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More than a year ago / 2014-06-10
Call seems originated from Mid land India.
Looks like total scam and not sure if anyone would get fooled by these suckers...
More than a year ago / 2014-06-05
called 7:54 pm, 05 June 2014
More than a year ago / 2014-06-02
Got the call this morning. It's only $5000 now, but again it is a foreign voice and screams scam.
More than a year ago / 2013-11-08
Received a call from this number reportedly from a Federal Grant Agency. A man with a foreign accent informed that I had been selected to receive a $9000.00 grant. Told him NOT INTERESTED, he pretended like he couldn't hear me, and started tell the same thing again. I said NOT INTERESTED hung up. After researching the number others who have had this call stayed on the line longer than me, they were given an id number and told to call another number to receive their $9000.00. BUT when they called the other number they found out they had to send in approx $200 in order to receive the money. BEWARE: THIS IS SCAM.
More than a year ago / 2013-10-10
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