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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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just calls and hangs up 2 yesterday and 2 today so far. so much for DNC LIST


someone called from this # and just listen to my voice and put down the phone. How impolite!


go create an accident taz


Is not the first time they call. I don't answer call from number I don't know. I hope Do not call do something about all this callers, you reported them and do not call apparently are not doing the job


Called lunchtime - when I remained silent I could hear chatter in the background, then the connection was cut. No idea who or why.


??? ??????? ? ????? ?????? ??? ??????


A man with heavy accent left a message threatening legal action at the district court.  Demanded I call the above number.  I did not return the call.  It is a scam similar to the IRS calls.


Same exact words except she asked for Patrick.


Had amessage to ring this number but is a fax machine


Auto message from Florida Getaways....


Called at 9:05 a.m.


It is only Nexbridge Communications.


I also had this call today at lunchtime. Local number for me too when I did 1471. Said they were from 'Pensions Audit'


These dang people.  They keep waking me up early in the morning.


0520567413 this number called 7-8 times yesterday each call was made within a difference of  one hour until 9pm which give you an idea that this can't be from an office or a government authority. Called 2 times today. Nothing but a nuisance.


I know who he is and he lives in mead valley in the hills believe it or not he called me and hung up.then talked crap to me.and hung up again must be on crack.


I regularly get calls from this number, with the last four digits sometimes in a different order. I have a prerecorded message on my answering machine informing any caller that "I do not accept any withheld, unavailable or international calls; if you would like to contribute to "stop all cold-callers" then please leave your details after the tone". It works like a charm as genuine callers leave a message. I also have different "ring tones" for family, friends and business callers so any other ringtone saves me the bother of even approaching the phone from a different part of the property.


Yes, that message has the aroma of Nigerian scammer about it.  They are using stolen/compromised credit card numbers and testing them to see if they are still valid.


With TPS and we still receive these calls. Report to ofcom!


I have gotten numerous calls from this number, one at 1:30 AM... I belied this is spam


got three calls from this number right in a row.


I use the trucaller app to block any calls from them so my phone never rings but almost daily I receive a text saying they have tried to call about a private banking matter & to call them back, which I will not ever do! The debt is for an amount of $120 that I'm currently disputing with Ebay which for all you people above saying they're being chased for $10 by ARL THIS IS ILLEGAL !!! In Australia, NSW a company may not pass on your details for monies owed until the debt is over 90 days & even before then two written intentions to pass on your details must be MAILED to you!! Further to that if the debt is under $150 they may never pass on your details to a debt collector !!! So if you are experiencing anything like that with ARL do not engage with them at all but do seek out the correct avenue for making a consumer complaint against them as that is the only way to really influence the way they operate :-/


This number rang my mobile 5 times in the last 24hrs.No message left.


ID showed ABCSA;   I don't know you.  Possibly SCAMMERS. Left no message


It's a cold call about life insurance so block or ignore


Naff off you idiot.


this number call me fro interview from indian,but the network was totally bad from my end.and he deside to hang up,i want too comfirm where the number was from.thanks


Same here. Just got a call from the same number. Hung up after 2 rings as well.


This number calls my home and cellphone 3 to 4 times a day each. There is never a message left and when you call back you are put on a long hold and then it says mail box full..this is harassment and I am calling an attorney


it's a tele-marketer from training center.




Every day about 1.30 pm.


Company wanting to introduce me to forex trading, sounded like a call centre in the background


Kamm nicks


have had a call a day for a few days now.


You really need to get over your issue with 12d


Victor trying to hide his 'jokes' now?


So tell me where he is pls


Is that true? Please tell us more!!!


Talktalk called today to say I had internet security proplem on my computer. Could I open my computer. I said they werent my internet provider.


An Asian voice, claimed to be Bibi from Microsoft Technical Support. When I asked why MTS would call me from Germany (country code 0049) he hung up.


Don't call me please ?????I am very


Are you sure ?By the wayAs I suspected, someone has been adding soil to my garden.The plot thickens.


My grandad keeps getting calls from this number


I got a call from that number today


416-534-2222 scam alert...fake computer guy, not to be trusted...Was recently arrested for Breaking and entering into a private residence at night...


PPI robocall, press 5. Local sounding accent albeit on an invalid spoofed (10 digit) number. Couldn't be bothered telling them to fcuk off so just blew my Acme Thunderer, they WILL be back though, probably today.


scam.... automated voice call


kata kes nak masuk mahkamah..hutang from courts mammoth


A lady rung and she seemed to be some difficulty, but was very quite.