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Lord Jesus Christ

Hi.God loves You. Peace, man. Revealed; The Truth about God, Jesus
and The Holy Spirit: Revelation 2:17, The Urantia Book, free, online.
Please share with everyone, (without a doubt or Prejudice, Our only True
Holy Grail), @AntonKnebenson @GAC8717 My Dear Beloved Friends, God
Loves You! Why? A New Revelation with the Spirit of Truth is here Today
to Help All of us know the Truth about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, (
The Urantia Book, Revelation 2:17,Free, Online, in all international
Languages, and Guided by Archangel Michael, His Trusted Angels, and the
Holy Spirit ).A prayer and Blessing for all Good Loving Believers who
Wish to share the Truth about Jesus, The Son of God and the Holy Spirit:

For all the Children who are Ruined by shame

Mirror child
The image of a precious dove
Dancing barefoot on the beach
Drinking in love and sunshine
full of smiles
never having to die.

Mere child

Dreaming awhile on a school title
Learning to carry books for miles.
Crayons, pencils, stencils
Nothing you need to do
but Sing and carry the wind on Your wings.

Mirror child

Like daddy or mommy
Carrying so many burdens
for A little person
All the time
Not able To catch the spies and Spiders.
Go back to the skies,
Little dove

And play with the eagles
who tamed this land
Until you are a spirit so good and pure
That you will truly guide
the directions of our
Bloodied hands.

Temptations of Evil

Muscles of Clay,
Eyes of pitifully empty bliss,
Teeth of dragons never begotten,
You stand alone
Praying to brainless demons
Praising power empty Of Spirit,
Goodness or Hope.

You shall reap no Glory
But only Mortal death
and baptized Shame
So as to Die without Jesus
Or any Holy Name.
Stained by lust,
Broken tears and stardom,
Born of evil and deviltries
Ill conceived

Raise Your Heart to God Jesus
and The Holy Spirit,
And He will Remove Your Pain,
Stop your foolish self destructive reign,
And bring you Spiritual Relief
You could never possibly or individually
Humanly gain.

To Have Peace, Love
And Eternal Happiness and Justice
For All People,
Believe in Jesus,
The Son of Mary and God,
And You Will Be Immortally
Saved For ever more,
And Be Loved
By Our Holy Father God
For all Eternity.

I Am a Divine Messenger, ( Described in The Urantia Book as The
Solitary Messenger), Working Directly with Guardian Arch Angel Michael J
Christ and His Angels, and I come To Share Good News, and the Facts
about our Only True Holy God from The Heavens with Everyone: Our only
True HOLY GRAIL Is The Urantia Book, REVELATION 2:17. Without any form
of falseness or deception involved, and with the Greatest Wish to stop humanity from
bringing ourselves to the brink of Nuclear Extinction, The Urantia Book is Our Only Truthful
Answer to our Man made Troubled Times. Peace and Blessings of Goodness to Everyone.

In The Name of Jesus and The Holy Spirit, Amen. @GAC8717 @Antonknebenson

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