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Dapat call haritu. Kata nya dari call centre mdicc. Mula2 ingt scam sbb mcm tak betul. Mmg marah maki semua lah kt dia and then terus matikan. But she's keep calling me dlm seminggu tu ade laa 34 kali. But then i malas layan. Untill one day i rasa tergerak hati angkat call dia, dgr betul betul ape yg dia beritahu. And i realise she's not scam pun. She's telling me the truth and i just follow the procedure. So after, terminal bank call me back after dorang potong 499rm from my maybank credit card. In 3 until 4 weeks they give me a letter. What she tells me, thats what i get. Thank you miss Nabila for your services and for your kindness. Im really glad you help solve my problem.

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