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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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dia call n ckp rumah nak kena sita.. wth! i paid monthly installment... why would they sita my house? xblh pakai.. menipu..


They said they were some whit boy


Yea...mee too, it said I have outstanding housing loan, what? I dont even have RHB account and I dont even apply for any loan huh :/


I keep getting calls from this number. Man call me and ask for Christina or Jessica. I keep telling him that it's a wrong number and yet- he keep calling me almost every day sometimes more than once.


Identified as First Energy {1st energy}. Name given is James. Offer was 20% off electricity bill. Very quick to go straight to recording an agreement for 2 year supply of billing on electrical account. They new my name, address, mobile number. Refused to recognise that I am on the Do Not Call list. I am now in the process of reporting this.


This number uses to miss call me.


Missed a call from this number.  Called back and got a voicemail saying that the call was from either St George, Bank SA or Bank of Melbourne, and to call my bank directly on their enquiry lines (and gave those numbers).  Only problem is, I don't bank with any of those banks.


This number first. I got a message that stop wi-fi when calling. I said no and deleted the next thing I looked at my phone and it had called this number by itself.


One ladie call me


i dont know who call and cant identify the number


i missed call from this number. want to know from whom


700038365 on a regular basis sends a text message always approx 22:55 and it cost me £3.00. Best part about it my phone is switched off at this time of night. It is not on. Best you stop charging me this fee. This is pure theft.


let me know who it is! +38763836895


I want to know the identity and location of above number please


I want to check this number


Someone is calling me private would like too know the number .


Who call me


Called me n when tried call back won't work says not working


A call from the Brummies but no message left ,why on earth do they phone people up and not leave a message as to why they are calling....??, unless they think some idiots will phone then back ,when they choose NOT to leave a message, I have never ever done that at all and I won't .!


Pretty sure it's NRA


CID: "TOLL FREE CALL". No message.


It's also a fake number because it sometimes shows up as "011 86 676-89100" and then it pops up again as 866-768-9100.I haven't answered it because when they don't leave a message they aren't important. Clearly a SCAM call.


They're still at it! Still no message.


phony IRS suit call


The Director of the FBI


This number called I didn't answer,always about virus on my computer they apparently know I have one lol,last time I talked to them,told them not to call,put me on no call list,they just keep calling back


It is an offense to falsify such claims about a telephone number and to obtain information by illegal activities. This website is sniffing packet data in promiscuous mode and is run by a bunch of crooks.


The call constant leave no message even call on Saturday and Sunday. I'm tired of that.


This is an annoying caller that never leaves a message. Do a search on Google for 570-983-0619 for possible, additional information.


Hello, That number tried to call at about 11:00 in the morning


Automated message. Caller claimed to be from Microsoft, saying my Windows license had expired and it was an emergency and to cal them immediately




what this siteweb for ???!!!!


Calls, but doesn't leave a message.  Called back and just said that an agent would be with me momentarily.


Called about virus. I gave them the credit card info because it was cheap, only $19.00.It must have worked because I did not have any further calls about the problem. My friends said I was foolish to give info but as long as it worked i'm ok with it.


Stop calling this # .


ASR fake loan company calling about my pre-approval to lowering an interest payment on a loan I don't have.


I only answered this because it is from a phone exchange in my neighborhood and the name said Robert Caswell. Evidently Mr. Caswell is elderly and does have this number or had it, but it was made to show up on my caller id as if it was coming from his house. It was not. It was a recorded message from credit card services about reducing my rate. Sneaky ba$&@ds! Last week the number supposedly calling me on my Caller ID was my own! I will never answer the phone again. They can leave a message and I'll call them back, whoever it is. Why doesn't congress do something about this?? This barrage of sales calls night and day has to stop.


woman called and left message on answering machine saying,  there was a law suit against me


called 2x in a row. left a dead air voicemail the second time. SCAMMERS AINT GONNA GET AN ANSWER FROM ME


Same I did...I don't know what will happen now....if anyone can help us...would be better


continuous calls.... leaves no message... annoying


They call me every now and then but it's all staticky and I hear them asking if I can hear them


Pretending to be "criminal investigation unit for revenue Canada " Trying to get you to pay themMoney owed for income tax.


Please help me from whom this number. Thanks


yeah like at least twice a day. dont know who it is but i dont answer


UPDATE - Persistent they are!  So, after my post above, I received an email from "Sunny F" at a "FancyHands" email address trying that way.  It's morning, and she wished me good afternoon.  Too much for a coincidence.