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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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This number called claiming to be from the "British Energy Council" saying that my energy company is overcharging me. I hung up when they couldn't confirm the energy company I use.They called back 20 mins later on the same number this time claiming to be from the "UK Energy Council" calling about an overcharging complaint that had been made against my energy supplier but again they failed to confirm my energy supplier.I googled them to find out they don't exist (no surprise). It is in fact a scam that has been going since 2013.I reported them to the ICO and I suggest others do the same. Vunerable people could easily be taken in my the official sounding names they use.


Indian accents, purporting to be ringing from "BT Support" about my computer. I terminated the call immediately.


constant ringing during the day now blocked on my mobile


They called my work phone, which is government property. Wish we could nail them.


didnt answer as i dont recognise or know the number..there wouldve been a voice msg left if it was urgent/important...


wanna know who calls me


I got a normal call from the University of Birmingham to Sweden showing this number. It seems that when they use their ordinary desk top phones for calling abroad, their own number does not show up but this, probably it is the exchange number,


I got this Asian woman this morning whenI asked her for the third time why she wanted to know my postcode she said, '[***] off you [***] [***]'. Such a 'nice' person ..........NOT.


Claimed to be Telephone Preference Management. I already use TPS. Lady had Asian accent but number is Spanish.


Got call from this number just now.. wierd!


Missed call from this number on my mobile - still wondering where they get my number from as I only give to friends and family!


Has called me 3 times in the past week. If I pick up they hang up.


Called on land line. Silent when answered


on 7/7/17 a call was charged to my phone account from this number lasting 4.36 seconds i never made this call and this is fraud


Called a twice yesterday, then again just after 11am today, then AGAIN around an hour after, left a 2 second voicemail message where nothing was said, most likely yet another dodgy company to add to the block list.


Got a call from Glenn Ford from Pan European Networks. Said they were affiliated with the EC, having an London and Bruxelles office. Offered me a 1 page profile in their heath journal for 5000 pound. I could get it for 2000, but had to decide immediately. Waste of time.


missed call from this number and don't leave voice message. So call them back (turn-off my mob id-caller) and got auto voice greeting from First Call Group, this is a UK insurance group company. I re-name this phone numb so when next time they call me will ignore them + blocked it.


WHO IS THIS NUMBER 02036347023


A woman called from Connect(?) as if she was returning a call from us to them. We have never heard of them. She also had an annoyingly VERY LOUD VOICE.


UBL Credit Card Promotion ,


can you please find out who this no is


It was a call centre who hung up as soon as I answered.


Who is caller


who calling me?


ditto - BLOCK IT


This is being used as a company number for ?Is this a real company?




Who is this from never leaves message


Call from pesky so-called UK Preference - several numbers I've reported it from - Asian voice, men always called Kevin or Nigel - this time an Asian-sounding woman asking me if she's speaking to Mrs ..... - as if I'd confirm it. Wish BT and other companies wouldn't sell numbers to people not in the areas the number apply to. That would achieve a great deal and stop a lot of the calls being answered in the first place!


Called againno message or info left on answerphone. if calls again with no info will block it as sale/market pest.


This happened to me less than an hour ago


had lots of ansaphone messages telling me to phone this number as it was the inland revenue. When i phoned back the man Alex was horrible - threatening to get me arrested and to come round and take my car this is not ?the inland revenue do not pay them anything


Receive call dari number ni from Mr Mohammad pastu siap nak bagi waran nak beku kan account.. tanya nama company tak mau bagitau. Weyh sudah la kau dan kedai motor sama fraud. Pastu perasan boleh masuk nama dalam ccris kot CTOS mampu la. hotak korang la 11k.


Did you find out? They keep ringing me too?


No i am with shannon


Keep getting calls from this number but nobody speaks apart from a prerecorded goodbye. Today there was lots of giggling


amazon call center


Phone rings, go to answer call. But the phone goes dead.


received a call from this number for the second time this evening, the first time being about 4 months ago.


calls every day 3 or 4 times so annoying sometimes can hear them breathing then they hang up


I would like to know who this number is because he sends me messages


The man introduced itself that he worked with Microsoft and that my computer could be hacked.He asked me to turn on te computer, so that he could check it.I Told him that I didn't need help. He tried a few times to persuade me, after which I kindly ended the phone call.They called me on my landline number, which can be found on the internet in The Netherlands.I think that it is an attempt to hack your computer.


Do not know who callsaid from this number in our Landline almost everyday


Claim to BT re computer


This fellow claims to be an advocate in Dwarka court and is an expert in giving threatening calls. He gathers all the personal information about the person which is very strange but not impossible. He called me and threatened about a credit card outstanding which i had cleared around 8 years back. Card was expired long time back, so he made story of another card which i had never applied and added a huge outstanding amount against that. One of his associate by name Yogender Singh (Mobile: 8130589164) called me first and then gave the reference to this fellow.


This number has called me a few times and when I called it back the message " this number is not in service" was received.. what are the repurcusssions from this type of call..?


I had to call "apple support" and this is the number that was listed, but it does not seem to be apple support. I believe this person is a scammer. Don't answer their phone calls.


i want to know who calling from this number.


They called and said they were from lovely lawns


I don't know anyone by this name of Marlien.  All I know is that this number plus others constantly phone me.  I have now resorted to just block any unknown numbers.Stay safe people.