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Scammers in Jamaica are using this phone number for both Publishers Clearing House and IRS scams.


Why are you calling me


Ringing up to 5 times each day at different times, day or night. Have not answered the phone


This number sending me messages I need learn who it belong to


On my caller ID but left no message


1-800-281-0411 is a FAKE CRA Canada Revenue Agency Scam number. It's a famous scam where scammers from India pretend to be from CRA and ask for money.


scammers from Indian called us pretending to be working for Google. scam!!


+46760967856 belongs to Tribe Expedition Ethiopia - a scam travel agency who was caught defrauding clients. All photos on their website were also stolen from various souces. We urge you to be careful and not use such scam companies Tribe expedition Ethiopia does not even have Facebook page any longer as it was banned by Facebook for illegal activities.


İt is scam.Just 10 minutes before they caled me.Koray said their company name was USAGC and now changed GCL EXPERTS .İ had an application to USAGC two years before and they continuosly send reminding mails for USA green card.They are cheating and i had paid several hundred EUROS to these thieves.


Called today, claiming to be booking an apointment for an annual HSBC account review. Voadaphone # As we know, banks (should) not do this, reported and cofirmed as an attempted scam. Be aware


what is this number


This no called earlier , automated msg possibly USA accent. Didn't get all of msg but basically telling me if I didn't return that call they would be taking action against me, for what I don't know but was quite unnerved by it. Didn't return call but am a bit scared by it !!


This is a number, use by a Craigslist scammer. I received it as a text, having a car for sale on CL. Typical I'll send you a cashiers check, for twice the value of the car, then send him the difference when the fake cashiers check is cashed. I will play this jackass for a while, and I have already received the fake check. I guess there are some people that fall for this, but I will use it to have some fun with this scamming scumbag. If you receive a text from this number interested in any thing you have for sale, IT IS A SCAM.


who dis


Wondering who is calling me on the above number. Is there anyine who is receiving this number ? Thanks


This is a robocall/telemarketer. They call, and then if you answer they will connect a live person. Greenway Energy or something, energy rate scam, beware!!


Local political text message spam.


A lady called asking for my boss, first by Dr. _____ which was incorrect. Then she asked for him by last name, I inquired about the call and she said she was with a funding group. I proceeded to tell her our no. was recently sold and he was not interested. She then said she had his email address and he could personally tell her he was not interested. She then hung up on me, very rude and very unprofessional!!


whos calling me


I answered and no response and they hung up after 5 seconds.


Rang this morning 5 minutes after an anonymous call. I answered as the number was displayed. Silly me. An automated voice came on regarding life insurance despite me being on the restricted list. Am reporting this caller to the official bodies. Now blocked.


No fault claim!!!


whose number is this


Scammer with Indian accent calling from a boiler room, with multiple voices in the background. Wanted to sell me insurance for my "health issues". Asked to be removed from their call list. Was told: "sure thing, no problem, f**k you" and hung up on me.




Insurance scam


Received a call saying I had been in an accident and what did I want to claim.


claim to be inland revenue with law suit.inland revenue dont call people,they write.


Scammers who are located in India. They have many websites. here's one of them: Meridium Domains Domain Aftermarket Agency I


Please I want to know who own this number in the Philippines because of Scam


Scam call?




Got a call from this number and the person calling immediately hung up. Tried calling back twice only to get a busy tone in return. The Mr.Number app on my phone brings up the name "Veronica" and the call location comes up as Georgia. Tried punching the number into Facebook and it's not connected to an account. I'm thinking that the person must have called the wrong number.


This. Number is ringing me who is please?


It's a partially EU funded project called Nottingham Gets 2 Work and it offers free bus/tram tickets or a free bike as long as you fit their criteria: unemployed, not in education and living in Nottingham City. It's a safe one - oh, and they only call you after you have already filled in their info on the website or at the job center.


It's a partially EU funded project called Nottingham Gets 2 Work and it offers free bus/tram tickets or a free bike as long as you fit their criteria: unemployed, not in education and living in Nottingham City. It's a safe one - oh, and they only call you after you have already filled in their info on the website or at the job center.


Siapa pemilik dan dimana nomer ini apa perlunya sering menelpon


Won't video chat or speak on phone but keeps calling and hanging up


who is behind this number? they have called twice, leaves no voicemail.


claim to be They claim to be in London UK.... Traced website IP, they come up as a clone company, under Monevo LTD name.. Traced Phone number too, comes up as a cloan number for a different cloned company.. They appear legit on the phone, they ask to do a "credit check" magically always telll you that your credit is poor (when mine isnt)... And then ask for upfront cost of £350 before they will "give you the loan".... AVOID, SCAMMERS...


who is behind this number


Why does this number call me all the time


Rude woman calls and asks for an Office Manager - which my company doesn't have. Then - with an attitude - asks for a Marketing Manager. When I say I'll put her through to a marketing rep. she sighs and cops an attitude but I transfer her anyway. 2 minutes later she calls back and hangs up on me. I called her back and asked if she just hung up on me and she said "Yes." Very professional, she's a real gem. Of course, she hung up on me again, lol. When will these solicitors figure out that being rude the the receptionist will get you nowhere?


Who is this calling me..suddenly cut the call


I was given this number by the unemployment office & wanted check make sure what number was where listed to.


"Hey [my actual name], this is Robert Police from west palm beach is this Transportation working...."


did not say anything, then hung-up


Silent, quiet, then it said "thank you"