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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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Two calls from this number 25th September and 24th September about 5-6pm - no message left. Is it a company?


Bank trying collect crdt crd dues by threating a fake police warrant.


nadrotech+254740 my sim card from 2009


I got a call from them saying I visited their website and they were gonna take money from us?


same i ignored prob a scammer




Karteek MLA


Got this call, I listened whilst their was background noise and repeatedly said hello then they hung up. I tried calling back but they hung up on me.


testex bnn


Threatening text message sometimes just. Gross




i dont know


This guy is calling me and regularly harassing me.. I have to about this guy.. Please help me out there




Who is this person that text me.


Caller stated he was from "Windows Tactical Team" and it was about my computer, at which point I hung up the phone.


Called to offer us a free trip to Florida to receive a prize.


trace ka na, antayin mo yung dadampot sayo.


MANAGER replies to stonepiggie 7 Feb 2014 despite many complaints about your company and asked to be put on the DNC list, after contacting you by phone, I had found that you lack the professionlism to be a manager. Isn't it illegal to have a 555 number such as you have? I will be contacting the CRTC because despite my many requests to not call, Your company always seem to call. I didn't get the impression that you really cared at all. My Strongest recommendation to all merchants is to contact the RCMP & THE CRTC. this company is F*&cked. Block their number for they are scammers. I was not impressed with this weinner because you are a WEINNER. grab ur balls DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY..... DIGITECH PAYMENTS FOR THEY ARE SCAMMERS OF THE FINEST


this number ennoying me and many others people


They call saying they are the IRS and left a msg. At the end of their msg it said "take care". Do you really think the IRS leaves that kind of msg. I returned the call and got a call center...someone picked up, but didn't answer me, I could hear background noise of people talking about all kinds of stuff and very thick accents. I eventually hung up and called back. Someone answered the phone directly and said, "IRS, How can I help you?" they think that is how the IRS answers their calls...NO WAY!! You go through a bazillion automated functions and then wait on hold after verifying your info several times. I told the heavily accented man on the phone that they were not the IRS, that the IRS doesn't call people- they send mail, and that he had better never call my phone again. Oddly enough...he hung up immediately. Be careful...everyone out there is working a scam instead of earning an honest days work.


Scam IRS bull crap... Thanks to the almighty United States government for releasing all cell phone numbers to the almighty all powerful corporations at the expense of us stupid taxpayers. If you want something screwed up just let the government handle it.


Called, left no message. When I tried to call them back, I got a busy signal once and a "cannot be completed as dialed" another time.


let me know


The caller was not very forthcoming with information about who she was with and what she was calling about. I had to prod a bit to learn she is from Capital Accounts - regarding our "delinquent patient accounts". We use a third party billing service, so if they are wanting to discuss any matters pertaining to existing accounts they would have to call them. She didn't even ask for their name or number, so it was definitely phishing or telemarketing.


I just need to know


phone number shows up in caller ID as "UNITED STATES" - when you answer you get an automated message stating that its in regards to your credit card- that there is nothing wrong with your credit but you are eligible for some kind of help blah blah blah... I hung up and tried to call the number back- the number comes back as not in service or disconnected. Blocked the number. 1 hour later I get the same thing with a different number this time it was a 269-420-0443 number same exact thing. Obviously this is a scam that someone is using a back end way to call through. BEWARE!


Scammer looking to refinance credit card debt


Just had a call from this number and they left a message claiming that they were IRS. When I called back the Indian guy said that he asked me my name and I said if you are the IRS then you should know my name and I hung up.  Blocking number now.


Got our first call from these folks today. I assume they'll continue their harassment. We owe no money--we don't even know what Bill-Me-Later is. What we need is a bunch of smart lawyers who will create a law firm that specifically targets folks like these callers. Perhaps they'd even get the FCC and all their associate government folks to actually DO SOMETHING to help us out. I wish I'd gone to law school.


Call says its from Mayfield Hts


Found a debt that a judgment was already entered against me for and tried to tell me the company thought I would never pay so they hired a "mediation" company.  This is simply not how judgments work. SCAM ALERT!!!


I have received a call from this number as early as 2:35 in the morning. I also worked for LAUSD. The interesting thing is that each time a call is received, LA Unified School District shows up on my phone in the caller ID box. Strange.


IRS scam. Robocall claiming tax action filed. IRS never calls over unpaid taces. Complete nonsense.


Got a call at 3pm eastern, just heard a beep. Hung up. Called back. Busy signal.


DIdn't answer.


Rang my cell and hung up when I answered.


They called ma and i called back with my work phone.




They said the same thing with a grand jury


Got two calls in 5 minutes with voicemails. They were automative saying this is the irs, call me back about suspected tax fraud. Call Ryan smith & don't ignore this message.Not true. Last year these companies took 30 million from people.


Autism SCAMMER !!!


They call me every day and hang up instead of leaving a voice mail. I'm in Texas and I blocked the number.


Calls come in, it's a real person but so much backgroundNoise that while I'm trying to ask questions when they hang up.


IRS SCAM. Recorded message that the IRS is suing you. If that were true you would receive a certified letter.


Didn't pick up the call but called back and heard that this was some market call.


comes up as a # from Jamaica


Woman's voice, American Accent, Called to tell me my loan had been approved;


had this number call several times today