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I received a letter sweepstake as well 10k a week awarded for 52 weeks - CASH if I call them and give them the ID that was provide I call it sound like it’s a scam.


I receive a small envelope it says what to do in order to win $10k every week for 52 weeks. I called the number when I hear the voice it was a man’s voice than another woman’s voice I can tell that they keep holding me for something else, and I knew very well that something is not right. So I hanged up. It a scam.


Received small letter with that number on it, telling me that I won $10000.00 week. What a scam.


This number is in a piece of snail mail received today. National Magazine Exchange. Definately a scan.

United States United States


I got a call from this number telling me I would get this watch, cool magazines, and a chance to win 10k a week. He started asking me for my credit card expiration date, so I hung up. It was too good to be true.

Let us know about 18003962637

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