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I also have received calls from this number. It is an automated calling/solicitation, pre-programmed with questions and time intervals to wait for responses. Later on, someone will review the responses and, if you indicated that you wanted their services, they will contact you again. In my case, I already have a supplier for diabetic supplies and do not need anything from Diabetic Healthcare America. I tried to call them, at the same number that called me. I got the automated questions and filled the answers with garbage. For example, when they asked how many times a day I self test my blood sugar, I said "greek", and so on. You can probably do one of two things... if your cell phone is set up for it, save the number to a new or existing contact called "Solicitor". Then, set all calls from Solicitor to go directly to your voicemail. You should not get a direct call from them, unless you already happen to be on a call. Since their automated system gets no responses from your voicemail, no message is left.

The other alternative is to call 702-359-5578 as often as you can and answer all of the questions in a non-sense manner until the system hangs up on you. Eventually, they'll get tired of sifting through all of these calls with garbage answers!

Caller: David Van Helsing of Diabetic Health America

Call Type: Telemarketer

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