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HIV alert

Many of the massage Therpist at Rapee Massage Silom Bangkok got HIV AIDS after being repeatedly infected by Singapore Katoey Thomas Didymuz Toh!

Unseen Bangkok

Do not go to this Rapee Massage Bangkok!

Check out “Didymuz Rapee Massage Bangkok” on Google!

Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam of Keat Hong Mirage

Here are even more reasons to avoid the Rapee Massage at Silom Bangkok, the sissy Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh says that the front desk person at Rapee is very understanding and will let you change therapist, this is her experience which she share on BlowingWind Forum:

in bkk now and there is shortage of therapist now, as many boy go back hometown. My fave guys at Rapee also went back.

was assigned another guy called Ron, who was supposedly from Chiang Mai.

he is expert at massage, throughout the massage keep saying my skin is very soft and nice to massage. His touches to my bare skin was quite nice as I felt his fingers inserted into my hole occasionally.

when I turn over, he was prepared for action already, his shorts were off, revealing his wet hard rod. Tasted some of his salty precum in my mouth, he proceeded to pump hard into my hole after which. Ended with him shooting his cream into my mouth.

tasted a bit like the Thai fish sauce, salty with a fishy aroma! 

Lao Niang Toh Tong Nam Thomas

Did not forget appointment with Dee from Rapee and headed to the place slightly after mid night.

Dee was very happy to see me and introduced me his 18 year old cousin, Ton, who had just arrived to working in Bangkok at Rapee massage. Dee asked if it was ok for Ton to come together. I was secretly happy. Hehe.

We went to eat at street side noodle shop in silom area, cheap and good. Headed back to my hotel room, and Dee asked for favour to help. I was worried as I was afraid they will ask for money.

End up Ton was new, and Dee wanted Ton to learn the massage skills, so they wanted me to act like customer and get the massage.

I pretend to be reluctant, but I was really abit sore in the hole from the session at Sauna Mania. They insisted to try, so I changed out of the clothes and lie in bed for them to massage me.

It was a 4-hands masssge and Dee was speaking to Ton in thai a lot. I drifted in an out to sleep, and soon I felt something hard in between my legs. It was Ton and he was already naked, pumping gently.

Dee started to move to my face and got me to suck him off while Ton pumped even more furiously. The cousins were continuing with all the motions and I got even more wet.

Dee told Ton to switch positions and Ton's sweet cock was in my mouth. Tasted so sweet like nectar! Suddenly after a few thrusts, Ton came into my mouth with an explosive squirt, while Dee was still pumping into me! Caught my surprise, and I nearly choke on that massive load of boy cream from Ton!

Dee slapped my butt hard and it was his turn to shoot, which I requested for him to do in my mouth.

Trying cream from both the cousin, the younger Ton had sweeter cum compared to Dee! It was such an exciting experience, which I will never forget.

Next morning, tipped both of them 500 baht before they left for breakfast! Was still sore, so I rested in bed till late morning!

Rapee Massage Silom Bangkok

This is Rapee Massage at Silom, Bangkok!

Avoid this seedy massage place that offers extras service!

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