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Just received a call from this number.


who is user this number 60367302138 .


Please check betul ke no ni dr maxis...saya risau..he want ic and address for update then dia cakap sy punya numbul phone btuah dah guna 5tahun so nak bagi hadiah phone betul ke...please check ????????

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Siapa telefon saya

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+60036281268233095 , gotten a call from that number , anybody got any clues about it ? Why is it too long ? I tried to call back , it said the number is incomplete .

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missed a call from this +60367302138 today. Just ignore.

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Received call from this number . I don't entertain. I called back many times. can not get connect.

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Got call from this number : 60367302138...The voice was cracking so I asked her...can I call you back? She said "no thats ok.." she said she will call me back...She didnt call for a long time so I tried call back but the call gets cut after 2 rings.

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this number is from Maxis , i just received the number and i call back the can knw who call them.

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I got phone call from this no.but, I did not answer it. So, cal back several times but it being cut. 16:0123.10.15..

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I received calls from this number thrice but there was always no one speaking at the other end. When I tried to call back, it couldnt be connected. Strange....

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Received calls from this number twice, once on Aug 25 - missed call, tried to call back several times, lines just cut off; received call from this same number again this morning, I seems to hear a very soft voice (not clear at all as the sound is very soft) & it was cut off then; returned call immediately & lines just cut off.... very strange !!

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Just received the same number +60367302138 and same response. It call ended.

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i got missed calls from this number and i tried to do some background research about this number and thank god i landed on this site

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az malaysia

I received this call today but the line soon disconnected.
So I made several RETURNED call but not one reply and my phone display showed error connection, WHY? and what should we do? Scam? is there government department like police etc....we could lodge in report and make investigation/ details of caller information and to find out What is going on?

Hope some kind person can reply and give some advice.

Thank you

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received this call today. Pick up and it automatic answer. Weird dont pick up if it call back

Hong Kong Hong Kong


Received this call twice as well.
But unable to hear.
When I call back, no ring tone so seems like a scam. Beware

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received miss call from +60367302138, tried to call back. seems no answer. i thought it was someone i expected.
assumed.. scammer and spammer and ignorance.

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Got a miss call from +60367302138. When i return call, it rings immediately gets rejected. Scam???

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same thing here, called back and disconnected by itself. will update if this number tries to call back and see what he/she's up to

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i received this call serveral time but I didn't answer. Spammer!

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I received a call from this number and tried calling back with the same response. Goes quiet and no one speaking at the other end. Tell others don't entertain such calls. same number exactly.

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I received twice recently.

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no one

I received a call from this number, they claim they are calling from Maxis. The person on the phone asked me for IC and was going to ask me for my credit number then I told them to call back another time.
Immediately, I checked with Maxis. It does not belong to Maxis. If Maxis calls you it's a private number. They never ask you for any sensitive information like IC or credit card number.
Be careful!

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A lady called claiming to be from maxis customer service

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Received calls from this number few times already. Number is strange, so I refused to answer. The ringing is short so I'm suspecting it must be scam or something. Good thing I googled and found this site.


me have experience, think is scam!!!

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I received call from this number several times but no one is talking and I can't call back.who can this person be?

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received call from 60367302138 several times already, return calls always disconnected.

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where location?

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received this call, +60367302138 , when i return call, it rings but get rejected

Let us know about 60367302138

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