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They called once; I didn't recognize the number, so didn't answer. They left no voice mail. About 2 hours later, same drill. In my experience, the 909 exchange is used for cell phones. But I have had spam/scam calls in the past that showed up on my caller ID as legitimate numbers. When I called one or two of them back, it was a real business, like real estate, or a restaurant, or something, and nobody had called me, or had even been using the phone when "my call" came in. Some scam callers can make their calls to their potential victims look like real, active, legit phone numbers of people who have no connection to them; or when you try to call back, the number is not in service. I refer to that overall practice as "hijacking" a phone number. I don't know what it's really called. My resistance tactic is to just let a number I don't know, ring until it goes to voicemail. No message? Not important. I don't call back anymore, at all. It's just not important, and I don't need that crap in my life. I can ignore it.

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