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Find number who calls you

If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

Keep this page updated, guys! ;-)

Kept pranking me in the middle of the night
Message from Maggie, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Got an unanswered call from that number just now
Message from vo, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Message from Girl, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
It was donating to the ice bucket challange
Message from Maddie, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Message from ihsan, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
This number phones regularly but no one ever answers!! So frustrating!!!!!!
Message from Argh!, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Message from 8287844229, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
keeps calling
Message from jul, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
claims to be doing a survey on Italian Food, sounded very Indian to me ;) I suspect its a Variation on the consumer survey calls designed to harvest personal information or even try to sell direct
Message from anonnymouse, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Message from lll, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
who r u
Message from fine, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Who r u
Message from aakash, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
si te plait donne ton pour q'on push ce conmuniquer sur face book c'es gille hounkpatin 0022890085961
Message from 67570893012, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
calls me at least 5 times a day... no idea who it is
Message from tattyhead, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
calls,its quiet ,then they mimic me!
Message from manfred, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Yeah - that was pure roflcopter!
Message from Gv, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Who is this number
Message from sony, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
received text warning claiming to be from my bank saying that my debit card had been used and to confirm with a responding text. Decided to call my bank who told me it appeared to be a scam and not to respond to the text.
Message from Sue, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
called as eco advice team asked for previous owner of property- my mother, who died 15 years ago
Message from gina brian, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
a to z
Message from devel, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
I apply for account and wad given£1000.00 credit limit and then got decline because they didn't belive who I was and cancelled everything, so why are they still bugging me. Please dont brother me again.
Message from marie sammy, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Keep getting these calls on my mobile - don't know who it is so I will never answer it!!
Message from MW, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Just got a call from this number. Such a broad Asian accent, couldn't understand them and someone in the background was telling them what to say!!
Message from Ruth Drake, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
I have the same problem. Total nuisance- 4 times today! It's a recorded message. There must be some way to discover 1 who it's from 2. Block it!
Message from Tilly, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Got a call and a hang up.  Any ideas?
Message from Joe, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Unfortunately, I am getting calls from this number several times a day. I am concerned as it may not be an attempt for identity theft.
Message from D Chug, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
I got a call from this number claiming to be from windows tech support looking to get access to my PC - a scam!!!
Message from Nicky, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Company called living planet selling solar panels. They look awfull
Message from Hiriam, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Can you tell me who called me on this No please?
Message from lesley wilcox, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Sending obscene pictures to me
Message from Michael lomax, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
got a call from a Liverpool lady accent, said had my file , and i had been involved in a minor accident , i said not been in an accident and put phone down, scammers as usual wasting their time and my time sick of these calls.
Message from Lala, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
need details
Message from bharu, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Message from Mohan, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
This number call me today -603 2028 5555
Message from shidan, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
This number blew my phone up for an hour till I blocked them. I noticed it was a Gateway Colorado number,  and came here to ID it. I hate fools.
Message from someansurer, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
engem is hívtam és egy magyar gép hangon beszélő úr kérdezte meg,hogy telecotól hív és hogyérdekel e a telecom tőzsde, mondtam hogy bocsika de engem nem érdekel és erre azt mondta,hogy mi az hogy nem érdekel azt sem tudom,hogy miről szól.
Message from czzsani, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
i need the location and name
Message from sf, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
This lot phone me at the same time every day, which is 12:15pm. I tell them that I don't own a computer and that they are scammers and that I will report them. They hang up and call again the next day. Am asking my provider to block this number as it is the only one getting through my TPS plan.
Message from Steptoe, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Message from 777, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Who is this fellow
Message from Piyush, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Just wondering who rang me
Message from Ian Sinnott, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Message from LK, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Repeated calls from this number.  When I tried to return the call I received a recorded message confirming that the number was not in service.  These cold call/call centre intrusions are a total nightmare - several per day.  Anytime from early morning until 9 pm at night.
Message from Maureen, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Legitimate call from Dyno-Rod re engineer visit for blocked drain
Message from Stewart Fizia, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
please find the details of the abov enumber
Message from kart, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
i have a call yesterday from this number with girl called kathrin . She told me about an offer to online study in raeford university for master degree in pmp costed 6000 $ dollars
Message from Eng.Maher, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Received a phone call from 911171638666? Let us know why and when...
Message from Rohit Sachan, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
No Message. Last four days missed calls on my mobile.
Message from Bhaskar, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
VULTURES:  847-915-4056 is being used by the PROTOCOL RECOVERY VULTURES!Randy Miller, Steven Gale, Mark J. Sopapa andthe rest of PROTOCOL RECOVERY VULTURES!STEVEN GALE: MILLER: J. SOPAPA: like these buy zombie or phantom debt, for mere pennieshoping that people who do not know their rights and will be scaredinto giving them money, EVEN WHEN THEY DO NOT OWE anything or when the vultures have no right to collect it because it is too old.Harassment and fraud are not excluded in this process.Check the case of George Lovelock, who missed a payment of only 11 cents,and collectors aggressively tried to collect more than $4,000 from him. VULTURES is one of the fastest growing businesses in our country today!
Message from Takhtajan, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
Whose number is this?
Message from Mac, Yesterday / 2014-09-17
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