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More than a year ago / 2014-03-11
i got this call just now and it offer insurans from bank rakyat..
and i'm working that i give my name...ic and address to that lady..

i wonder what will happen? worried man! damn faker...
More than a year ago / 2013-08-23
sama... dia suruh tukar ker celcom,,,
More than a year ago / 2013-08-21
siapakah depa ni, asyik coll ja.. i report polis krg
More than a year ago / 2013-07-09
Thanks guys..
More than a year ago / 2013-07-09
the lady called me just now.....hairan mana dia tau nama i....buat promotion celcom plan.....terus i jawab i tak nak tukar plan....i nak maxis jugak.....
More than a year ago / 2013-06-05
Just received a call this evening. i start Google'ing the number and fortunately found this post! thanks guys.. initially i try to return the call and it's end up with 'number busy' tone. now i know it.. who cares!
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