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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Got a call from this number it was a message saying we have a caller for you please hold the line while we connect you ....then you get we are still trying to connect you




I had a call from this number late yesterday afternoon. When I rang it back, I recognised the voice as that which Lloyds Bank uses for its phone menus and heard that a member of staff at my local branch had called me. Shortly afterwards, I missed a call to my mobile from a cashier at the local branch who left a message telling me she'd made a mistake when I went into the branch earlier in the day and asking me to go back today when the mistake would be rectified. I've no doubt this was not a scam, simply a way for Lloyds to let me know that someone had tried to contact me, as was indeed the case.


This is from their customer service department. I have used them before and they are a reputable company. They were calling me as I had something I needed to talk to them about. After three or four attempts to get through to me they left a message. Might be better if they left a message straight away. The call type box below doesn't have an option genuine caller or something similar


I received this phone number more than 10 times a day. But I did answer.


It's from hong leong assurance..


Wanna know the details of 01718613658


Harrassing an threatening texts


Got a call, no voicemail.


I live in Maine...called at 925 pm, didn't pick up, no voicemail left.


Leaves message to call or be prosecuted for up to 10000 dollars.


What company does this phone number belong to.


It is annoying autoglass calls... just block the number


Called at 730 in the morning, woke me up, left to voicemail. Probably one of those "warranty is about to expire" things. Blocked.


Rings, I answer, a robotic voice: "Good bye" and disconnects.


This is an ADP number for payroll


Scammer, wanting donation for some state trooper association.




rang and got my answer machine. left a crackly automated message about being from tax revenue office. advised me to call a certain number - time sensitive (indecipherable due to crackles) to avoid legal action being taken against me. beware!


Hey. I just received a call for that number is a SCAM


Its donation collections for a very good cause but the woman on the other end just would not let me speak. She just wanted to go through her speech repeatedly mentioning $40. We regularly give to this charity but if I was a potential new donor this woman would make me send my money elsewhere. The phone campaign is being run by an outside agency and the CLF are already aware of problems.


Asked if I could hear him? Not thinking said yes I can he hung up.


Scammers from Jamaica. They use a MagicJack with a WA number. We are tracking them. 45 people we arrested last year, but other groups continue with this scam. It is a matter of time for them to get caught as well. Authorities in that country are cooperating. Tell them to call Santa Claus and give them this number....1.800.767.2825 (FinCEN)


Telemarketer relentless


I got a call from this number and as soon as I answered the call dropped. I called right back, but supposedly the. Umber doesn't exist. It's shady.


I am receiving calls from this number multiply times a week and they do not leave a message.


Calls 4x a day for the past 5 days.   No answer


Calls--leaves no message


turds keep calling, no messages


calls every other day , don't leave a message


Said they were Vodafone but were not!


Called me also. (July 12)  Left no msg.  Called on my cell phone, which I only use for emergency.  Only abt. 10 people have this number, so how did this thing get it.


I did a reject, then checked the number, glad I did just a got another call. From what I have seen it is cold calling going on the block list. 0191389, and the last four principal numbers are part of a cloud, they do not leave message, but who ever they are they have a lot of number's see "WhoCallsMe" ?Reverse phone directory


Ja und der Rene Gutperle ist da ja auch gut dabei. Kann man ja nix gescheistes erwarten, egal was der bis jetzt angefangen hat ist immer pleite gegangen. Dann musste immer der Papi Werner Gutperle kommen und die Rechnungen zahlen.


Received call for a survey company soliciting information about personal and company information, claim to call on behalf of CE technologies


Do not ring me. Remove me from your database. According to law it's illegal for you to keep contacting me.


Scam call, ?claims to be from Virgin Media - had a similar call about 50 times in the last few months from various numbers.


This number called claiming to be from the "British Energy Council" saying that my energy company is overcharging me. I hung up when they couldn't confirm the energy company I use.They called back 20 mins later on the same number this time claiming to be from the "UK Energy Council" calling about an overcharging complaint that had been made against my energy supplier but again they failed to confirm my energy supplier.I googled them to find out they don't exist (no surprise). It is in fact a scam that has been going since 2013.I reported them to the ICO and I suggest others do the same. Vunerable people could easily be taken in my the official sounding names they use.


Indian accents, purporting to be ringing from "BT Support" about my computer. I terminated the call immediately.


constant ringing during the day now blocked on my mobile


They called my work phone, which is government property. Wish we could nail them.


didnt answer as i dont recognise or know the number..there wouldve been a voice msg left if it was urgent/important...


wanna know who calls me


I got a normal call from the University of Birmingham to Sweden showing this number. It seems that when they use their ordinary desk top phones for calling abroad, their own number does not show up but this, probably it is the exchange number,


I got this Asian woman this morning whenI asked her for the third time why she wanted to know my postcode she said, '[***] off you [***] [***]'. Such a 'nice' person ..........NOT.


Claimed to be Telephone Preference Management. I already use TPS. Lady had Asian accent but number is Spanish.


Got call from this number just now.. wierd!


Missed call from this number on my mobile - still wondering where they get my number from as I only give to friends and family!


Has called me 3 times in the past week. If I pick up they hang up.