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More than a year ago / 2013-10-09

"Hi this is Dianne, blah blah blah..."

SO ANNOYING. Any Internet bounty hunters available to hire?

This one should carry a large bounty if we all chip in...
More than a year ago / 2013-08-03
This number 3603226184 keeps calling me in westchester - The best solution is to follow through and set up appointments.. but don't sign and give wrong name and address. Dianne from carpet cleaners is back under another name.
More than a year ago / 2013-07-18
they keep calling everyday.
More than a year ago / 2013-07-12
This number is what showed on my caller ID but when called number back voicemail says to leave msg for 925-360-3226 ! SO.. theres software out there that fools CallerID to believe call is coming from different area code (and state) not SanFranciscoBayArea! PleaseListComplaint with Fed Do NOT call Registry! We've GOT to nip this new technology in the bud and it wont happen unless LOTS of people complain!!!
granny j
More than a year ago / 2013-07-11
4:15PM CST No message
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