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Frankie DiMaggio

This number, ‭02080963428‬, called me at 10:46 AM today. Looking up specialist data I possess I was able to find out that 8096 is not a valid allocated exchange code for London. I was fairly sure therefore that the number was “spoofed”, i.e. the caller was not really calling from ‭02080963428‬. Using a PAYG mobile, which I keep for purposes such as this, I dialled ‭02080963428‬ and got one short multi tone beep and a message on my phone display stating ‘Invalid Number’. From all the above, and from the fact that no-one else has reported this number yet, I can only imagine that this spoofed number is being operated by scammers. I had my phone on silent when the call came through and so was unable to actually answer it.

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