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I recieved over 100 voice messages within 1 hour from this nut. I blocked her number after the 1st call but somehow the calls continued to come in at a rate of 4 per minute and she kept filling up my voice mail even though the phone did not ring, but I still heard the call alert during other conversations.
The first voice mail stated in a friendly voice that she could save me money on my com-ed bill and she wanted me make curry with her. Then the voice messages got more aggressive with a very bad attitude. This nut was angry because I would not call her. All the messages kept pertaining to saving money on com-ed electric bill (com-ed service is not available where I live), making curry with her, and getting together with her.
These calls actually were a denial of service attack on both my cell phone and parts of the verizon network.
Hopefully the problem is over now. I had to use another phone to contact verizon and I was on the phone with them for over an hour before the number was finally completely blocked.
I never answered any of the calls, and never replied to any of the voice mail messages.

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