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10month(s) ago / 2013-06-10
It is an adult chat service. I called them back after I discovered 2 calls on my cell phone that came in overnight. Funny, but my house and cell numbers are both on the Don Not Call registry. I guess I will have to file a complaint with the FCC....
10month(s) ago / 2013-05-29
I woulnd't have thought much on this number, til I noticed I got called at the exact same times on the same day of the month last month. The 29th at 10:16 and 10:17 pm. It's a bit annoying, they don't even give time to answer before hanging up and calling back.
11month(s) ago / 2013-05-09
Got a call at 11pm EST - no message left. When I did a reverse phone look up on it said the number was associated with spam. I am going to block this number from being able to get through
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