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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Boy these people are desperate. I received a call today claiming to be the irs.  He said if I didn't pay the sheriff will be by my house in an hour.  I'm home go for it.


I keep getting calls saying they are Toyota motor credit and I'm past due. I paid my bill.


Called at 300am no response from caller


Got a call from them, they wanted me to confirm who I was and I said I wouldn't do that till they told me who was calling, they said it was the FBI and then HUNG UP, won't accept calls back. Trying to find the company to report them.


Rang me today. Tried to call number back but no dialing tone.


they said it frommicrsoft


Received a missed call from +98 (217) 307-6000, June 19. Tehran Province, Iran.  I wasn't thinking and just returned the call back, someone answered speaking a language I did not understand.  I hung up after a few seconds, however I noticed charges on my mobile bill for a 14 minute phone that happened on the next day June 20, I did not make any call or accept any call on that day.  I received a $40 charge, that my phone company removed.  SCAM SCAM SCAM.... I have learned to never answer a call that I do not know, Especially a very odd number.




Calls for my son.


Got a call from a man, with a very strong Middle Eastern accent, telling me I was selected along with only 1700 other people, to receive a grant for $3000 to $14000, from the Government I would never have to pay back. I asked him, "What's the catch?" He just kept talking saying, "All I need is your bank account number for your direct deposit." I said, "Nobody gets any money for nothing, so what's the catch?" He yelled at me, "It's a free gift, you [***], [***], [***]!" Them he hung up! What can we do about this kind of call?


Great seller receive computer earlier today


Stop txting me


i got a call from this number saying he wants money else he would rape and kidnap my daughter.he says i need to pay him 500 pounds through western union....


Female called asked to speak to employee by first name.  When I told her he wasn't available and asked if she'd like to leave a message, she asked me what my name was and job title.  I didn't respond to that and then asked her for her name and what the call was regarding.  She hung up on me.  I could hear other calls going on in the background.  Scammer.


Call received from Bayonne, NJ. I didn't answer, no voicemail left.


I got this as well but to use it as reasoning to make your most important political vote ever is beyond ignorant and stupid! No offence if you are 'On The Fence', but if you're reason to vote 'Remain' is because of an annoying text from the 'Leave' campaign rather than using your own common sense and reasoning, then you don't deserve a vote. Beyond


A few months ago I started researching Medicare stuff.  (It officially starts in Sept 2016)  I have been slammed with insurance companies via MAIL & PHONE.... numerous times per day from NY to CA!  Never answer but a couple number checks connects to Medicare insurance stuff.   Its insane.  I already signed up with a local company over a month ago....  still getting these annoying calls DAILY!.


I got a call no message.


This number called me with a caller ID from Russia just before 3:00 pm EST. I don't know anyone in Russia. I didn't pick up and they didn't leave a voice mail.


They said they would pay for me to participate mid July (2 days) for Ohio County, WV residents and would pay $375 cash to attend.


yes I do and they wont leave a msg. I also said I was unviable and if I could take a msg they said no have a nice day... it will now be blocked


Got two voice mails from 800 992-7169 calling me by name and telling me that Terry White from Chase Customer Experience needed me to call her back to discuss a credit inquiry at 800 246-4526 ext 1250149.  I called back and thankfully only left my name and phone number, which they already had.  Then I called Chase and found out that this is bogus !


This person stated that he was the IRS calling.


Would get calls from them about 6 times a day at least I'd never answer it. I know it's a bull crap call anyway


Calls often, leaves no message


This was a scammer from


So did I. The number is a local number for me and I didn't recognize it but I'm guessing it's a "spoofed" number (I think it's called that) so probably just another scammer fishing for info.


Did not leave a message. Don't know anyone in Phoenix.


unknown number


This is a scam, check your credit reports to verify.


Received a call from "Bob" at the Activation Department regarding my 2011 vehicle. Asked approximately how many miles were on my vehicle. Told him that I was not going to answer his question since I did not call him.


Didn't answer - now blocked


Scammer!!!! Most likely not IRS they never phone you they contact you by mail only....


Finally someone spoke! Domestic and General asking why I had cancelled my contract. Didn't want contract


Does not stop


No message, then called back on land line, and got the "non working number" message.


called back, line busy repeatedly.


Very rude, obnoxious company, also provides credit ratings/reports like equifax etc, but charges $1 to get it, then you have to join some plan for $16.95 to see your report, can be cancelled within a certain period but that took 2 of my phone calls to get the money back. The following month they charget me again the $16.95 with additional phone calls to get the money back. Just a rotten company should be more controlled by all federal and state agencies, even closed down. If i don't pay a small co-pay to a couple doctors, my only way to respond to bad service doctors also do without getting into detail. Kmb 6/22.2016Caller: TRANS...WORLD ...UNIONCall Type: Debt collector


Yes, they called twice I told the second person they had called me already and asked where they got my number and he told me to f**k off. Charming.


This caller never leaves a message or reason for calling, just keeps asking for me by name, calls me 2-3 times a day, who this person is I have no idea however, "Stranger-Danger" is what comes to mind.


Sending his mobile number through what's app


Received automated message stating I was in legal trouble and to return their call immediately or I would “face huge legal problems”. This is the same type of SCAM calls I’ve received before – just a different telephone number.


1.02 PM I didn't pick up


IT Ltd regarding savings for high street


How call from invalid number. I don't know and can't block because it's not valid. Don't talk just hangs and said nothing.


Call at 13:58 22 June 16. Road traffic accident compensation of £4000 available (no accident!) if details provided to this number, calling themselves Road Traffic Management ! Straight SCAM.


Not sure why


I just want to know the source of the call


Who I this, I'm worried?


Received a call from this number and the voice sounds like an automated voice recorder in China or Shanghai dialect. Have tried to call back few times using other number but then nobody answer my call.