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11month(s) ago / 2013-08-20
Call her cell phone 585.721.3988
11month(s) ago / 2013-08-14
I just got call from this number, and they started with Congratulation! I just got ( or won) trip to Bahamas. and then I hang up....
11month(s) ago / 2013-08-14
Started with Congratulations you just... then I hang up I hope it didn't cost me oversea cost...
11month(s) ago / 2013-08-14
I got a call from this number just now, who is she?
11month(s) ago / 2013-08-13
got a phone call no message didn't answer either who r theses people
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-11
some sort of survey , kept askin to speak to the man of the house and told my wife she was obviously not listening .
i don't care who they are now , ow what brand of crazy they are selling ,
added them to my blocked list . lol
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-11
someone called this number i didn't i am curious it might spam.
plz stop scams
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-11
14166135802,1888332,2284,have had multiple calls from these numbers to my cell, did not answer
langley bc
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-11
i got a call from this number on two different number i have,..... my work and my personal number
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-11
called my cell, I did not answer. Looks like some marketing or scam phone.
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-11
who are you
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-10
I just missed a call from this number today as well and thought it was from someone I know in Toronto. Did anybody talk to that person?
vancouver bc
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-10
just got a call from this number. I didnt answer and they didnt leave a message
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-10
I just had a call from this number as well, I answered and they just hung up, never said a word.
12month(s) ago / 2013-08-09
who the hell is this?
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