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Got a call from 800-922-0206, Dec 5, 2019 at 2;59 PM. A young female voice informed me that "my Verizon account was suspended-expired", or some fake nonsense like that. I certainly did not say anything to this fake scammer, or advise them who my cell was with, and just quickly hung up. The funny thing is since I work late late tonight and most every night at a Hospital, so I allways pay my cell bill from my provider, at least 6 months in advance, so that was another way I know this one is a fraud. And the 3rd way I knew it was fake as, as if my account was "suspended, by whichever cell company I use", haha, she would not have been able to call me ,to tempt me, to take the bait and fall for her "your account is suspended fraud". But its a good fraud for her to go fishing with, as its Thanksgiving-Christmas time of year, so lots of people are buying new phones and switching around cell company's. So sadly some people may panic when this fake fraud lady calls from her fake 800-922-0206-spoof-spook number-and advises everyone and anyone who answers ,"that their Verizon-T-Moblie-AT&T-or Whoever she claims to be today-your account is suspended". Dont Take the Bait! I wonder if her Mom knows what she is doing. If u are the bad people who are doing this, its never to late to turn it around and do right thing. Remember this! Just be Nice, and quit being Bad. Its as easy as 123 to do the right thing! Always! Merry Christmas and God Bless to All , Good and Bad Alike, and Good Night Everyone!!!

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