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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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This is a company called DJS research ltd. Not sure what they researching. Asked about how i paid water bill, when i said direct debit they ended the call as they had too many direct debit survey results, weird.


this call is to do with industrial solicitors to do do with hearing loss claims.seems genuine as had one last year,and apparantly the govrnment has altered the hearing loss claim from 40% to 10%,but ido not recall seeing this anywere.?


I received call .. once a day


Iv not been in Lidi or filled in any form online So they do fecking call for no reason out of the blue (Fecking idiot)


Received a call as above on my answering machine. How stupid does he think people are?


Got a call from this number just a few moments ago, Google'ed it and ended up here. I am aslo nog returning the call after reading the previous comments. Thanks!(I'm from the Netherlands)


Pension calls - hung up when I asked for more details


Calling me regarding an accident that wasn't my fault!


Yet another nuisance call.  Pointless!


yet another nuisance call !!


Rang my mobile at 1236 today... Didn't answer because I did not recognise the number but I called back (protecting my number) and it is a call centre for Vodafone... the person who answered sounded distinctly cheesed off and bored to death. Call is from Rotherham.


They phoned me in Ireland, on main line number going under 0044, so phoned from England, no one on other end.


Called to ask if I had been in an accident - sales crap!


I suspect scam call.


RV Camper scams on Craigslist, asks to text this number for info.  this bum also uses # 281-400-1512.Listing:  2006 HOLIDAY R A M B L E R 28FT - $2010 (fredericksburg) Va.


got a silent call from this number


This number appears from time to time.....I never answer.....suspect scam.


I just want to kwon


I got this message saying its the inland revenue and they were issuing a lawsuit against me and to press 1 for more info


They called us today but no one spoke until an automated voice said goodbye and then hung up.


I received a call from this number, and not recognising it I answered by giving my own number.


Call from 'County Court of London', £5,460.00 chq award for mis sold PPI. Must first prove that I can pay their 5% commission by purchasing £275.00 worth of vouchers through Paysafe, this payment doesn't have to be made until the chq clears. however, need to show it to the delivery guy when they deliver the chq to deposit & then they will call-back after 5 days to arrange collection of the vouchers. I've asked him to put everything in writing & email it.Its an Indian guy who called


I reported to the REAL Microsoft. Printed off the URL and noticed @ the end of it something that looked like a phone number. I searched 888-599-2551 and found MANY websites about trying to remove this number and virus pop ups.


Left a voice mail implying he would like to talk to me regarding making an appointment. Said he was from my local medical centre. I checked number and it is a Blackpool number and I live in London!


Thursday 25th August 2016: The caller had foreign accent but said he was from Telephone Preference Service and they needed to upgrade the service on my phone as there were so many marketing calls to our number and many overseas nuisance calls. I asked if this was specific probkem on my phone line but he said this was not the case. I asked why he had to phone me to tell me this as surely they didn't target individual phone numbers with an upgraded system. It just didn't seem to make sense. He seemed a little impatient with my asking so many questiobs and kept using phrases such as 'you must understand ...' I kept asking him questions about whether this upgrade would affect anything on my phone and was that why he was calling. Obviously I was very suspicious as it sounded crazy. My questions stopped him from moving forward with his mission whatever that was, which in retrospect was unfortunate as I'm sure it was a scam but exactly what I don't know and eventually he hung up on me before he got to the reason!! Then checked 1471 and got an actual number which was a surprise but when I dialled it I was told it wasn't a recognised number!!!


Pain in the back-side


I was called at 7.30 am today and it was awful as I have cancer and my mother is very sick and I panicked. I consider this harassment/abuse due to the disabilities involved and severity of both family member's illnesses.




Scrounging for accident claim work from a non existing accident


This number suddenly called me. It's Tunisian. Be careful




annoying phone calls from tech company


Cardmember services lowering interest rate scam robocall. Press 9 to transfer to a gentleman who will proceed to scam you.


a guy name marcus making up stories so you will give him money. thug


This number texted me wanting me to call back. It's nobody i do business with.


they call me every day


He called me and new the area I lived in. He claimed he wanted me to notarize something. With the hundreds of notaries...HOW IN THE WORLD did he know area in which I lived and also knew I was a notary....something doesnt smell right


CALL ID: WIRELESS CALLER This call is an IRS SCAM call. Dead line if you don't answer within 2 rings. They will return the call numerous times. When you eventually get a live person, they will have a thick Indian accent and claim to be from the IRS. This is a well-known scam. Hang up. Block the call if you can.


who's calling me


This person sending aggressive messages and calling all the time.


completely uknown number called my phone. I give my number to family and friends only so no one else should have my number. This call was completely unsolisited from and unknown sourse


can you tell me hows number this is?


the number firstly called me on Saturday and now today when I called back it says number does not exist please assist


This is a company called Willowbrook, who make recliner chairs and associated products.


Qui etes-vous?et pourquoi m'appelez-vous


who called


i get this strange messages from this number




i want to know where is this number located