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Azerbaijan Azerbaijan


I also got a message form some nomber where they ask me to call to this number. actually i did not call and deciede to check this number wia google. probably it is the regular trick of "fake winners of 100000000000$" :D be carefull

Guyana Guyana


Hey thisz number called my fone and saying that I win some ticket shit.. and a chine man like they speaking... Stwwww u guysz should stp ur stupidness...

Uruguay Uruguay


Think this could be some relative from other country. Call back to found recorded message claim that i was winning some s*t
I think they'd won by scaming me, i'm so frustrated :(

Uruguay Uruguay


sms diciendo:
Hola!! llA¡mame por favor es urgente 006745599381


Uruguay Uruguay


This phone texted me telling me to call, that it was urgent

Denmark Denmark


Got an sms message from this number.
"Please call me"

Latvia Latvia



Let us know about 6745599381

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