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Hari Raya

Sissy bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam should be renamed to Toh Tong Niang!

Befitting a more feminine name for the shemale Bapok for Keat Hong Mirage!

Didymuz Day Spa

Received text messages soliciting for home based massage service with sensual body to body tantric massage at a home based spa at 818B CCK Ave 1, Keat Hong Mirage!

Even offered free sucking service for brown skinned manly malay boys during fasting month!

Disgusting shemale!


Sissy Bapok Ahgua Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1, Ramadan is supposed to be Holy Month!

Stop offering freeTantric massage on the pretext to touch and suck Malay boys!

Your evil deeds have been known and screenshoots posted!

Indo Mama

Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam hangs out with an Indonesia transgender, called Arum, and they go out to Jakarta to seduce the straight young boys!

This is how shameless the bapok Didymuz is!

Go suck your father, sissy!

818B Keat Hong mirage

Bapok toh tongnam Thomas didymuz is a god sent insult to Christ!

Call herself a Christian and go around seducing and sucking!


Lao Niang

Old bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of Keat Hong Mirage seducing brown skinned malay boys with the help of Indonesian Arumndani Soedirdjo, a male to female fully transitioned bapok!

These 2 sissy bapoks are unstoppable and horny for more!

They travel together and trick young men into believing they are female, and get them into bed!

They should be whipped in public under sharia law!






Sissy Toh

Old bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of Keat Hong Mirage seducing brown skinned malay boys with the help of Indonesian Arumndani Soedirdjo, a male to female fully transitioned bapok!

These 2 sissy bapoks are unstoppable and horny for more!

They travel together and trick young men into believing they are female, and get them into bed!

They should be whipped in public under sharia law!

Coco roach

Bapok Thomas Toh Tongnam providing spa service and B2B massage from her flat at 818B CCK Ave 1!

Can someone raid this illegal vice den????????????

Bad for nearby ite students!

Lion Dance

Sissy Thomas Toh asking to hire beng beng Chinese Lion Dance troop guys to enjoy CNY in her bed!

She says she will give big Hongbao if can pump well!

She is disgracing the art of lion dance!

Cockroach of 818B CCK Ave 1

This sissy Thomas Toh Tong Nam is unstoppable like a cockroach!

No wonder she wants people to call her “Kazuak”!

Just how accounts and phone numbers does this sissy shemale have?


Sissy toh tongnam Thomas Didymuz asking for manly men that can pump her bare behind well!

New year

May the new year bring you new warts and cold sores on your porcelain skin face, bapok Thomas didymuz toh tong Nam of 818B CCK Ave 1!


Dear sissy toh tong nam Thomas,

You are so shameless! Being associated with you is a sin that god can never remove!


Shemale Toh Tong Nam graduate from SUSS!

Always looking at the hot hunks to look for potential pray to suck on campus!

This bloody shemale is damn obscene!

Manly aroma

Sissy tranny Toh Tongnam Thomas Didymuz of 818B CCK Ave 1 offering hunks with manly aroma free massage!

Lao Niang Toh Tong Nam

Lao Niang toh tongnam is really disgusting.

Look at the way she bloody sashays!

Moulin Rogue

Sissy Thomas Toh Tong Nam Didymuz calling to promote sensual man massage packages at Didymuz Day Spa, 818B Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1!

Covid Alert

Beware of this illegal worker dormitory at 818b cck Ave 1, keat Hong mirage!

4 worker to one 1 room!
Total of more than 8 people in the flat!

Is this allowed, Thomas Toh Tong Nam?

I hope HDB look into this and confiscate your flat!


Shameless shemale of 818B CCK Ave 1, Keat Hong Mirage!

Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam goes around seducing all men!


Beware of this number!

Calls on WhatsApp, and moaning sounds can be heard!

Anti Thomas Toh

Received a message from this number to try spa massage service at Didymuz Day Spa at 818B CCK ave 1!

The package costs $69 with everything included!

This sissy shemale says her signature body to body oily massage in included too!

Toh Tong Nam

I’m ***y and I know it!

People are just jealous of my good looks and fair porcelain skin!


This guy Toh Tong Nam Thomas was my SUSS SCM course mate! Graduated 2018.

Known for checking out guys in school!

Heard that always solicit for fun with other guys in SUSS campus toilets!

Quite an effeminate drama queen!


Can more people stand up against this toh tong nam Thomas of 818B CCK Ave 1?

I have made police report for soliciting of underaged.


This shemale offered my son $200 to tie and blindfold my son while she sucked him!

The whole message conversation took place on WhatsApp and I have sent it to the police to investigate!

Tudung Sisters

Sissy Thomas toh tongnam appeared at the door wearing nothing but her stockings!

Disgusting shemale of block 818B Keat Hong Mirage!


Beware of this sissy Thomas Toh Tong Nam our to seduce young underaged like that Dee Kosh!

Sissy Bapok!


Saw the bapok didymuz Toh tong nam wearing cheongsam today!

Looks really really disgusting!

Spa D’life

Didymuz Day Spa has changed name to Spa D’life!

Still sending out messages to unsuspecting men to try with young masseurs from different countries!

When they reach 818B CCK Ave 1, it will only be one masseur called Bapok Toh Tong Nam Thomas Didymuz!

She will dress up in the outfit of the nation you had requested!


Bang bang

Sissy bapok Thomas Toh Tongnam has changed number to +6583655126!

Beware of more scams from the Didymuz Day Spa!


Got a WhatsApp message from this number promoting didymuz day spa at Keat Hong Mirage with exclusive b2b tantric masssge!


Utterly shameless!

Doesn’t understand the religious significance of Haj!

This shemale Thomas Didymuz Toh was seen in our Keat Hong Mirage neighbourhood with a White hijab on Hari Raya Haji!

You are not worthy of the hijab, and you insulted the religion by wearing in during the holy haj period!

To make things worse, this shemale even went around greeting the Muslim kids and even asked them to address her as “kakak” or sister!

Extremely vile and disgusting!

Keat Hong Residents

This sissy keeps looking at my husband with her hungry looks!

I think she is trying to seduce my husband by wearing all the low cut tops!

But she looks like a joke with all the feminine clothes!

Carousell Nightmare

Shocking pervert seller on Carousell!

This person was selling the HDMI cable on Carousell with pick up at Keat Hong.

I asked to reserve and make arrangement to collect, and this person kept texting me lewd messages, like if I am a manly guy? Do I have brown skin?

The final straw cane when I was asked if I “wanted to insert my HardDickManlyIncher cable to her hole to try if it’s working!”

This is crazy and I cannot believe that this is happening on Carousell Singapore!

Bible studies

Lao Cheebye Toh Tongnam Thomas, you having what Bible?

How come you can go around sucking and enjoy sodomy?

Are you a fake Christian like you are a fake Cheebye bapok????????


Got a message “any kor kor can let me suck? 24 chn mei mei from SUSS bored and want some action! Text me 88550014!”

Lolita Toh Tongtong

This sissy Thomas Toh tongnam sashays like a Queen in the castle of Keat Hong Mirage!

Flamboyant sista that struts like a model. Alas, the face kena langgar, and that body of hers is all fake!

God save the Queen! Someone help Queen Tittymuz of Keat Hong Mirage!

Jk Dumpling

Sissy cao ah gua bapok thomas didymuz toh tongnam offered me $50 to kam my lanjiao!

She says that I must shoot out on her face and she will swallow it all!

This is one pevertic shemale Jie Jie!

Keat Hong Mirage

Sissy Tittymuz keeps talking about her ringed weakest spots and flaunting them in public!

Can someone tell her that not only are they small, they look diseased and disgusting!

Absolutely D cups there!!!!!

D for diseased and disgusting!

CCK Lot 1

Cao ah gua Thomas Toh Tong Nam offered $50 to me for kum lanjiao!

She damn feminine!

Beware of this old looking Bapok of 818B CCK Keat Hong Mirage!


Seductive moaning sounds were heard when I picked up a call from this number!


Sissy Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam made very loud zut zut zut sounds when she was blowing off my bunk mate in her masterbed ***ate room!

She’s a hungry shemale wolf!

cậu bé cơ bắp

gian lận đã không trả tiền sau khi vui vẻ với nhau


Effeminate Thomas Toh tong nam back on Carousell! Beware!

Carousell Scams

Lao Agua Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam Lao Niang is suffering from dementia and getting senile!

How can she call herself Uzmydid??????

Does she even have a dick in the first place???

We all know that your fake pussy is oozing all kinds of pus and discharge from your STDS!!!!

Stop being a joker and call yourself uzmydid, sissy bapok!

Carousell Warning

Beware of this sissy Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam! The shemale has changed nickname on Carousell to seduce more straight guys!

She is known as UZMYDID now!

The shameless Kuniang is now selling her cables for $10:
ATZ 1m HDMI v2.1 Ultra High Speed Cable for S$10 https://sg.carousell.com/p/atz-1m-hdmi-v2-1-ultra-high-speed-cable-1017853062

This sissy bapok is luring the people to her Keat Hong Mirage den to perform all kinds of unthinkable things on them!

Beware of bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam, now known as Uzmydid!

The part where her dick used to be is oozing all kinds of fluid due to STD!

Cum Laude

Sissy bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam should be renamed to Toh Tong Niang!

Befitting a more feminine name for the shemale Bapok for Keat Hong Mirage!

GE 2020

Vote wisely!

Such scums of CCK Ave 1 Keat Hong Mirage should be removed to name our neighbourhood safe again!

Remove Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam from Keat Hong Mirage!

Vote wisely!


Sissy Bapok Thomas Toh Tong Nam, own up to your damn misdeeds:

Seducing men in foreign land like Bangkok and HCM!
Going to Batam to look at construction workers shower!
Going to Rapee Massage Bangkok Silom to get banged until the massage tables were squeaking!
Solicit young students to take up your tantric massage offers!
Offering tantric massage at your home based massage parlour during the circuit breaker period!

For sure you will never admit to all these, because you are a sissy fake cheebye bapok hiding under your bra and panties, that feels no shame!

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