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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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I have been getting a phone call from them three times in one day, when I googled the number I had blocked the caller on my phone I have a feeling it has to be a scam hands down. Yesterday I have gotten a phone call from another 1-800 number and I googled that number as well and I also seen it was a scam as well. People who scam like this shouldn't even think about calling us trying to milk money for unknown reasons.


Called me at or before 8:05 PM on November 5, 2016 on telephone number 641-858-6940


Verification call for magazine subscription. They have all the correct information already. They need to confirm. They also want to know if we are interested in continuing receiving the free magazine.


called today


who called me


Qui est-ce?


The Reference in GTA Racing since GTA -PS-XBOX-PC-


Texted me about my car an hour ago


I recieved a call frm this numbr on 5th November 2016. I want to know who's this number


Need address on this number if possible


necesito mi iphon, para trabajar, 30442489 si te lo encontraste te doy una buena recompensa.


Someone keeps calling us from 937-246-6298


Political Robo Call. This guy need your support on November 8th to get re elected.


Who Are You?


Who's this


Recv called from this number when I answered heard a voice then a hang up. Called back and recv msg from Verizon saying was disconnected. Called about 30 minutes ago.


i need to know the caller


need to know about +21672689947 number.


I wonder if this number belongs to a company construct


I think that this is an online dating scammer




Keeps calling saying they're Nationwide Insurance and that I got into an accident. Spam.


I said hello three times and he said it four times. I finally yelled hello and he told me to ***off asshole!!!


Get frequent missed calls from.this number.


The federal government will give me $9,000 and I don't have to pay it back


Said they were Publishers Clearing House and I won the 2nd place prize but I have never entered. They had a digitally disguised voice. Called from Jamaica. Sounds like a scam.


Received this call stating that they were from MetroPcs the mobile phone carrier. Stating that I had won $400000 and a new Mercedes. When I asked them to repeat themselves they asked if I really wanted it and then said that I would have to do an explicit act (very vulgar) to get it and hung up!!


Who calll


This number called me about 08.20 this morning, when I answered they hung up..


check the callers identification


216-420-4633 ~ this phone number just called me and it came up Cleveland India. I am guessing they are capitalizing on the Cleveland Indians and figure people will answer the phone because of that. Actually, they are calling with a message to vote for Judge Synenberg. I can assure you, that because I am on the do-not-call list and pay for my minutes, I will not vote for someone who circumvents that do-not-call list with their own political agenda of encouraging me to vote for THEIR candidate. I don't need someone using MY phone number that I pay for to listen to them shove their candidate down my throat. I will post this on every message board I come across tonight.


Don't know who this is. Called my cell & no message.


This number called my house phone and asked about the working conditions of a computer that we don't have.




I keep receiving calls but every time I try to answer, just hang up.


They said they were talk talk


Voice board call -IRS Scam. Block it if you get a call.


Hi mr You called me by this number today. unfortunately the network was bad. please forward your point by email or call me again. Solomon


Im getting rude messages and call from this number, when i call back it goes to voicemail


Don't know who the caller is.


A girl disturb me every day I don't know who's this number.




Gumtree scammer calling them self Jeff Campbell. Don't enter any personal details in the email's Gumtree link


"Your computer has been blocked, you must call this number!" Obvious scam. A username/password prompt will reappear after you attempt to close it. Bring up your Task Manager (Windows OS) and End the process. Your antivirus program may register a hit, you should be OK. Call a friend if you're not sure, you should NOT have to bother paying someone for support.


THIS COMPANY IS A TOTAL SCAM! I am writing this review to help people avoid being scammed by this "Company". First of they contact you using a computer generated call claiming they can assist you in refinancing or eliminating your student loan debt. They will then ask you for personal information such as your Date of Birth and Social Security number. You should never give this out over the phone to anyone! They then illegally set up an FSA account using your information which is 100% illegal. This "Company" will then claim for $595 they can help you. The truth of the matter is they are charging you for something you can do for FREE and should never be charged for. The Federal Student Aid website has issued a warning about these type of companies from the Secretary of Education which can be found at: I hope by posting this information I can help you avoid getting scammed by this operation. The company information is listed below: Federal Student Loan Options 360 E. 1st St, #375 Tustin, CA 92780 D: (714)-798-2007


this number calls me everyday it shows up as S Gonzales they never leave a message. I don't know who this person is just trying to find out who they are.


received missed cll