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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

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Bin heute angerufen worden mit dem Hinweis, dass es sich um eine Kinderschutzorganisation handelt, die mir weitere Informationen zukommen lassen will. Merkw


This number called me at 645am est time on 9/23/16 about an application i supposedly filled out.. I don't even know who this company is and they had my 1st name correct but my last name wrong


please call me aapne call kiya tha kaun ho


please call back


Call and then ended call??!!!


Called and asked if it's a business or private number. Said private and they answer they will remove form data base and hung up


This number is annoying me I want to know who is it


use to receive a call from this number, very uncomfortable




:"This is Johnson and I am calling you from the legal affairs at the us treasury department. My badge number is 9165 the nature in the purpose of this call is regarding an enforcement action which has been executed by the us treasury department regarding tax fraud against your name ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before the magistrate judge or exempt jury for a federal criminal offense, so before this matter goes to the federal claim courthouse or before you get arrested kindly. Call us back on our number as soon as possible the number to reach us is. Let me repeat the number 8552095994 hope to hear from you soon before the charges are pressed against you.


Hi there I got a call from this number feel like it is a system voice and it will reply only after some time of your reply so any one there to tell that wheter it is a genuine or a fAke


Keeps calling but leaves no message....ANNOYING!


Just got a couple of calls from this above number: 442037696622 Need to know who is that. Thanks


i don't know if this is for the business or wrk opportunity, i missed this call


The same number called me few minutes ago.. Anybody know whose number is this?


Just got a call from this number. No message left.


who are you


Called my mobile but was left on hold without saying a word. Muppet timewasters is my first thought. Where do they get our number from?


They called 3 times back to back.805, 815, 819 am.They woke my daughter up who has been sick and cranky and she is now screaming.I told the lady to never call back and she informed me that she would do as she pleases and as.often as she pleases. I don't even have any clue who they are!Guess I need to report them and block the toll free numbers.


call from what sounded like a pub. no message. have barred.


Yes said someone was trying to hack my computer ?


Insurance scam.


Got call hung up


Called and asked if I'm selling my home soon. Said he's with real estate team with buyers in the area


This number phones repeatedly in the day, doesn't speak then hangs up. Creepy


I get one call a day from this number and never answer it. No message is ever left so I assume it is a sales or spam call.




Got a call from a mobile no claiming to be from the 'well-being' centre asking if I would answer a health question survey. I was busy so asked them to phone back. I called my local well-being centre and they told me it was not them. I blocked it. I then get a call from the same person on a landline no 02032899977. I challenged him to tell me who the company was and he hung up telling me I was 'rude to ask. Block this number - con artists!


Dropped call.


Got a call saying they had been trying to mnessage us about our boiler.


Got a call from this number and as it wast in my contacts i ignored it, but I think it's shocking ya can't answer calls on your mobile with all the scams going about.!!


Totally agree!I did say I was with Eon....they now ring saying they're from Eon.They need shutting down ASAP


Recording (male, English voice): govt boiler scheme, press 2 for info, 9 to be removed.


I got a call from this number at 13:35 today (2016-09-22). As usual with unknown numbers I let it go to answerphone and the call was totally silent, without even the ambient line noise that usually accompany such calls and have added it to my call blocker's list. As it's a premium rate number I am assuming that this may have been a teaser call aimed at getting people to call back to find out what a missed call was about. ALL, please be aware that calling this number back may result


They said they are talk talk?


Called twice, said from microsoft windows.. told him he was a cold caller and we registered with TPS, and put phone down. Rang again same day, told him we with tps and he had already called us.




Have just received a call from this number.


this number often miss call to my cell number...i want to know whos number it us?


Who is the owner of this #?


Where thus this number come from


Use to work routing for the Ma Bell (AT&T Long Lines) and this one has me scratching my head. I don't answer, but will next time to provide more info.


Just listened to a vmail from this #. Some guy wirh an accent named jason smith demanded to return the call to this #. Did not say who they were calling for. Just said to return the the call by either myself or my atty if not "good luck".


I got the same call referenceing IRS lawsuit.


IRS scam


Apparently the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me according to the robocall I received from 978-626-4655 today.


Recorded voice claims to be the IRS,


if they call again i will find them


this is a scam call - if you look online their ID to match number is in Chinese - ordered a wig from china a month ago and ever since they don't quit ringing home and call phone - they cannot even speak good English when they try to leave msg on answering machine


This person called me and told me that I had an