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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Unknown no keeps phoning at unsociable hours


Keep getting calls but no one answers


how this transaction business can help me to have a profit


Asked for me by name and when I replied "speaking" they cut the call. This is annoying and worrying as this is a business line they are calling and I dont provide this number in reference to myself


This number is bothering me and keep following me


It's a recorded message telling me my business qualifies for a loan. I don't have a business. Scammer.


left message claiming to be IRS, and they are filing suit


Same thing here. Told him I didn't want to give my birthday and he said thanks and hung up the phone.


It's sirius XM. Block it.


Thank you for posting this alert. This call came after our Mac had a "frozen" episode saying we had been attacked and don't turn off the machine because everything will be lost. We had been though this before and almost fell for it this time....... Turn off the computer and it was fine. Reason we bought Apple was because we thought we would be safe from all these thugs!


Utilize your call blocking.Once the same number calls 3 times...that is it...I use my block.Or just hangOr...just say...thus # is on the "do not call list" thank you...hang up...that has worked for me.Do not engage them.


These people will try everything to get your information.


I called about an ad you had on gumtree you paranoid have been constantly ringing me thru the night from a withheld number ....dont put ads up and then wonder why you get calls..ive had to cancel my number bcos of u you nutter


Called today.


I just got two phone calls saying that it is now a second attempt....the first number was 844-878-7617. Kinda scary getting these calls. Has it been verified as a scam?


The IRS doesn't make these calls. Scam Alert!I received a call from this number. I let it go to voicemail.  It is a computerized voice saying it is Officer Daniel Wideman calling you from the legal department of the internal revenue services.  It is in reference to criminal lawsuit filed against you. Your case number is CF93271.  The moment you receive this message, I need you to return the call.  The issue at hand is extremly time sensitive.  The Hotline to my desk is 202.840.6553.  I repeat is it 202.840.6553.  Don't disregard this emssage and return the call. Now if you don't return the call and I don't hear from your attorney either, then the only thing I can do is wish you good luck and the situation unfolds on you.


Hi ElizabetSomeone with this number calls me this morning, but i do not answer this call.It's a number from Singapore i think...GreetingsRonBelgium


I picked up. They said they are the "Actors Company" and that I was on their mailing list. Their signal was so bad it lost the connection and they kept breaking up. I don't think its worth anyone's time. Probably some scam extras company


Texting meIdk who they are


i kept getting spam calls to where without me even saying, they knew my name. i called my provider and they suggested 3 things. 1. change my number (which i did not even 24 hrs ago) 2. add my number to the national do not call registry and after 31 days if they call again you can report them through there. and 3. add an app called mr. number it is free and it will automatically block all potential spam numbers. you can set it up where it notifies you after it blocks it or where it just does it and you wont even know. beats having to do each individual phone number too. i assure you i am not a robot or a spammer im just trying to help others out. this stuff is super annoying and i wish it would stop.


computer generated message to call them back. scammers


Scam... Irs lawsuit scam.. Report it to irs at 18003664484. Dont give out any identifying information


It's a scam!!! They said they were from BGE and needed payment now or power was going to be cut off. I called BGE and they said it was a scam and they were aware of it. Soo...I called the guy who called me right back and said he should call 911 now cause as soon as I saw their guy I was shooting and lighting him up like swiss cheese. My way of having a little fun with them. He quickly hung up. So I've been calling them all day just to annoy them and to let them know their scam is known. They have since blocked my number lol.


This is a number from bank of america unregistered accounts phone number


I got that same phone call but i never let him (with his India Indian accent) get any further when I told him I wanted A MEDICAL ADMIN ASST. JOB.


who is this?


3 calls 11:55pm 9/13/16 1:47am 9/14/16 2:54am 9/14/16


some one was calling when i called back no answer


I want to know who owns the num ber


Called alot of times but when called back not in use.


Got 2 miscalls from this number in the morning.. i don't know who..


Who called me


Officer Johnson IRS officer. Hung up when I asked him for his federal ID #.


Keeps calling and wont stop after being told to stop.  Being reported to BBB and state


homewrecker, having an affair with my husband


I keep getting calls from this number. I don't recognise it, just it a scam?


Women (could not speak perfect English), asking about my home security system----------of which we have none.


they call at least 2 times a week for the last month


I got a call with a threating message saying they are with the IRS treasury.  Said you will be hunted down and put in jail....david mason I believe and he was very horrible....


Phoned 5 times this afternoon - husband didn't answer phone - lets see what tomorrow brings - if I get them, I will give them a mouthful.


Fred Beans auto dealer --- trying to get previously purchased car traded in for new model


Called, no voicemail left... I'm sure its some sort of spam call


They keep calling my phone. I haven't answered the calls.  I wondered who and why they won't stop calling me.


This is a FAKE collection company. They have your name of someone you know etc.. They won't tell you nothing but just call us back and a personal matter. Don't give them no info. It's called RPM, something like that. One of the person's name is CHRIS NANCE. but when ask who do we speak to, he said oh anyone can help.. yea right.. fake fake...


Calls and leaves no message. Spam


calls a few times per day, no message...scammer do not answer


I got a call from this number, but they did not leave a message.






I got a missed call from this numbers but I cant call them back, I want to know who called me because I am busy applying for jobs , maybe its from a company