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More than a year ago / 2013-10-10
Well, they continue to call. Same phone number 616-613-2227 this time showing Visa Rewards. I waited on the line and spoke with Jason. I asked Jason to not hang up on me like all of his co-scammers, he was being recorded and this is the 2nd time within a week you are being reported. Guess what, Jason hung up on me. I am on the state and federal Do not call list. I seem to be filing reports daily on the jerks. Big scam, I wish they were caught.
More than a year ago / 2013-10-07
Just for a call from 616-613-2227, Bank Card Services, automated to reduce rate from jonathon, live agent came on the line named Jonah, I asked for the name of his company, he told me visa/MasterCard. I asked again for the name of yours company that's working with visa/MasterCard. He hung up on me. Tried to call back, was on hold and call disconnected. This is a scam. I am on Do Not Call List and have been calls from these people daily, multiple times a day. Reporting this number again to Attorney Gerneral.
More than a year ago / 2013-08-14
keep getting called from this number stating some crap about final credit card offer, but they keep calling back. my number is also on the do not call list
More than a year ago / 2013-08-02
This moron just rang my phone good luck with that Azzmunch I don't answer call from out of town numbers I am unfamiliar with. Get a life bother someone who gives a shit
More than a year ago / 2013-07-20
keep getting calls from this number. I don't answer and they don't leave a message...I will be blocking them
More than a year ago / 2013-07-18
Scammer, attempted extortion: Identified on Caller ID as Bank Card Services. Eventually gave me his name as "Arthur Stand". Told me I would only get off call list if I sent check or money order.
More than a year ago / 2013-07-12
Unknown caller
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