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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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who does this number belong to


সে সিটার ...বিকাশ এর টাকা হাতিয়েে নেয়


These people have phoned me claiming to be from the Halifax fraud Team I think its a scam


This number has callss me 38 times over 72 hours, from 9am to 9pm. I dont ever answer it but it is worrying when you get calls later at night


.please check number to see if its legit


Called by a machine, threatening Legal consequences if no response was received. A name given, Jennifer Coleman, from HMRC, err, I don't think so. Scamming extraordinaire...


Who are you


I got a letter addressed to my father claiming his car's warranty is expiring. My father has been dead for almost ten years! It did not even have a return address on it. Do they think I am that stupid? They probably send this same letter to lots of people to try to trick them into giving money for nonexistent "coverage".


Sales Calls Several times a day Ask not an compliant still calling. Insurance robot push 9 an get live person.


Recruiting agency, just can't shake them off.


Another dork scumbag phisher.


Left message on my cell phone. Have no idea who this might be. However it knew my number. It says surveyrewards.


Kudrat Partners & Co M Sdn Bhd Debt collector for Uob Bank Malaysia Caller so rude..


The first part of the message was cut off. It was unclear as to what he wanted.


This number called me claiming they owed me money from a company that shut down. It looks very fishy to me. How can I get a refund if I never bought it in the first place? I think it is a trick to get your credit card number or bank account number.


this is a scam used the name of grandsons do not give out your grandsons name


no one on line


19/9/2018'@ 15.30


Citibank (SG)


Easy to block this dummy phisher. Needs a real job.


Got a call from them 09/18/18 @14:00hrs PST, left no message. Anyone know who this is?


whi is this


We are popular with energy providers, today especially. Callum called me from this number at 16:41, usual this, asking to speak with the person who deals with energy. Well, having attached himself to the tread in my shoe, I had to terminate the call, to pick up another one, only to get the same thing again, unbelieveable. My gahst has never been so flabbered.


Was called by a mashine at 16:31 with a recorded message about windows, the glass variety one asumes...


This company said they were B.T. Phone Co. They are scammers. Luckily I knew this type of scam was going on. They suggested I had problems with my internet & wanted me to log into my B.T..a/c as there was a fault. As with all who call me, I asked them to confirm my account number &address.They hung up immediately. I'm a pensioner so maybe anyone reading this who knows any elderly folk could suggest they do the same.


Caller, 'James' from somewhere up North was prattling on about our energy contract coming up for renewal, wanted to speak to the Director and was reluctant to take 'no' for an answer. When asked to remove our details, responded by saying that he was only following the information on his computer screen...




hi happy birthday have a great 17th birthday Christian taylor hope you get what you want xxxx




asking for contributions to school fundraiser


cant call number back,number not recognised


This number called me and when I call back it doesn't go through, I wanted to know who the number belong to


This is a scam claiming your computer is hacked. It is a trick to get your money.


Who’s number is this?


Keep receiving these to go calls.


Scammers in Jamaica are calling from this number claiming to be Publishers Clearinghouse. They falsely say you won something. It is a trick to get you to pay money for "taxes" and "fees" for a "prize" that never comes.


While I was on my computer, it hollered and said my computer was infected. I had to call this number immediately. I think it is a scam to trick you into giving money.


Call serval times no message?


POLICE TROOPERS = FAKE CHARITY. Do Not donate, answer. Just block & report call to FTC


I want know from where this numbers coz scam


missed call from this unknown number


Keeps calling same time every day. Will not talk, will not answer return call and text. Reported to all reporting sites


Keeps calling same time every day. Will not talk, will not answer return call and text. Reported to all reporting sites


Gentleman called form this number 14:55, said we were in renewal paeriod with EON. Wanted our address to mail a letter to, which begs the question, what on earth would he have out tellephone # for but not our address....


neden geldiği hakkında bir bilgim yok




I get a missed call from this no.May I know where its come from??


Scam! Calls daily. Offers to lower credit card interest rates. When a "live operator is reached who has a notable accent probably Pakistani, and asked to be removed from their call list told to "go ____ myself" then hung up. Obviously fishing for CC and personal information.


I received a text from this number asking me to verify my Verizon account or have it suspended. It wanted my ss#, cc #, & birthdate. Did not fill out, anyone get this?


ihad many miss call on this number kin dly