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More than a year ago / 2014-07-22
They're calling again
More than a year ago / 2014-04-29
I'm living in Belgium. This afternoon around 14:00h i also received a call from a lady claiming she was a Microsoft technician and saying my computer was infected by a virus and was connecting to their servers. She offered me to resolve the problem. I told her the call was traced by federal police and she hung up immediately :-)
Ricky (Belgium!)
More than a year ago / 2014-04-17
These people call me since april 15th several times a day, once at 9 a.m. european time! This must be in the middle of the night in the USA! I never answered but I checked my voice mail after a while. A guy sais: hallo do you speak english? or a female sais: good bye. Since they have no answer they shut off. This must be scamps or crooks.
Reply !
In France !!
More than a year ago / 2014-04-15
This phone Number call me today.. I'm in France !!! He said that my computer has been hacked of somethong like that ! he has try to install a software from Ammyy !
Jamestown Ny
More than a year ago / 2014-04-14
This number call 8 times in the last 3 hours and claimed to be a tech from windows about my computer. I told them to stop calling and I am also on the do not call list. How do them still get away with calling us??
More than a year ago / 2014-04-14
This number keeps calling claiming to be a Windows Tech and Windows is getting messages that my computer is infected. Told him I don't have a computer. I know Windows would not call in this matter.
More than a year ago / 2014-03-29
The caller with caller ID 215-249-6100 is somehow spoofing his caller ID so the number reported is not the real number. If I dial that number displayed I get a "this number not in service" message. If I do a redial with the number stored in my phone I get a recorded message saying they have a $100.00 Wal Mart gift card for me. Obviously fraudulent calls, so far I only got one.
More than a year ago / 2014-03-12
same thing happened to me tonight. It was a phone conversation (I DO work for MSFT=)

I think I scared her pretty good. I reported it internally.
More than a year ago / 2014-03-12
Person contacted from this number claiming to be Microsoft tech following up on a error on my computer. Very strong Indian accent. He gave a Windows contact number of 4017394981, which in fact is a bogus number. Wanted me to access detail on my computer and give him authority to view/act on my computer.
Me too!
More than a year ago / 2014-03-12
I received a call yesterday and another just now. I'm on the do not call list and have reported the number
Who is it?
More than a year ago / 2014-03-06
received call from 2152496100 telling me there was a problem with my computer. He tried to get me to go along with his instructions, but I knew it was a fraud. Who do I report this to?
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