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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Strange number that has rang my phone on 3 occasions. Friends and family told me it's a scam block the number and don't answer the call. If anyone knows or had experienced the same or similar I'd love it o hear from u.


Just received a call from this number no info on it can anyone help


Frequent calls over 2-3 day period. Leaves no message. Ft Wayne, Indiana.


Rang but do not know this number


I don't answer calls from numbers I do not recognize


Call went to answerphone - nothing but background noise. Sounds like a busy call centre.


Weird message talking to me I hung up


He is active again. This time running IRS scam trying to get Personal information.


They call and they won't leave a message


could even get the name right silly cow


Spam Call. Nobody there when you answer. If you call back, it's a Life Alert system offering to sell you a product.


Me too! I think it's a scam


Unknown caller from Pensacola area code...I did not pick up as I was on another call...I am on a no call list!


I no longer pick up when I get a call from this number. I get it all the time!


Yet another firm clogging up the system.File under excrement.


Indian sounding man, said was calling from Microsoft and was able to help me with the problems I've been having with my computer. I said it was very kind of him, and how much money did he want. He said ?200. I said the service he was offering was worth at least £1000, and his reply was 'would I like him to get started'. I said no thank you, told him to p*** off and put the phone down. I may be a 'lady' in my 70's, but I'm not stupid!


Asian voice on a noisy line. Said he was from "British Telecom Technical Department". Presumably a variant on the Microsoft scam so I hung up.


Called me 9 times. I refused to pick up.


Bad southern accent. First asks if you are there by name. Then asks if you support the veterans. It's a scam phone call fishing for the word yes in the other affirmative or agreeing statements.


Returned a call to my cell from your number . . . .


908-763-9381 WIRELESS CALLER ? I answered and it sounded like a recorded "hello" then nothing.


Indian? sounding man calling himself David Smith, offering a call blocking service to stop nuisance calls. I said the only nuisance calls we receive are scams, such as this. He insisted this was not a scam, but when I asked him where he was calling from he said London. I said it was not a London number, and he said 'Thank you' and hung up. To be honest he was very polite and not at all abusive.


This number has called me several times. Never leaves a message. When called back, the call wouldn't go through. A few minutes later it called me again. ?I didn't answer since I don't answer numbers that are not in my contacts. If they truly need something they will leave a message. I googled number and found several other people who have had the same trouble.


Thnx yehya i thought you will help me but i was wrong you made me dream and suddenly yoy disapeared any way thnx alot


Its a scam Claims to be from C.R.A. Canada Revenue AgencyTHIS IS NOT C.R.A.


Called my phone but no voicemail. Just wondering since my bf is from this area.


Why u call me? I don't know you!


Called the office, but didn't speak when I answered.


Just had a call from an Asian man saying he was Alex Jordan calling from the Claims Advisory Group & that I was due a refund from bank charges that had been taken from my bank.  Gave me the ref. no. 11002789 for my chq.  Needed my d.o.b. & name of bank into which I would be paying the chq.  Gave a bank name I don't use.


This number keeps calling and harrassing me.


Me han llegado mensajes de whatsapp de este n?mero pero no recibe las llamadas que he intentado hacer.


"Fair Justice Claims" - asked how I got my work's number, wouldn't give me an answer. Do not answer these scrotes.


Why did I bother to take the call ?After a terrible time with Diarrhoea and a long struggle with HypercholesterolemiaI finally won the spelling contest.


Just answer


The call follows up or is in some way connected with euro million free ticket scam.Coming from 0044 glasgow number shows location with the call.Guy sounds eastern European.Not a good vibe. ?Probably fishing to record your voice.


SorryI could not take ur call. I would appreciate if you could Plz call again .


random caller, 58 spam reports per true caller


Tampa newspaper - calls several times a day. Call them back to get the automated press #3 to remove option


Trying to sell me a "free" boiler. Keep getting these calls, same recorded message but from a different number every time. It's time they were stopped, whoever they are.


It keeps calling refuses to say who they are.


Indian lady called today claiming to be from BT Technical Services Department. She informed me that from today my internet broadband would be disconnected. I said "okay". She disconnected.This is the scam that gets you to log your computer into a remote site so they can take control of your computer and have access to any information on it. They will create the impression that your computer is infected with malware that only they can clean out. for a fee. This is mostly all bogus.


Been getting calls from 03-21622233 but I didnt want to answer. Could it be from an Insurance Company soliciting prospects for life-insurance policies ?


Got same msg blocked no


No idea who this is but I accidentally called it after I missed the call on my mobile the call cost 18p . No idea who it is but was an Female American voice saying our sales team tried to call you we will try again later.


Repeat calls about car? Odd, as I am elderly and have not owned one nor driven in 15 years!


Got two calls from this number within a week, didn't answer as the call seemed suspicious. I'm in Benoni, South Africa


Who's number is this my phone provider is saying I called them


I had a missed call from the number today


Got a call from this number, a guy apparently representing a credit agency. Started asking for personal details so told him to go suck a fat one.