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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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Help me, your number is calling me




Please tell me who owned the number called me


Another criminal ***selling child ***ography content on twitter


Pertenece a Awaken Dreamers que son timadores de Trading a través de una tapadera financiera. No os fiéis de ellos. Hay muchas denuncias en los últimos meses.




this number is troubling me


Automatic Recorder in both English and Chinese language, telling me that they are from Changi Airport Cargo / 樟宜机场货运, please press 3 for operator. They will keep repeating this automatic message for 4 times then hang up. If you press 3 and speak English, they will hang up.


Check who called me, from 0384085735


this number I call as friend


this phone number rang us at 6- 20am tried to ring them back but would not connect said number not recognised


keep getting calls from this number but no one speaks when we answer


Who call me from this number


phishing call. claimed that he is from alliance bank, someone using your credit card to charge for RM7000, asked whether you wanted to block the card or not... blah..blah...blah.... hahah...


which country and who is calling me


es la primera vez que recibo una llamada de este numero e ignoro su procedencia, lo he puesto en la lista negra pero he leido que tambien puede ser de algun tipo de centralita en una institucón. Me gustaria saber mas sobre este número ¡GRACIAS!


a recorded message told me that there was a suspicious activity on my BT phone line and that i would have it cut off if i did not get it fixed by calling this number. my cynical nose SMELLS a SCAM


Hi, I would like to know who called me from the below number 04 5275801 Thanks Pat


I got 1 missed calle from this number, it is not in my contact list so I want to know who is it. Please guys let me know!


please check. always call me but no not in the list


Just received call from this number, said call from mahkamah putrajaya


I get few missed call from this number


whos call?


Sending false message from CIMB and mentioning that your card was charged for buying stuff at shopee.


Do not know me twice...trucaller marked as pinjaman koperasi...


Some pathetic shit stain who thinks he's smarter than the rest of moronic civilization. SERVICE CANADA SCAM Fear tactics


This number keep telling me i got court summon, but need to verify it.


I got received by this number just few minutes ago. The caller said that I got fine, the reason I got fine is unknown. They told me to dial a number to find out why.




i arget wented it.


Not a scam but it is a disreputable business. They say one thing, do another, then charge you more to set things up the way they originally promised. Fairly non-responsive and poor customer service.


received this call twice a day


this person calls me every day I am tired of these telemarketers


this number keeps trying to contact me but does not talk


dari makamah tinggi bla bla...kena maki hamun drop call


Keep on calling on daily basis n its annoying. When call back its ringing and the call terminated after few secs.


don't who call


this number called at midnight. no answer on their end.


Call me so many times. Who is this? Bank or insurans?


does not leave a message comes up on phone as Account Services


Keeps calling and doesn't leave a message.


No message left.


This number is a scam. Answered the call and got directed to an auto voice message telling me my service will be terminated in 2 hours.


I already receive a call from this number and accidentally pick up the call. I hear a women voice and and off the call. I afraid that it might be a scammer.


Got a call from 800-922-0206, Dec 5, 2019 at 2;59 PM. A young female voice informed me that "my Verizon account was suspended-expired", or some fake nonsense like that. I certainly did not say anything to this fake scammer, or advise them who my cell was with, and just quickly hung up. The funny thing is since I work late late tonight and most every night at a Hospital, so I allways pay my cell bill from my provider, at least 6 months in advance, so that was another way I know this one is a fraud. And the 3rd way I knew it was fake as, as if my account was "suspended, by whichever cell company I use", haha, she would not have been able to call me ,to tempt me, to take the bait and fall for her "your account is suspended fraud". But its a good fraud for her to go fishing with, as its Thanksgiving-Christmas time of year, so lots of people are buying new phones and switching around cell company's. So sadly some people may panic when this fake fraud lady calls from her fake 800-922-0206-spoof-spook number-and advises everyone and anyone who answers ,"that their Verizon-T-Moblie-AT&T-or Whoever she claims to be today-your account is suspended". Dont Take the Bait! I wonder if her Mom knows what she is doing. If u are the bad people who are doing this, its never to late to turn it around and do right thing. Remember this! Just be Nice, and quit being Bad. Its as easy as 123 to do the right thing! Always! Merry Christmas and God Bless to All , Good and Bad Alike, and Good Night Everyone!!!


This number called my home phone (541-753-1500) I was not here to answer and when I tried to call the number back a robot voice told me that the number did not exist. How is that for strange!!




Who is this