconocido


some one calls me with this phone number ,dosent answers me ,


I like to know owner of this number. I received several calls from this number since Jan'16. I just received their call again a while ago I did not want to answer call that I don't know the source. Thank you. May


Who is that persion?


who own this number ?


who called me


Scammers who take your money without your knowledge or permission, Premium Charges to mobile accounts post or prepaid. I have contacted Optus who advised me the charges where from Digital Turbine so I did some research to find this info. level 2/221 Miller St North Sydney 2060 Ph.0299258888 After some more research I found that they are also known as Mirror Image Access (Australia) Pty Ltd and they are some dodgy Telco who Offer "Premium Support" and still have a phone number but website has been taken down. Mirror Image Access (Australia) Pty Ltd PH# 1300724406


They call repeatedly and never leave a message nor do they anwser when I call back. What's up with that?


I want to know who is this


Call in


I just called and was walking through some of the steps. I went up to holding Windows keys and R and typing in something like www.    Sbwwrsupport. .me. Until I tried to ask more about the company. The man had what sounded like a strong Indian accent and kept insisting it was safe and that he was "from the technology department at Microsoft". When I asked him about what running the program would do, he said that yes- it would let him do things on my computer to "make sure it's safe". When I commented on all the internet scams and such, he said "yes yes, lots of scams nowadays, but this is safe, I assure you" Since I didn't plan on running that site (and I don't think I had it right with his accent and the background noise) I decided to confront him and said I didn't think it was safe. He kept saying it was safe but quickly gave up and said if I was worried I could just hang up. I told him I'd just go to a Microsoft store in my town so I could see it all (he didn't correct me on how there aren't really 'stores', just things like Best Buy) and wished him a good day. So yes, I'm quite sure it's a scam- you shouldn't run the program.


they left a message and said that they are filling a law suit agains us...


Agreed and thanks


Caller ID: Palumbo S; no message=scammer


Same as above; no message=scammer


this number calls me all day everyday2026342315 and no one is on the line. Today I had 22 calls since 10am


I received the same call. Thinking to report it to the police department.


Call from "New York" pushing free cell phones.


Me han llamado y cuelgan es todo fastidioso


Got a call this evening, sounded like a crowded room,


same experience for me - would not say which company and who they are. I suspect they are fraud.


They keep calling. It's not a number we know so we don't answer, but they never leave a message. Added them to our blocked numbers.


Calling every day. No answer


'Mark' rang at 0853 this morning asking for my husband.


Gotta call from here on Saturday afternoon. No message. Odd since I just got this number.


Called twice in one day with robo call IRS lawsuit threat.


Quisisese saber quien me llamo


It's a Birmingham area code. That's all I know.


This is a scam call -- AVOID!


wish I knew how to block it on cell


No answer upon answering call.


got a random call from this number.


The number is correct because they rang me too but I ignored because I didn't recognised it & just knew it would be dodgy!