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This number +97237554140, called me 8 times today. I dident hear it. What i read now about it, in the comments, i will not answear, thanks for the warning.



Australia Australia


I didn't take Hebrew class online but this number called me. It shows the call came from Tel Aviv. Since I knew nobody there, I didn't answer the call.

Malaysia Malaysia


I took a Hebrew language course once online today and this number called me twice, but nobody answered. It might be some one using this to scam people.

Italy Italy


I took a hebrew language course once online. This number called mé twice, but nobody answered. I suppose, that it was the hebrew language school calling mé.

New Zealand New Zealand


This number called my cellphone once last week and twice yesterday but didn't answer the call.

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If the initiator of the call is reading this comment, why not leave a message for the people and solve these mysteries? It would expedite things on your end and solve the mystery for the individuals you are calling. Without this two sided consideration it makes some individuals wonder what you are hiding, trying to avoid etc...

Ireland Ireland


I have registered online hebrew language lesson a day before I get this call from this number. Hope it is from the language center in Israel, for teaching me a hebrew. But I did not answer the call because my phone was in silent and I did not hear it.

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This call was from a company for learning Hebrew which I had asked information of.

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Cellphone Owner

After 3 calls today, I talked to an actual guy and he said he was from Hebrew University. I figured it out after I made him say it 7 times and he even spelled it for me. I couldn't understand him. Anyways, he was getting pretty irritated with me, so I moved on from the name and asked why he was calling. He was looking for someone with a name that I couldn't even pronounce for you. After I asked him that a few times, he was getting really angry. He finally said, "have a good day." click.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Dave Strickland

Just checked the comment that says this number is Hebrew University. Well, H.U's own website says their number is +97226585111. Whatever the number is, they shouldn't be cold-calling me (to me cellphone!). Gosh, as I'm typing this, the number is calling again, 3 minutes after the first call

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Dave Strickland

Just had this number call - but I never pick up the phone. Worst thing you can do, as it confirms to the other end yours is a proper phone number which will be sold on to every piece of scum in the known universe. My advice, which works a treat: tell all your real contacts to call you for the first 4 or 5 beeps, then put the phone down. When you hear it, dial 1471 to see who's called, and you can call back the non-lowlife human beings that you know. When you dial 1471 on a strange number where the call tone has gone on forever, you can then note down the number and Google to see what scum has tried to get you to allow them to waste your time and stress you out to boot. I am finding that a good 95% and more calls are in this category. One day I’m going to live in a world where all such useless lowlifes are sent to a remote planet in outer space and quarantined there.

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Someone called from this number but I did not answer it

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Call cell no messages

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I've gotten at least 10 calls and no voicemails... where is this coming from

Let us know about 97237554140

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