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Heinous Salt Lake City, Utah escort Karlee Gilmore aka Daphne Kane keeps playing the poor me I'm a victim card when she is maliciously harassing other who don't comply with extortion demands of money or else she becomes very vindictive and threatens and harasses her clients to no end! She is a user and uses everyone in her life for her on personal gain including her own parents who enable her behavior! Walt and Stacey serve as Karlee's or Daphne's avenue to launder her ***tion income. Including the dummy owners of her homes in Utah who she financed by stealing client financial information and extorting them. She runs her ***tion ring with her psycho father Walt Gilmore out of 1250 S 200 W, Bountiful Utah 84010, or 522 E 100 S, Bountiful Utah, 84010, or 952 Lillywood Lane, North Salt Lake Utah 84054. They have no class and operate of these homes with young children living there.

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