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called and when answered the line was silent.


This person has just reached out to me for my item on Craig's list.  Saying that they will send a cashier's check and not pick up the item until it clears my bank, but has no interest in actually seeing the item before sending me a check.  Has just asked for my name and address.  At this time, I will cease further communication with this individual.


ASB Financial B    Said he was calling from Arlington, TXWould be in my area on Thursday and wanted to come by my house to discus my Insurance.Said that I have had no medical problems as per his report.Wanted to lower my monthly premiums ............possibly with another company.?????????????????????????NO WAY would I allow him to come to my home.


Llamada amenazante


Left a message to contact the number 402 685-5321, saying that my debit card is locked and I need to enter my card number. :DD


they said that they was from hotmail they was going to cancel my account


Someone with an Indian accent called to let me know he was calling from the RCMP to alert me (and he had my full name) that my Visa Card had been used for fraudulent activity.  As I don't have a Visa card with that bank I started asking for his name, telephone number etc.  He hung up.Beware....this is an attempt to scam you.  The telephone number that appeared on my screen was 1-403-277-0858.


I got the call Tricare prescription drug call from this number. I'm a vet, but not on Tricare. She asked for me by name also.


Chirpy young fellow who wants to speak to the business owner, claims to be able to save the business money related to telecom services, calls most days, would be no great loss if they fell in a woodchipper and took all their 'workmates' with them.


who keeps texting me from this number


Asked about out empty property.  Told them we don't have any.  Scary that they had our name and county with the phone number.


Rings my daughter constantly pretending to be o2 customer servicesBut the guy stammered badly and was asking for account number and postcode so clearly not o2


Say they are the IRS and will be prosecuted


I have had calls from this number every day for 3 weeks


Answered. No person on the phone. Could hear people in the background talking like in a busy mall or shopping plaza.

7609748017 it on this website.


This number calls me repeatedly in the afternoons. Something to do with insurance. Asked them not to call again, they probably will.


call 9:30 this morning say nothing


Scam claiming to be part of Visa/Mastercard network which can lower my interest rate. Refused to answer questions about which bank affiliation or which card. When I asked questions he called me an idiot, told me to shut up and hung up. Hopefull he doesn't call back.


I am on the do not call list but have received 3 calls which I did not answer from


Phone call from the same number. Claimed to be from Talk Talk. Knew my name. Clearly spoken English voice sounded twentys to thirtys. As soon as he mentione that he'd ask some simpe questions for data protection, I put the phone down


Caller ID shows up as V92010245800000, surefire way to ensure that I don't answer. Allegedly Google business listing verifier. Now blocked. Losers.


This was the call back number left by the "IRS" because they were going to sue us according to the digital voice... Not sure what kind of scam it is but I know it's a scam the number rings out of service


They didn't speak and I said hello a couple of times they hung up. Very annoying.


Called me at work wanted to sent info on our "upcoming move". FYI, we are not moving.


Missed call, no message. Blocking anyway.


in addition to Sue's list above I've also gotten called from    +1 (912) 629-7503    as well


some creepy lady on a recording, saying, WE'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET A HOLD OF YOU,yah, I bet you jerk, stop calling someone from Mass, probably a dumb polititian.


Just block it 02 8094 5832


Disney vacation scam, all they want is your credit card number


This number is a robot, checking if you are the owner of the number and if so winning 5000 euro. My guess is spam so just hang up.


Got a call from this number. Did not leave a message. Who is this or do anyone have any information?


Spam caller, left a voicemail saying I can lower my credit card rate. Didn't leave their fake company name.


i missed this call and i want to know who is it


Second time today this call. From Canada. Scam purporting to be from talk talk. I have had this scam from other numbers in the UK. Answer machine picks up and no message. This last call could hear call centre. Surely this kind of harassment cold calling with malicious intent to get personal/bank details is illegal and should be stopped! Anyone receiving a call on this number or other numbers where they say they are from an internet provider and something wrong with your computer please don't be caught out. They are thieves and liars who only want your bank/personal details to steal from you. Talk talk recently had their customer files hacked. They said there was nothing for customers to worry about. These calls I am getting from different numbers all purport to be from talk talk, a provider I have been a customer of. It doesn't take much thought to see the connection ....lies all around!


Called my telephone number in Western Washington State at 6:36 AM by the time I got to the telephone my telephone messaging had answered; they left a message for me to call back, I checked this site and "BLOCKED THEIR NUMBER!" ThanksNOTE: The category I selected was prank but obviously this was a SCAM!


call from 509-204-2463 said was from Fraud IRS officer I could not understand and ask if received a letter, when i said this sounds like a fraud call he hung up


I get 5-6 calls a day from this number on my work phone. It is very annoying. They hang up every time I answer with the business name.


I'm thinking they're collectors.  She said Primerica regarding a positio and texted job details to me after I specifically asked for an email. Who does that?!!?!!


This 917 317 4003 called. Msg left in Indianaccent that Treasury will sue me, if I do notCall back :  Funny Scam : Blocked it


I keep rcv'g calls from this number as well. The last time was this morning 9/20/16.




Just received  call , didn't pick up as didn't recognise number . Just read the preceding entries and blocking number now.


This seems to be Thames Water, I would like this confirmed


They called at work - after being told TWICE not to.  They asked for my birth date and last 4 of SSN right off the bat.  When I asked what it was about, they say it is about an application I filled out.  BOGUS.  They left a message today, FINALLY, and said they are attempting to find out "Location information" for me.  WHen I answered the phone the first time when they called me at work, they said that "This call may be recorded for your protection" ???   Debt collectors are supposed to say that "this is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained may be used for that purpose.  For that reason, I suspect that this is a place called "BLUE TRUST LOANS", or someplace calling on their behalf, since they also called me at work this morning so the timing is suspicious.  Blue trust loans is a tribal lender and they think they do not have to adhere to FEderal debt collection laws, which isn't true - they do.  They don't have to abide by certain state laws, but Federal ones they do.    That is why they aren't stating the normal "this is an attempt to collect a debt" language.  Bottom line is, whoever this is violating Federal Debt Collection laws,  report them - or sue them like so many others are.  First call the Federal Trade Commission and REPORT THEM.


4 charges levied against me


after several rings,


no name given (voice mail)


Noisy background noise.


They hung up after 8 seconds. No one there