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If you have an annoying question in your head 'Who calls me?' - you came to the right place. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

Getting unwanted calls from strangers? Just type number you don't recognize and get more information about it! Maybe you are not the only one who gets calls from that number.

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Recorded message for boiler replacement aimed at benefit claimants


Por lo que leo veo que es un intento de estafa en toda regla.Me han llamado a las 8:15 de la ma


Had my name and the guy said he was calling about an accident I've been involved in. As I don't drive this is impossible! Hung up on them


show winner nams 9.9.2016


call me maybe important


they work with shop direct, they are a legit company so dont worry


Rang with talk of unsecured debts - scam in sight!


i think ur agency is noob .. wanna push those customer who we already pushed and already done ffs ... stop licking other peoples [***] . dumb nut


Joe Khoo, you little prick! That's my sister. You mess with her, you're gonna have to deal with me!


I got a code from this number . I want to know who is it.


Keeps calling. Note that it is 9 numbers instead of 10. A man with a heavy accent calling from Beijing, China selling car insurance. When I told him I have no car, he became irate and called me a stupid woman and hung up.


Who's number is this? Thank you


This number is not working now; it has been changed but it used to belong to a carpenter called Andy from Hull. He never tells women his surname or where he lives but he gets their phone numbers and then sends rude texts asking for photos


Unidentified caller, recorded message. Same message I've received from multiple different numbers telling me that my business has been pre-approved for a $250,000 cash loan, no questions asked. Message offers to remove you from their list, which they never do, or disconnects immediately if you don't press 1 to speak to someone.




Didn't leave a message


Didn't leave a message


caller didn't bother to leave a message


Got a hangup call. They did not leave a message.


solar panels telemarketer.obviously savvy to his market since i rent an apartment.number claims to be in belvedere, ca


every day with this guys. never leave any sort of messages.


Received a call from this number. Man calling claimed he had just received a call from my number. I told him I had not used my phone today. He insisted he received a call from my number and I firmly told him my phone had been on my desk and had not been used.


It's a scam. They offered my sis a federal grant but she had to pay $250 up front for something first. Just hang up and ignore these people. I am so freaking sick of these people. What they got tired of scamming their own people they had to come here and screw with us? Technology may have helped us a lot over the years but it also set us up to more problems.


and indian guy call me ,and say my computer was hacked for a guy from ohio , its that tru ?because he call like 4 times in one week.but I never give him any information .


Two rings nobody on when answered


I just got a call with recorded message with the first part being cut off and starting mid-sentence with "lawsuit being filed against me. call this number (360) 589-5049 for information."   Complete BS. This is a scam. Don't call them back!


called my cell, left no message, blocking number, obviously scammer or solicitor


Told me I won a grant. Told them no thanks. They said thanks for wasting my fuucking time. Class.


Legitimate # From Scripps La Jolla. Called to remind me of an appt I have with them tomorrow. This # always appears when I get an appt reminder from the hospital or my Dr's office calls me back if I have called my Dr.


Answered this as I had a couple of missed calls. They called themselves motor investigators wanting to know if I'd been in a crash recently. Asked them to remove my number, the girl became antagonistic, saying they don't have to, asking me to google and see,


A young man who speaks with a foreign accent calls requesting to speak to the SafeLink wireless customer. I believe this may be a scam. I hung up.


Every month they get paid by direct debit, until today, they said they never get DD, i said you do, how you get paid, they hung up on mem, never gave an apology nothing, anybody thinking about CASH PLUS do not use, they are run by foreign staff often some can hardly understand you, be WARNED, need reporting to financial OMBUDSMAN


Called twice in a row, left no message.


(216) 240-6284Cleveland, OH. Rec'd call offing me cc a guy from India answers.


Male Indian voice asking if I was a manager. I couldn't really understand him so I kept having him repeat what he was saying. He asked if I was a manager or staff level. I told him I was in the marketing department and he kept cutting me off trying to talk about IT stuff. I said, "Excuse me, who is this?!" He hung up.


Received an automated message, warrant was issued for my arrest and that I had defrauded the IRS and must call 509-262-6210 ASAP. This is total BS because the IRS sends letters first, if you owe money.


they call me and i


Left a message saying it was the irs and that I need to call immediately and that it is time sensitive. It is a recording and says officer Heather Grey. IRS does not call people, plus I don't owe the IRS anything. Fraud




Because there is NOTHING illegal about a phone call unless someone threatens you (ex: physical bodily harm)...


got a call from this number no answeri returned the call to hear number IS NOT IN SERVICE


They called did not recognize the number so tried to google see who it is and still can't find out . So if you want me to answer show your name or at least leave me a message or me not answer.


I just got a call from this number and they waited a few seconds and then hung up. Nobody ever spoke.


I received the same call saying the same thing of lawsuit filed against me , bogus wish there was something could be done about this


Called 2x ..left msg. about a lawsuit


Just got a call from Taryn from this number no company name just a quick message saying call her back


Its Hastings direct. They are a bunch of penny pushing [***] who are [***] at what they do.


I got the same call and knew it was a scam. So I called back to see what they would say. The man told me to suck his **** and called me a mother ******


This number is a real nuisance on home and mobile up to 4 calls a day!


Scam, from the IRS yes right!!!