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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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Receive several calls from this number. It looks local, but it isn't. I answered and a woman with a heavy accent was on the line. I asked who was calling and she stated her name.....I then asked her from where, and continuing not to tell me why she was calling, said from still not really answering what I wanted asked what company, and couldn't really make it out. I would assume that is some type of debt collector using a number generator.


Left voicemail on my cell offering wireless security system. Told me to call a number in a completely different area code (425-312-7268). When I look up the second number, it mentions people getting a call from a different number (such as this 347 number, but lots of numbers are mentioned as the first number) telling them about the security system and telling them to call the 425 number. Blocking both numbers.


This is a Memphis, Tennessee area code, and I live in Memphis. I have a feeling the caller is masking their real location and showing me 901 so I'll answer. When I answer, there's a pause, then a complete disconnect. It seems evident to me that it's a robocall of some sort, because it's happened several times today. I've blocked it.


Who rings every day on this number?


stop calling me............................................


who called


Who's this


I received many calls from this number; I would like to know who called?


The person who Calls me claim to be a representative of the Company Parker&McKenzie (NEW York). He has connevted me to International Trading Commission (Washington DC). I Wonder if any of these Companies excist? Best regards


Caller claimed to be from 'National Data Center', offering Government subsidies for household 'Recycling and Improvement' schemes, obvious scam. My phone is registered with the Telephone Preference service, which they ignored, and they did not with hold their number so you might return their nuisance call at your expense, which is supposed to be against the telephone marketing rules.


Who's calling me


someone calls and doesn't speak


Unknown call


do not leave a message, do not call


may i know whose number is this?


find who call me n what for


who is that?


who is


i need to know. who is calling me. from this number.


hi i got 3-4 times call from this number. he left a voice mail like this call is for me and he has some important information for me.


Claims to be from Chamber of Commerce


Whose number


Who is this person


I also got a call from this number today, it was just a beep... so who is it?


I know zero people from Des Moines, IA. Didn't pick up. They didn't leave a message. If they were real (not a scam, survey, etc) they'd have left a message.


Called (left a message) indicating the IRS has filed a lawsuit against me. They did not - or I would have had something in the mail first. Definitely a scam. Did not even mention a name of the guilty on the message. Reported tot he IRS


who called me


i need to know the person who has this number 8754936673


+85230697858 this number tried to entice me to call back by putting thru 7miss call over a space of 2 weeks. The owner of such number is a cheap scam. Can't even afford to pay for a call to scam me


i need to know who called me.


I just want to know, who this number belongs to. Thank you


I want to know who called med from this number, and from which country did the Call come from.


I think he is cheating




This number calling me also


Response to Craigslist ad around 2 weeks ago


Who could call me from +32468901420?


dtermine this number


some one calls me with this phone number ,dosent answers me ,


I like to know owner of this number. I received several calls from this number since Jan'16. I just received their call again a while ago I did not want to answer call that I don't know the source. Thank you. May


Who is that persion?


who own this number ?


who called me


Scammers who take your money without your knowledge or permission, Premium Charges to mobile accounts post or prepaid. I have contacted Optus who advised me the charges where from Digital Turbine so I did some research to find this info. level 2/221 Miller St North Sydney 2060 Ph.0299258888 After some more research I found that they are also known as Mirror Image Access (Australia) Pty Ltd and they are some dodgy Telco who Offer "Premium Support" and still have a phone number but website has been taken down. Mirror Image Access (Australia) Pty Ltd PH# 1300724406


They call repeatedly and never leave a message nor do they anwser when I call back. What's up with that?


I want to know who is this