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called29/6/16 at 18:11


Rbc Assurance vie ... cout de 4.95$/mois . L'Assurance prend find a 80ans. Elle couvre mort accidentelle ou naturelle au Canada et aussi a l'international. - les benefices vont a quelqu'un de votre choix en cas de deces. - Cette Assurance donne 50.000$CAD a votre beneficiaire - Elle augmente de 5% aux deux (02) ans et prend find a 80ans




They left a message saying if I didn't call this number in the next couple of hours they would come to my place of employment to serve papers on me and require the supervisor to sign as witness. SCAM!


Keep getting messaqes about tax fraud. They seem to be right after Revenue Canada has actually called me. Are they hitting on the government network?


I don't know this person and they keep calling me can you please help me and try to figure out who it is thank you colby


I have had the same thing. Claiming that there has been a complaint against me and there are papers that need to be delivered to my house or place of employment. Uuuummmm............. IF this were true..... first of all they would KNOW my address ....... and also IF this were true and it really was a legal deal ...... I would get a certified letter from the court house in the county I live in .... which is no where near Cleveland, OH


Said he was Andre Lyons from the IRS. Said his badge # was GS6201. Said There had been some red flags on my taxes from 2009 -2011 and charges had been filed. When I told him I had not filed taxes since 2008 cause I was on disability he was quick to say he would talk to his superiors about it and hung up.


They keep calling me. I picked up twice and both times asked about some guy called Sergei in Russian.


Estiomados, Escrivo por este medio para pedir una hora medica para mi hija de un año de edad, su nombre es Alanis Matilda Perez Tapia, RUT: 25.002.812 y el consultorio al cual corresponde es Condores de Chile (El Bosque). Mi hija tiene unas manchas rojisas en la piel junto con fiebre y diarrea. Solo mado el precente mail porque el fono 800 500 452 no funciona o se encuentra totalmente ocupado . Sin otro particular saludos cordiales.


Keeps calling and doesnt leave a message...


Called in the afternoon. Didn't leave a message.


who is this


By Anonymous 2 weeks ago She starts the conversation with "Can you hear me?" if you reply then the voice continues. She asks if anyone in the household has mobility issues. This is not a live person on the other end of the call. It is a recording. After each question there is a pause, waiting for a reply. You can say anything , like Peter Pan, and the recording continues. Eventually the voice will say "I'm sorry." and the call is disconnected. Why do they keep calling. I have had 2 calls this afternoon.


please help


Spammers أهم شي تطول في المكالمة عشان يضيع رصيدك


I want to unsubscribe from this number who he charged my phone and I'm not sure why. Was told by eye staff to do this when I queried my bill.




just want to know


!!DO NOT REPLY TO THIS TEXT!! I had a text come thru for my views on my recent EasyJet flight. I (foolishly) replied, giving ratings out of 10. Then on my next fone bill they had charged me £3 for one text!!




es un numero que recibi para llamar y confirmar un premio




not sure who this number belongs too


I received the same robotic voice calling me to inform me that I was being sued by the IRS and they had placed a warrant for my arrest. So I did some digging and called them back. The caller is part of a phishing scam to steal money from Americans. They are based out of Pakistan and will attempt to have you drive to a Walgreens to purchase Apple iTunes gift cards then supply them with the PIN numbers. They will instruct you to email pictures of the cards to JAMESOCORNER@ACCOUNTANT.COM The caller later openly admitted to me that it is a scam and they have been doing this for at least 6 years. He then proceeded to insult my mother for 5 minutes and tell me how dumb Americans are. The caller at one point called me back from (360)232-4905. The (206)905-9269 number leads to their call center. Help stop these a*****es! Report them: You receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS but you suspect they are not an IRS employee ... Record the employee's name, badge number, call back number and caller ID if available. Call 1-800-366-4484 to determine if the caller is an IRS employee with a legitimate need to contact you. If the person calling you is an IRS employee, call them back. If not, report the incident to TIGTA and to us at (Subject: 'IRS Phone Scam')


This was from some sort of marketing or survey agency. I did not pick up, they did not leave a message, but caliing back this number it said this is a survey, if you want to be removed from this list .. bla bla bla. So, probably some scammer or market /polical (trying to influence) survey -SPAM


He's on twitter and Facebook scamming women and wanting money


who is it


Three texts offering me preapproved business loans


Got this call, supposedly to avoid a Federal Marshal showing up I have to call this number to prevent legal action. Assume if I did I would be asked to provide my credit card #. Yeah right.


Claimed to be from VISA OR Mastercard, authorizing fictitious online purchases.


who does this number belong too




Pls do let me know what is the details about +65 63738010.Thank You.


Received txts saying they had parties n other random stupid stuff txted n called bk no reply etc


I won't answer it as I answered a call already and she said she was ringing they cops. I am getting emails off them as well and its all a scam. Please be careful.


IRS said I owe them money I'm supposed to call them back.


Called 2x today no message


Accidentally picked up when this number called. Insurance b***


Received a text about some parcel being ready for dispatch but don't know about it.


Keeps calling


Maggots that keep calling me to sell fake pills


Small business scammers that keep calling even though my number is on the FTC Do Not Call list and I've asked them to stop calling several times before. Same people have been calling from other numbers. Now I have blocked this number and also reported them to the FTC.


He called me but I don't know who he is.


I missed a call from this number




Received this call but caller hang up the moment I picked up.


I received a call from this number just now: 10h52 am


They hanged up after picking up.


i got a call from this number. but i don't know who is this