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BC Resident

Call from this number (spoofed to be from Smithers, BC --> 250-917-1003) a few minutes ago.
When asked, caller said that he was calling from "Orlando, Florida". Huh?
I heard lots of background chatter -- typical of a large call-centre in India.
Typical "lower your credit-card rate" scammer, first asking for my credit card's expiry date.
When I said "10/19" (which is not correct), he could not understand that my credit-card is valid through the rest of the 10th month, and asked for a different credit-card. I told him that my card was still valid. He accepted that, and then he asked "which bank issued the card", and for all the digits of my credit-card number. At that point, I said "listen to me closely, you are a DUCK KING ASP HOLE", and I ended the call.

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