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Nick frumosu

I've been hacked and COMPROMISED very badly,someone involved with faceit.com is a shared user in my gmail,android phone Facebook, etc. Etc. They put this number in my phone as my voicemail and call forwarding #....but that's not my real voicemail #,no wonder I haven't been getting my customers phone calls in a while,about a month to be specific, been fighting a losing battle it seems.they implanted fake Google password verifyer,changed my settings,permissions,put fake security certification for system and cleared out the user certifications and became the ADMINISTRATOR of my gmail account I've had for over a DECADE and has pretty much HIJACKED MY ACCOUNT. I'm totally insecure,trespassed,violated,identify theft,stole all my customer contacts and is trying to force me out of what rightfully belongs to ME! If anyone can help me.
PLEASE call me

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I have an Obama free phone since 7/12/17 and had only made one call which lasted one minute, but today, after checking my daily usage found out that I had calls from 18056377249 every day, sometimes more than one per day for a total of 149 minutes used. I updated my settings and marked that number plus 5 more (unknown numbers) which I did not recognize as BLOCKED. I checked my "daily usage" for today and for the first time it says "0".

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