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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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from where is this call




who calling this night?




De quien es ese número


Said they were calling from Microsoft in CAlifornia. Wanted access to my computer.... "Hit the windows button and the letter R......." I told them I was busy and would call back in 20 minutes.


Got phone calls from this number and i would like to know what kind of agency they are.


No voice for 5 sec.then computer said goodb6


keeps calling me




U. S. National Sweepstakes


Want to know who called me.


tell me who is this.


who is


who is this? I received a call from this number. If this is a scam call, good luck with the police.


pl. mane the caller


this number called i called back 30mins later and number has been disconnected


This people they claim they are telstra is that correct


Hi, this number have called me several times. Please let me know who owns it. Thank you.




who is this number calling me plez


Who calls me from 009609263270 and 278




i wanna know this number who call it


why did you call me ???? do i know you ??




This number keep calling me




Got a call from a guy named Tony Bray. Called trying to sell me advertising on Google. Was slow to get to his point of calling and ended up wasting over an hour of my time. He got aggressive when I was hesitant to purchase and basically made me feel like I was an idiot for not understanding his great opportunity he was presenting me with. When I told him I could not afford his offer he hung up on me. He was very rude and I would not recommend taking a call from this man.


I have reported this to the FTC. This is some telemarketer ---something to do with selling vehicle warrantys. A recording answers so it is impossible to tell them to take me off their list!! I have never done business with this company and don't know how they got my number


Saying I'm eligible for to licence refund


Who is this


I don't know who called


Called in the middle of the day saying if we didn't give them 600 for the electric bill ASAP the power would be disconnected in an hour. Needless to say it was baloney because the number was for a completely different state than the one the store is in.


I got call from this number?


This Colorado number calls me twice a day, several times a week.


This number calls me about 4 times a day. I'm not in when they ring & they don't leave a message on the answer machine.Anybody have any idea who they are? The area code seems to be Hull (UK).


to threaten me


I wanna know who me from this number. Thanks


Called me several times at awkward times . No messages ever left. Before I BLOCK them, does anyone know who calls?


This number is being used as a spoof number. The actual owner of the number had no clue how their number was showing up on my phone. I googled phone spoofing and apparently peoples numbers can be typed in before calling random people to run scams. This person is being harassed by angry people calling them back and scammers are using their number to harass people.


Call from Linda Jones. Says she is a debt collector and a judgement will be filed against me unless I settle debt today. Would not give me the contact information for whom they are collecting the debt for. Also would not provide me with any documents proving this is my debt. Says it would have to go to court for documents to be shown to me. Threatened that my taxes could be held. Just expected me to hand over my credit card information and pay.


Received a call from this number but could not call back .


I had a message from this number a week ago and just about 5 minutes ago I had a call but I could not hear what was this lady saying


I have received a phone call fro this number, but I was at work busy, and now when I call the number it sais..the number does not exist. This is wired and I wanted at least to know the country where the call comes from... Any info is helpful ! Thank you


Leaves this phone number to call via email. Claims to be Microsoft to troubleshoot a problem with computer. Asks for "credentials" to trick you into giving away account#s. clearly a PHISHING SCAM. DO NOT REPLY. To get rid of it, use Alt-Ctrl-Del to bring up Task Manager, and stop the process. Shut down.


The caller left a message at work and had my first name. They stated they were calling from the sheriff's office and I needed to call them asap. Thinking a family member had an accident I called. They stated I had not appeared for a Federal Grand Jury Trial and was going to be arrested unless I pay a fine. They told me they needed the money in two hours or I would be put in jail. I knew it was a scam so I played along. I told them I would come to the courthouse tonight to pay the fine and they said they would be there but I needed to pay over the phone. They then tried desparately to get my cell number. I told them I was going to call the local sheriff's office and they became very upset--HA!!. I called the sheriffs office on my other phone and they could hear the conversation. They immediately hung up. If you get a call from this line just hang up...Whatever you do do not call them back...It is based in Lynchburg VA but the Sheriff said the actual caller could be anywhere.


I called this number to get an estimate for a wood shake restoration. Some guy called me back yelling that I was sitting in his money being petty over a deflector, and yelling was putting a lien on my house


this number send me message but i hate that