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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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Just had a call from these - phoned back and it is CLC World - some sort of holiday members club cold calling, will be blocking the number


Called me claiming that i was qualified to get 14,000 in free money for clean backround ect he asked about my bank info and i told them id give a call back because inwas freaked out he didnt speak clear english, googled addess he gave me and it was ssi/ssa in seattle.... i live in mass so i called the number on website and the told me info didnt match and it was indeed fraud like i thought. Do not awsner these calls


Final notice about multiple people reporting your business listing blah blah blah. They have called repeatedly from different numbers, so it's pretty clear that it's a scam.


Received two calls within mins of each other. No msg.


they are treasury scammer


Claim we had a loan 7 years ago


Call at least twice a day for weeks! Answer and they hang up. ICM  is what is says.


Automated message saying the IRS was after me.


Daily 20-30 second blank messages appear on my work phone with call center/office noise in the background.  Feels like a robodial being used by a lazy scam agent to appear busy.  I guess scam call centers don't have very sophisticated managers.


And me


Bison Humpers


The same number called. My husband called it back for the guy (who was from India) to tell him we owed money to the IRS and if we must pay with a debit card asap my husband said no I don't have a card to give you. He told my husband that he was calling the law right now and he would be arrested. My husband being a hot head went off and caught him in lie after lie. He also asked to soeak to someone who spoke english and even asked to speak to kevin smith but of course he said kevin was busy and their wasnt anyone else. He hung up on my husband. So I googled the number(which was a Florida number and were in Alabama, so Montgomery number should have called) and name and found this sight. Ppl like this need to be punished. Were a family of five on one income and we make money the right way why not him?


Called it back, said no one available to answer the call


Unknown number- just ignore it  and block!


is collen me


need to know who the person it


I wonder - what happened to the do not call list, and why isn't it being enforced?The person says hi, Leslie - knows my name - and hangs up, or asks for money for their organization and will not give up. They get paid to call - they're a telemarketer - am I right? That's not a non-profit


Just called. Don't know the number. Did not pick up. No message left.


I received a call from this number but I was in the taxi from Cape Town so I couldn't hear what you guys said.


They claim to be from Microsoft but are scammers trying to get access to your computer . Beware!!!!




Wireless caller. Calls from SEVERAL numbers ALL DAY!!!!!


Told me how I won 8k goverment grant.  I said oh cool, I can get that money order right.  He pushed getting my card information, I said well ya, I'm not interested.  He proceeded to tell me that I wasted his time and that he was going to show up at my house (repeated my address to me) at 730 tonight and "[***] me in the [***]"  Continued to tell me what he was going to do to me and what I was to wear bla bla blaI'll gladly show him how quick a pig gets shot down here in America...


Wireless caller. IRS suing us. SCAM Calls several times a day.


I got the same message just today. This number called me literally 7 times and all it shows up as is "unknown private" and he left a message saying just the same thing. I'm just ignoring it.


Wireless caller


they call and say that they are check information on students loans..... coming from India and the one that called me was a women.please post this they are looking for your personal info!


unidentified # - left no message


Just got the same call word for word. WOW there are jobs out there why cant they get off their butts and get a real job!


Called a few times,


Called saying i owe the irs and ill be put in jail if i dont pay in the amount of 2850. He gave me a badge number of ts1757 and had my info some how but my old info


i called you. but it coud't go through.pls contact me through this email: i have an urgent transaction that will benifit us.H.Leuthard


Same as previous comment.  Heavily accented female (perhaps Phillipina) called seeking answers to a short survey ostensibly from The Wall Street Journal regarding my use of online brokerage accounts.  I told her I was not interested in participating in her survey and politely hung up.  She then called BACK!   I was not as polite when I disconnected communication a second time.


Leaves an automated message saying the IRS has filed a lawsuit and this is the final warning. Total scam! Reversed the number, it's a cell phone, but no name associated with the number. IRS will contact you via mail.


Call back number for RTA Business Consultants Ltd 1st Floor Discovery House Crossley Road Stockport Cheshire SK4 5BH.This company makes nuisance calls and play a recorded message, if answered


I got a call from them today as well. The voicemail said they are from the IRS to call back to take care a action against me from the head quarters. Sounds like a scam.


Same as above.


Called today 16 sept 2016 says they arecanti hackingvdepartment that my computer number has been hacked in china thought it funny cause the day before it was texas


This # seem to be a spam the person who called. Said he is calling from IRS to tell me I was audit and had to pay $6000


Male with accent of person from India left voice message on answering machine. He said to call this number about a U.S. Treasury claim before it goes to Federal Claims court.


Harrassing calls,


Recorded message "This is a message from RTA Business Consultants".  Gave call-back number as 0800393664 and 'op-out' contact as asking for telephone number and post code (as if!!).  From whois database: RTA Business Consultants Ltd 1st Floor DiscoveryHouse Crossley Road Stockport Cheshire SK4 5BH


message from Microsoft  call immediately


Do NOT answer this number or call them back. It's the "IRS Lawsuit" scam.


This is a scam.


Keep getting message from same voice that IRS is filing suit. This is the latest:


This is from People for Research, they were calling you because you applied to take part in paid market research.


Yes. They're relentless unscrupulous


Scam. Roto-Caller regarding the monitoring of your credit card and the opportunity to save money if you are carrying over a certain amount of credit card debt.


This number called me with an automated voice telling me that the IRS is currently filing a case against me. Pathetic Scammers!