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3month(s) ago / 2014-01-03
Got a call at 4:15 am PST. Didn't answer and no voice mail.
3month(s) ago / 2014-01-03
I received calls this morning at 6 am from a number from Dominica. I looked up the number online and it appears to be a scam. Some people report the scammer to hangup on them, some report the person claiming they're from Microsoft, some report that they're cellphone number is somehow being lifted and used for international calls and charges from this scammer. I tried blocking the number from Dominica, but it accidentally dialed. The number that showed in my recent calls was for New World Age Entertainment. Here are the numbers that are associated with this scam: 718- 779-7030 (NY, USA)7672759071 (Dominica)
3month(s) ago / 2014-01-03
Late night call..  Cell number phone set to "sleep", but it rang once.
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