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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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I dont know who is calling me everyday


I have been receiving missed call from this number since more than 2years approx or more . Kindly find from where and who the person is.


You have whatsaap ,IMO number or our social number so any think Contact my same number.Thank you


this person has been trying to obtain my information via a family member but refuses to identify who they are?


would like to know who called me


Your Expert Group bought my data from Richmond Oaks despite not having my permission to do so. Whatever happened to the lie that is GDPR


This is my phone number take it down


This is a scam claiming a company is closing down and you are due a refund. It is a trick to get your bank account number. Please do not fall for it.


won't leave messages


won't leave messages


won't leave messages


won't leave messages


no message


Two calls today


i don't know who called me this morning. as i was going to return the call the number isn't ringing. i just to know who is the owner of this phone number.


call from Korporal Amira R040518 said from IPD Johor to seek cooperation in investigation of a traffic accident case in seri kembangan and ask to verify personal info and transfer line another investigator. Claim stolen ID could have been use. Caller: IPD Johor Call type: Scam suspicion


Claimed to be an Agent from the Social Security Admin that my SSN was going to be suspended due to legal action.


At 09:14, spoke to caller this time, cold call to sell card payment preocessing... NFI (Not Interested!)


On February 6 I got a phone call from Starnet Paete. They said a company was closed down and I was due a refund. I think it is a trick to get your bank account number and/or credit card details. Please do not be fooled by it.


they have been harassing me daily for the past 4 weeks, calling several times between 7-9 pm. person on the other end when I first picked up said that I signed up for some nielson review and they would pay me if I answer all the questions. I never signed up for anything and told them to stop calling me. I guess they didn't take me seriously since they only increased their calls. blocked and reported them to ftc.


credit card service scammers


every day, calls MULTIPLE times, No idea who this is, I refuse to answer it.. never leaves a message... and they keep calling my business line.


Eco Domestic Cold caller, who calls with the message "Hello, my names Kelly, how are you today?". Obviously trawled my name from somewhere online, as they used my online alter-ego!


On February 4 I got a phone call. Most of the beginning was cut off but the gist was a company was ordered to close and I was due a refund. I think it is a trick to get you to call back. I got a very similar phone call a couple of months ago.


463-207-1705 this number has called twice this week... no answer on the other end and hangs up.


Called twice today, implying that they had a relationship with a 'BT' engineer, in 'our area'. Next time, we'll be sure to ask which 'area' that might be....


Who belongs this phone ?


Dureń z niego straszny:)


They are claiming you won money. I think it is some kind of trick or scam.


32 kali dalam tempoh 2 bulan


will not leave messages, robo calls


Called at 12:04, then promptly hung up.


10:32 Today, caller offered to by the business, yet knew nothing about it?


Called today at 10:38 and again at 10:41 Caller hung up on both occasions.


Who is this ?


Keeps calling my home number early each morning when answer the phone hangs up


The recording sounds like some kind of a tax return/IRS scam. If I don't push some number (I forgot which number) and talk to the tax specialist (or maybe it said "the officer") I will have trouble getting my tax return.


This # called me but doesn’t leave a message and I don’t know anyone at this #!


Either a cold sales call or mabe a wrong number...


want to know the name




Ik kreeg net ook telefoon van dit nummer op 26 01 2018 .(Dame in t Frans) Als ik een ander nummer(0907 47765 ) terugbel zou er mij een cheque van 500€ toegestuurd worden per post . Voor een of andere winkel (Vestiging vrij te kiezen). Toen ik vroeg om welke winkel het ging, gaf ze mij een naam die ik niet verstond/ niet kende. Ze zij een winkel zoals Carrefour. Ik vertrouwde het niet en zij dat ik geen interesse had . Ze zij dat ik het niet goed verstond en dat het een gratis nummer was wat ik moest bellen(geloof ik niet) . ik heb nog eens vriendelijk gezegd dat ik geen interesse had ook dat ik het niet vertrouwde en heb de telefoon neergelegd. Dit klopt gewoon niet


SCAM. I received a call (on my T-mobile cell #) threatening that if I did not call them back, I would "not be able to log in to my computer". I did not call, and here it is about a week later and I have had no problems.


Both myself and my wife received calls from this number, with a recorded message (man, a bit of a hispanic accent) saying that the "judiciary department are cancelling" my Social Security number, and (apparently) the only way to fix it is to call them back. Can you smell a scam? YES!!! This could be potentially very troubling to an immigrant who may not be fully conversant with US rules & regulations, esp. regarding SS numbers. Calls we got came to separate numbers, both T-mobile cells. Somehow they got past the (usually rather good) T-mobile "scam likely" alert message for such calls.


This number called me several times. They keep saying they have a free medical brace for me.


Recibí una extraña llamada de una supuesta "bolsa de valores". Preguntaron mi nombre completo y les dije que el dueño del celular había dejado su teléfono en casa. Dijeron que llamaban después.


Called 3times in two hrs


won't leave a message, getting numerous call that keep using the 1st 6-8 numbers the same, definitely scammers and robo calls


Has called repeatedly at odd hours. Leaves a 3:00 voice mail of random noises and hisses. When I called back, line was out of service


won't leave messages, I feel they would if legit, also have seen other complaints on this number as scammers