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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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I am so tired of these IRS scams.


Someone named Laura rolling?


I have been receiving calls from this number almost every day.  I don't answer most of the time and when I do they hang up.  It does come up on my phone that it is from Cary, NC


I recieve a call from this number , telling me some stories and now want me to Deposit an amount of $250 covert it to South African rand is +-R3500.00 This person is doing phishing Scam... this is Fraud.


who call me every weak


I have missed the call from the number mentioned above,so I wanted to know who called me because the line apparently is off.


i received a message saying i win a prize and contact on this number to collect it.


I'm also in NZ. I've had one missed call from this number and just now I answered but they hung up. Who is it?


Who is he???


Got a voicemail from this number but no one spoke


I was asked if I had received


Julie from this number called me on my TPS registered mobile and asked if i could confirm i was involved in a car crash. I said, can you confirm you ever check the TPS list!




pls find


Track the caller




No message


This number called my parents and threatened them with if I (who have not lived with my parents for 30 years or more!!!!!) didn't call them back by 7pm they were going to come after me and I better have my attorney present for the return phone call!!!! Some damn scammer that can't off their lazy ass and work for their money they have to harass elderly people!!!! Tired of their crap!!!! Bad thing is there isn't anyone that will stand up to them and take care of this shit.


I am not a robot


I just got a call and told him I didn't own a computer.  he didn't know how to reply.  I also told a lightbulb salesman that I was a dwarf and his lightbulbs wouldn't fit my downsized lamps.  He sounds East Indian


Recd also this call from 202-754-8413 on my mobile phone just tdy.Number not familiar so i did not answer. Looked it up and saw also these comments that it is a  the fake irs scammer probably wanting to threaten people. Again!!!


Received a recorded call from the 'IRS' and requested a call back.  The name that came up on the caller id was Nancy William. The call was definitely a scam.


When you order something online or use craigs list they get your number. Their hoping you opened the spam email and your computer is messed up to take the money,,,, they got my wife. trying to buy a car on craigs list


called 3 times then left message. said he was a law enforcement and there was a complaint filed against me and to call back immediately.


Love your last sentence haha


Can I autoforward it to the IRS?


This call was from Global Receivable Solutions; a debt collector for St. Luke's Hospital. Thought it was fraudulent after reading other comments whom claimed it was West Asset Management. Decided to answer after being called at least once a day...


We have lived at our address for the past 8 years and the name they ask for as far as we know has never lived here! They have been calling for the past 5 years even though we have tried saying they do not live here/


I have just had another call from this number again does this constitute  harassment  that's three times today


I have just received a call from this number missed the call but no message left , no idea who it was .


Keeps calling, asking for me, then hangs up.


Got call a few minutes ago from this number.  It sounds like a scam to me.  I've had Canada Revenue call me before and the words "Canada Revenue" showed up on my caller id.  Not some random phone number.


I keep getting a call from this number. I finally answered it today, and a man with a heavy spanish accent asked for my name, I said "speaking", then he hung up. Strange. Does anyone know what this is about?


Keep getting calls from this number "FAV", finally answered.


They me and just hung up the phone very annoying.


I.U. Hospital Number.


It's Clovis Unified school district


calls and never leaves message. Today they called and whistled in message machine and hung up.


Recorded message states I am being sued by the US Govt. Calls on my cellphone only. Says they have attempted to contact by mail but this is not true. These scammers need to be stopped.


called my cell did not answer left no message


Called me to say I owe my insurance company 528.00. Total BS since I have not delt with Johnson insurance in 6 years.


Sued by IRS


I missed a call from this number and for some strange reason by me missing the call it made my iphone set a qreminder to call that number back in an hour.


wanted to sell energy improvements for the home


These calls are  an attempt to hack into your phone. the longer you stay on that call, the more chance they have to get into your phone. register the number in your phone as " DO NOT PICK UP". technology is advancing and making it easy to hack into your phone. wake up and avoid it. who is doing it ? you take a guess.


Got a text "wanna be my man for one night"... nah, im good...


Picked up but there was no one there


They said they were from IRS and wanted to sue me for taxes.  But I don't do taxes.  And I'm the one who does the suing round here...


Get calls quite often from this number.


Very threatening...Going to file a case at the courthouse which subsequently will lead to my arrest. Ended with the words..."Call us back and identify yourself, Good Luck"