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The people at this number say they are debt collectors for Chase. They call me over and over all day long all week long and won’t stop calling. We’re in the middle of the pandemic and I’m broke and out of work what can I do? I am so stressed.


Identity Theft danger, yes! So far my scam protection app has cut off 20 calls from these thieves, wow! There are so many warnings about this number, crazy!


FAKE! SCAM! SPOOF! PHISHING! ID THEFT! They pretended to be from Chase Bank. Then they asked for social security number, birth date, full name, address, etc, info to “verify” that we owed them. I told them a bunch of nonsense and they hung up, LOL! Don’t be fooled by them. WARNING!


Scammer. Blocked.


This number has called twice within one hour. Info on Scam reporting says they claim to be from Chase bank, but that they ask all sorts of information that is not safe to answer unsolicited over the phone. Also I have no outstanding fees owed to them. I have an account that I pay monthly on, and it is up-to-date. It seems that number is using Chase bank’s name to go fisching. Scam suspicion.

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