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Fake hanoi guide

Do not fall for this moneyboy scammer in Hanoi called Tony Romeo!

Shameless disgusting Vietcong scammer!

Nguyen Minh Dung

Scammer in Hanoi that goes by the name of Tony Romeo, scum that is dung like his real name suggests!

Poor English and poor tour guide skills!

He is more of a male escort in Hanoi!

HaNoi Cheater

Tony Romeo, return me the USD200 you collected for Halong Bay tour!!!

We paid you for the tour, but you never appeared at all!


Poor command of English and bad stinky breath!

Do not use this tour guide Tony Romeo when in Hanoi!

He is only suited for providing other services to the old sugar daddies!

Vietnam Tourist Authorities

This is a scammer in HaNoi!

Do not believe the services of Tony Romeo in HaNoi!

He is a fake tour guide!


kẻ lừa đảo tiền

TripAdvisor HaNoi

Horrible private tour guide in Hanoi that was more interested in showing you his privates!

Utter Disgrace to Hanoi

Disgusting fake tour guide soliciting for ***fun!

Beware of this joker!

Hanoi Egg Coffee

This disgusting HaNoi private tour guide kept asking me if I wanted to try drinking famous egg coffee from his boy hole!

He claims to be a smooth Vietnamese bottom!


Vietnam Tourism

Tony Romeo Private Hanoi Tours claims to be a smooth Vietnamese bottom who will show you all of Vietnam, Thailand and Laos!

Limited knowledge of the places!

Poor command of English!

Don’t waste your money engaging such a lousy guide!

Hanoi Scams

Utterly disgusting private tour of Hanoi by Tony Romeo!

Do not engage this guide!

You will regret it!

Visit Hanoi

Tony Romeo private tour says his tour includes everything.

For the price you pay, you can tour his privates in bed and more!

This shameless Vietnam scammer is a lousy tour guide!

Employ at your own risks!

Only the overweight, effeminate Caucasian daddies will say that he is very good!

Spoil Vietnam and Hanoi image!

Hanoi Scam Alert

Beware Tony Romeo!

Brings you to stores that are exorbitantly priced, so that he can earn commission from your sales!

Highly unethical tour guide operating in Hanoi!

Oh yes, he’s a male escort on RentMen too!

Shameless Vietcong probably has AIDS and STDS


Disgusting cheap male escort from HaNoi!

Poor English and pretends to know everything!

Beware of this scammer!

Shameless HaNoi guide

Used this cheat once and he is so desperate to get customer.

Sent this email advertisement in a bid to solicit for business

This is a very good example of shameless Vietnamese:



I am smooth Vietnam boy in Hanoi!

Here is my coronavirus package for rich ***daddy who want to come to HaNoi!

I can do ***tour guide in Hanoi. Price from USD35 to show you around. My tour include everything , food and transport.

For night room service, I can do *** in customer room for USD150. All position okay but I prefer to be bottom for customer.

This service also available for Halong Bay. If you go Halong Bay for 2 day 1 night, price is USD 400, and I spending the night sleeping with you. What are you waiting for?

Please contact me on +84338922290
Whatsapp +841638922290 I can send you my pictures for you to see
Email : [email protected]
[email protected]

I also have many many good review on Facebook by sugar daddy:


You can also see more photo of me on RentMen:





I am a shameless boy, you can cum on my face, take photos of me also! I will be a submissive slut for you!

Come to Hanoi and book tour with me!

Beware of free Hanoi tour, they are done by student and not professional like me!

Ask for Tony Romeo in HaNoi!

I can also find you young boy below 14 year old.

I am okay give commission for you if you have client.

Tony Romeo
Nguyen Minh Dung

Scammed in Hanoi

Tony Romeo is a damn scammer is Hanoi!

Do not use his travel service.

His service is only for rich sugar daddies who are into looking for fun with Viet boys!

Shameless Vietnam

Tony Romeo aka Nguyen Minh Dung is the shameless Hanoi Tour Guide selling his body under the pretext of a tour guide!

Shameless because the parents did not teach him at all! Lousy scammer with no proper manners!

Should deserve to die of Covid-19 so that Hanoi has one less scammer around


Do you have contact for rich foreigner come to Hanoi that need private guide in Hanoi?

My name is Tony Romeo, I can do guide in Hanoi, good price with extra service.


I also offer special service, I can blow and let the foreigner enter my tight Vietnamese hole.

I am a smooth Vietnam boy waiting for hire:


I waiting for you if you interested to by my customer or have customer introduce me, I can pay you some commission.

I also can do the tour to other countries if customer buy me air ticket.
I have UK customer buy me air tickets, and I can go with them to guide them in many Asian places with free ***, I am bottom boy!

Come try my tight hole today!

Tony Romeo
Nguyen Minh Dung
+84338922290 WhatsApp
Hanoi ***guide

HIV infection

I engaged Tony Romeo as my guide, companion and personal assistant for my time traveling solo in Hanoi and surrounding areas of Vietnam.

We had fun daily in bed as he said his price included everything!

After going back to Hanoi, he demanded an additional USD 500 from me, if not he threatened to make a police report about me raping him!

He even has secretly taken videos and pictures of us having the fun in bed together!

Beware of this shameless Hanoi scam tour guide called Tony Romeo!

Hanoi Free Tour

Do not believe Tony Romeo for Hanoi tours!

There are other free tour guides in Hanoi doing the same things for free!

Tony Romeo is a scammer out to disgrace Vietnam by offering his RentMen services!

Hanoi Scams

Advise all those who have gotten scam about Tony Romeo aka Nguyen Dung to send in all your information to the Vietnamese Embassy in your country!

Put pressure on this scammer!

Hanoi Scam Alert

Tony Romeo, the private guide in Hanoi, real name is Nguyen Dung.

Like the name suggests, he is like a pile of dung, out to get money from all the sugar daddy who buys his air ticket for his company around Asia!

He is not fit to be a tour guide, just a cheap male escort!

Aliyah Risant

Crappy private food tour with Tony Romeo in Hanoi, cost USD 45, but he kept asking for more money, which was disgusting.

Eventually gave him USD 75

Was down with food poisoning after eating the very unhygienic food in Hanoi!

Dean Jarvis

Tony Romeo is a male escort on RentMen!

Forget about having a proper guide to tell you about things when you get his service in Hanoi!

Private tour in Hanoi with Tony is absolutely rubbish!

He is more interested in the after tour component, which he quoted USD120 overnight in bed!

This is his definition of Privates Tour in Hanoi!

Privates as in exploring his privates parts!

Scammer in Hanoi

Tony Romeo is obviously a scammer targeting the rich sugar Caucasian daddies.

The stupid daddies insist he is the best tour guide in Hanoi, because other tour guides in Hanoi do not provide ***ual services!

Disgusted by TonyRomeo Hanoi

You see how disgusting this guy is:

Hello, I know this beautiful city and would like to share local experiences with you.Either you have an idea of the tour you want to do or you have absolutely no clue, just contact me and we will arrange the best tour for you.Please contact me on +84338922290 Whatsapp +841638922290 Email : [email protected]

[email protected]

I can do ***tour guide in Hanoi. Price from USD35 to show you around. My tour include everything , food and transport.

For night room service, I can do *** in customer room for USD150. All position okay but I prefer to be bottom for customer.

This service also available for Halong Bay. If you go Halong Bay for 2 day 1 night, price is USD 400, and I spending the night sleeping with you. What are you waiting for?

Please contact me on +84338922290 Whatsapp +841638922290 Email : [email protected] [email protected]

I am okay give commission for you if you have client.

Tony Romeo


Tony Romeo khẳng định sẽ thanh toán đầy đủ cho các tour du lịch 5 ngày của chúng tôi đầy đủ vào ngày đầu tiên của cuộc gặp gỡ của chúng tôi !!

Chúng tôi trả tiền cho chuyến đi 5 ngày và anh chàng này đã không đến vào ngày cuối cùng, đó là đi Vịnh Hạ Long!

Chúng tôi đã trả 120 USD mỗi người (tổng cộng 240 cho 2 người) để đi đến chuyến đi trong ngày Hạ Long với Tony, anh ta không chỉ xuất hiện với bất kỳ lời giải thích nào!

Chúng tôi đã kiểm tra rằng một chuyến đi trong ngày đến Vịnh Hạ Long chỉ tốn 38 USD tại khu vực Old Quarters!

Tony Romeo là một kẻ lừa đảo!

Coi chừng!


treffe ihn nicht! Er ist ein Betrüger in Hanoi, verschwendet Zeit und Geld für seine miesen Dienste!

Sugar daddy

Tony Romeo offered to stay with me in my hotel room for USD150.

For your information, he has a small dick and his breath stinks!

He does not look like his picture on social media.

Look more ugly and darker, with big pores on face!

The pictures he used are highly touched up with software!

Obvious traits of a scammer


Vietcong scammer!

Tony Romeo insist is to pay for our 5 days tours in full on the first day of our meet-up!!

We pay for 5 days tour and this guy did not turn up on the last day, which was to go Halong Bay!

We paid USD120 per person (total 240 for 2 persons) to go to Halong Bay day trip with Tony, not only did he fail to appear with any explanations!

We checked that a day trip to Halong Bay only costs USD38 at the Old Quarters area!

Tony Romeo is a scam artist!



TonyRomeo doesn’t even look like his heavily touched up and filtered pictures!

Bad explanation!
Poor English!
Not understand him most of the time!

Money grabber!
Overpriced tours!


организованный гастрономический тур ела только дешевую грязную еду, на следующий день у меня была кровавая диарея


Betrüger, der Geld betrügt, miese Tour-Pakete! das Geld überhaupt nicht wert!

Scam alert

Previously known as TonyAdam, this scammer changed to TonyRomeo to get a new identity and cheat more people!

Beware of him!

[email protected]

Fake tour guide in Hanoi!

Grinder Scam

Scammer on Grindr app!

Cheating foreigners in Hanoi by offering dubious travel package!


Tony is really disgusting! You should see his videos on how he make his clients happy on xvideo!

Highly possible to HIV positive!


Conman on RentMen!

Beware of this hustler in Hanoi!


Money grabber fake tour guide in Hanoi!

Do not ever get his service in Hanoi!

Lousy tours with no planning, utter waste of time and money!

Spent USD 500 on packages when you can get the same thing on Klook for half the price!


Beware of this ***scammer in Hanoi called Tony Romeo!

Claims to be an expert tour guide, but is nothing more than a ***male escort!

Charges exhorbitant price for worthless travel package!


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