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SCAM Utility Company Collections

This is a SCAMMER Claiming to be San Diego Gas & Electric ( SDG&E) collection agency that they will be shutting my power off in 1 hour unless I get caught up on payments. I spoke to someone who claimed to be John Givens at ext#103 on 800-559-0697. They initiallly called me using 619-694-8273. After I explained that I made payments, They said that I had to submit an investigation to see where those payments went but for the mean time, until the investigation is over in 3-4 days, I still had to make a payment to keep my power going, that they would refund my payment & give 35% discount for the next 6 months if they found that they were in error. THIS IS A HUGE SCAM attempting to scare me that my power will be shut off unless I Paid now.

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