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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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Rang this number back and it stated the number you have called has not been recognised.


This number called me st stound 10:20pm..anyone know abt this number??


No answer then they hung up


Who is this?


Please Let us know about 8004868699


i got one call from this number 00971 - 02- 4411121 let me know who called me


I received call from this no 2 or 3 time can you explain me who is there and why call me


I do not know anything about it. The last 24 hours I have lots of calls from similar numbers , both ends on .........117. From Alloa, York, Stevenage, ....... Who they are ? I want to stop these disturbing me. Can you do something against them? Thank you, Kind Regards, Henriett Holczhauser


Received miss call from this number.


hey how are you doing am lora from us i am single never married before i would love to know yaa well you can text me on this number 918) 376-5370 or email me at i dont get on here much always busy ok thanks


Who calls me? Company data?


need to find details of this number


Need to know where this number originate


Who callsme




I need this person


Getting text saying my account been accessed go to link don't trust it I'll go to bank I think


Qiero saber qien me ablo a este numero 7861004499 en los mezes nobiembre y diciembre grasias


I believe this is one of those IRS scammers. They left a message "commanding" me to call back. I didn't find anything on this number when I searched but I did find comments about numbers ending in 7135 and 7136 so they are probably the same bunch of losers.


Who called me from this phone number 00905394410243.


Who's number is this? it is coming up as a Mr. Ace Taylor Columbus Ohio 43205 I files some charges against you I hope you ain't some perverted ***dude who messing with little boys sickle. 514 Wilson ave Columbus Ohio 43205 got your info Mr, Adolphus J Taylor


+60036281268233095 , gotten a call from that number , anybody got any clues about it ? Why is it too long ? I tried to call back , it said the number is incomplete .


who is it ?


What is this?? You call me in this number690920702


I've received calls from this number on numerous occasions Please can you give me any information on this Thank you


Who call me using that number


who called me from this number not reachable or call back


OCBC marketing


who is this?


Did not answer and they left no message. Calls from 757 "214" are usually some kind of cruise giveaway spam! Will block caller!


hi who are you


Received a call from this number. But whenever you try to call back it only gives you a busy tone back.


whould like to know who call


Called but left no meessage.. Caller-ID "Channelview, TX"


I had a call from this number




Associated with a house posted for rent OK m Chapel Hill NC. Wants me to send him a check to TX and he'll overnight me keys. Completely false house is on the market right now.


I keep getting missed calls from this number evryday


I received a call from this number but when I called the number back it said it wasn't in service


you have won gifts of 25,000.00 dollars, and waiting for you to pick up your prizes...only need ID to claim your prizes


This number called my cell phone. I did not answer. They left a voice message--obviously a computer-generated message created by a non-native English speaker. The beginning of the message was cut off. What I did get was "we request you not to use your computer or other NAT devices before speaking to our next certified technician for help and support press one or if you wish to hang up press two..."


Insurance Telemarketer. I was on the other line and they called 4 times inside 60 seconds making it impossible to hear what was being said on an important call. When I called them they refused to say who they were except they wanted to know if I had auto insurance. I explained it would be a cold day in hell....


I received a call from this no. and I want to know from where it comes, nothing wrong with the call but I want to make sure about its origin


Missed call. Called back. PPI ambulance chasers, with the gall to expect me to stay on the line paying the 'phone bill to listen to their sales pitch. DO NOT CALL BACK! You're wasting your money.


No message just nosy background like a call center.


This number is calling me I need to know who it is and why is calling me.


This number shows on mobile as Ebbsfleet which is a town near me. The young Scottish lady asked for me by my name and said she was calling from R K Legal and she was in charge of closing down cases today and she was calling about my accident that I had within the last 2 years (I have not had one) which my mobile has been registered against. Before 'closing' the case, she asked if I was aware of the entitlements with regards to this case. I told her I hadn't had an accident in the last 2 years and she started to wrap up the conversation pretty quickly but I got in there first and asked her for more details as someone could be claiming under my name and there could be a possible fraud happening here - she quickly stated that she did not say that there was any fraud but I said there could be possible fraud here and I wanted further details at which point she clean hung up on me. I know you can receive these calls from vermin trying to 'assist' in fraudulent claims which in turn we all pay for in our premium renewals (nobody will ever lose out other than us, consumers) - but it did intrigue me that she said within the last 2 years and I have not had a claim within this period or anything close to that. Is this a new crash-for-cash type scheme - have they purchased a list of previous crash victims and are using their details to make completely fake claims....?