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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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silent call


call for loan from unknown agency


Message that they can eliminate or significantly wipe out the loans! The number keeps calling. It's blocked now!


Please check this number and let me know why this number call me..thanxs


Someone called and said they were from the SS office and my SS number was compromised and suspended !


Where are the keys


Been receiving call several times a day for last three days. Think it may be a persistent insurance seller.


Possible credit card scammer


I keep getting calls from this no but no response


Mula dgn memberitahu saya mempunyai saman dan apabila panggilan disambung pada operator, diberitahu saya tiada apa2 saman dlm sistem setelah memberi nama dan no. ic.


Mengatakan notis amaran terakhir Dari makamah


Won't stop calling, numerous times a day, comes on called ID as C Milkie, saying something wrong with my computer, that it is being hacked. Have been getting these calls for over a month, told him to take my name off his list, I am on the do not call list, but he won't stop. Calls a lot during the day, up until 9:00 p.m. Thank you


On August 22 I got a phone call. They said I ordered something off the computer. Because the company was closing down they owed me a refund. As like a lot of scams, the wording was very generic. They gave no company name. I think it is a trick to get your bank account information and/or credit card number.


Panggilan automated..notis terakhir dari makamah, tekan 0 untuk bercakap dengan pegawai.


A Spurious call from 01765934677 detailing a message forwarded from British Telecom, to advise that my internet and landline are to be terminated. Press one to continue ... Of course I did NOT press any key. This was the fifth such call, each from a different telephone number, but with the same deep male voice. Each telephone number when dialled back direct failed to connect, either as 'not recognised' or 'not hosted on this network'. They are listed here:- 01917170290, 01741413175, 02095845093, 01712766502.


Balikin akun gw gw tau alamat lu dan seluru profil lu kalau gak kelar hidup lu


This number called me after i registered to some hotel booking app


On August 16, this number called me. They said something about car repairs. I think it is a scam.


Keeps calling, don't recognise number & they leave no answering machine message


people keep saying that 6467832240 is the Phone number of Ariana Grande


who calling me


what is this?




On August 12, I got a letter claiming the car's warranty is expiring. I got a similar letter last March. I think it is a trick to get your personal information and/or money. Please do not fall for it.


CRA scammers pretending to be from Canada Revenue Agency. These are Indian scammers with thick accent. Do not call back or provide any personal details. Thanks


Recorded message from HMRC and if did not press 1 would be arrested - line went dead.


called and immediately went as a missed call


It looks like nobody has searched for this number yet as far as I can tell. Anyhoo, I got a call this afternoon, which was a recorded message saying "This is Her Majesty's Revenue Centre. An arrest warrant has been issued in your name. To contact your case officer press 1. To get details about your arrest warrant press 2." They didn't say what my name was and I doubt HMRC would get in touch by a recorded message! Seems like a new scam!!


C’est un monsieur qui m’avait demandé 13$ à presque 3h du matin sur Jean-Talon en prétextant que sa fille était à l’urgence et qu’il avait pas d’argent et il était en vélo , il avait l’air sympathique et il disait i’m not a bad guy , je lui ai prêté et il m’avait dit en 20 minutes maximum qu’il allait revenir et me le redonner et il m’avait donner son numero au-cas pour l’appeler et il a dit essaye de m’appeler pour voir si j’avais bien compris le numero et son tel avait sonné et m’avait dit qu’il me rappelerai quand il reviendrait . 20 minutes après le sois-disant maximum 20 min à 3h40am Je l’appelle et me dit maximum 10min. Et je le rappel 1h05 plus tard et il repond pas et les 2 autres fois non plus et en tout j’ai entendu 2 heures dans le parking sur Jean-Talon .


I believe this call to be a scam


"Your computer is compromised" 'Microsoft' scam robocall. No name. Call ID show 'Lancaster CA'. Scammer uses different numbers/fake names in regular repeat calls for different scams.


claimed to be social security administration, saying they have suspended my social security account due to suspicious activities. They are the suspicious people.


Got a call from this number. I do not know anyone in California


who,s phone number is this




It is scary


I received a call from an unknown number told to call this number. To make a long story short was first supposedly from U.S. Bank then that story changed to a mediation department. I said for what? I have nothing on my credit report. Nothing on my check systems. I don't owe any money under legal requirement of law. She wouldn't spell her name for a BBB complaint or Attorney General Complaint. She said she was from MCS, but wouldn't say what it stands for. She wanted me to pay money and or sign an affidavit. I said I wouldn't sign for anything without an attorney approval. She tried to make me feel guilty like I was doing something wrong. She gave a PO Box of 2746 Houston Texas 77091, but I can't find that address listed to any MCS.


Received 2 calls from the above number saying that there had been unauthorised activities on a Visa Card, I think it is a scam (the code 001 refers to the US, doesn't it), also the call did not commence till I had replied, then a minute's pause, I suspect it is an automated call.


Would like to know who this number belongs to? Calls everyday


I received message on my Turkish number. They are telling me I isn't pay my bill and case will be transfed to the legal. What is this? I am trying to call this number 043187399 but its not used. Etisalat should follow this number and stop them


Scam saying my IP address is compromised and my internet will be cut off in 24-48 hours time


het stop calling me


want to know who called


missed call


called at 3:40 AM and asked for the name that only my great granddaughter calls me. I am worried.


This was a text message on my mobile at 437pm on 14th July


who is this


Think this scammer contact




who this number