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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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This number keeps calling me..At least every day..I don't answer  it.After reading the comments other people have put on i'm glad i haven,t.Its very annoying.


They called asking for someone I have never heard of (they owed them money).I told them to quit calling or I'm pressing charges for harassment.


cell rang once, hung up and no message left, I do not know this number


I worked here and these people have no soul! When businesses are struggling to make ends meet they want you to bully them into buying ads in their publications. They are very smooth and will tell you that they are just "reserving your spot" but they record you actually accepting to buy the ad. They have even called people back and the people thought they were confirming their sale but they


Called several times; no voicemail


Wanted dealership satisfaction after motorcycle purchase.


Three calls in 30 minutes, no message


Hi Nombre completo


Stop calling in mode of the night


Last chance to lower the interest on my credit cards.


Happy with their services thanks to Online Help & Support. Special Thanks to Andy for his patience and Help


I keep getting phone calls from this number and they don't say anything when I say hello they hang up and call back.


Received a call from 888-976-5950 claiming to be Verizon .   Stating a authorized party wants to change the password.  I never asked to change my password.  Is this a scam??


Not anybody I want to talk to.  Nuisance call.  Number now blocked.


constantly calls,no message,hangs up


This person has called me twice and left messages that are just blank and sseveral minutes long.


Is this a legitimate Microsoft help number


Had the same thing happen. Answered it was no one on the other end..


keep calling but when you pick up there is no answer. Why bother.


call me from 402-954-3006 about a survey for MS power :(


Trying to solicit money over phone, no way Jose!


These worthless creeps call our office at least a half-dozen times each day.


2 missed calls today


Wants my money, ha, ha


Would like to know who keeps calling me on my cell.


Helloo xx


These calls are more than a NUISANCE!


Left a text saying "your account has failed a fraud check and had been deactivated. Please visit (link) to reactivate your account.


Same [***].


Just received a call from this # with a local # 717 area code . They said they were calling for NBC and a polling company . Said the conversation woUlf be recorded.He asked my age , I told him what decade and he said I didn't fit the age group they were looking for . Hummm


same number calling me everyday and this number also 04 274 2555


Ive got the same call at 5 freaking morning. Have u got to knw?


Yeah,  it was for sure from Jill Stein's Campaign office. Asked me if I could donate. Sadly I just turned 18 and I am currently looking to be employed for the first time, so I literally have no money.


This number may be a spoof of a number that doesn't exist, says it is invalid. Ignore and/or block


I received a call from this number saying they are The electric company and reduce my monthly cost of electricity.


I received 5 calls today and some yesterday regarding timeshare I supposedly have????!!!!!!


need where is this number


I don't understand why is this number calling me, I do not have any contact in London, so I don't know that person and he called me over six times in less than five minutes.


This number just called me, i ignored it. Voice mail was left but said nothing. Called number back and it was not a working number.


SPAM Robocall


Someone keeps calling from this number. Doesn't leave a message.


Just got exact same call. Called back and asked what it was. She told me she would put on record that I was being belligerent and rude. And then she hung up on me.  I only asked what it was? Has to be a scam. Meant to scare people. Not going to give it another thought and they better not call again!


Customer service said I won a cruise.


Got this call to at 10:57


Called on 10-5-16 and 10-12-16. When I try to call back it says the number is not in service.


Ho call me


Hi my name is Kiana. I'm calling for Jeanette. I'm calling from Stay Well on behalf of patient(?) and White. Please give us a call back at 866280931. Thanks so much and have a great day. This is the message they left on my voicemail.


Says he was with Windows.


Telephone Charity scammers. They say they want your credit card # for a donation to the Cops Cares to fight bullying but will not send any information to you via email. NOT a real Charity!


I received this same message. The man had a very heavy accent. They also sent me a text message asking for the ITunes card number that I had bought. I told him that you don't pay back a debt with an ITUNES card. He hung up on me and then called me back 7 times. Said the local police would be at my home within an hour. I told him okay when they get there I will show them the message about the ITUNES card. Magically no one showed up.